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Hi all! Hope everybody is doing well!

I have three teas up for swaping/trading if anybody is interested. I rec’d them on Friday and tried them today. I only tried a few teaspoons out of each pkg. Let me know if anybody is interested. All are 52teas. Thanks!

Vanilla Mint
Fruit Cocktail

Thanks!! :)

Batrachoid said

I think I’d be interested in them. What kind of tea would you be looking for ?(you don’t have any ratings to go off of and your shopping list is the just the Grasshopper. I figure you put it on the wrong list? I do that sometimes(^_^; ))
Although I’m a little confused. The only vanilla mint 52 did is Grasshopper. Is it Adagio’s? I ask because everything in your cupboard is

It is 52teas. Below I listed a link. I’m really not too picky about my teas so I’m up for any kind you might have. I just hate throwing away tea that I think someone else might enjoy :) And my bad sorry! Its called Shamrock tea. For some reason I was thinking Vanilla Mint was its name b/c its listed on the pkg. Sorry about that!

Batrachoid said

Oh, I see. I forgot about that one. =) I’m the same way about waste. How long has it been open? (I’ll trade for any/all, I’d just like to know what needs to go first. I’m craving vanilla/mint like crazy lately. No idea why…)
How about some Rose or Green Tuocha, Tao Royal Phoenix Ooolong and one or two Imperial Garden Lychee Jasmine tea flowers? PM me. =)

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Jude said

(updated 2/1/12)

Looking to swap this:

Green Oolong from Enjoying Tea
Keemun Special Grade from SpecialTeas
Chamomile Flowers Special Selection from SpecialTeas
Dragonwell (green tea) from Teavana
Wuyi Organic Oolong from Rishi Tea
Orange Chrysanthemum Puerh from Chi of Tea
Cinnamon Vanilla from Stash
Black Forest Bliss from Adagio
Valentines from Adagio
Wedding Tea from Dori’s Tea Cottage
Awakening Blend from Adagio (sencha, vanilla, lemongrass, mint)
Organic Honeydew Melon – White Tea from Zen Tara Tea
Java Mate Dark Roast from Guayaki (yerba mate and ramon nut – similar to coffee)

Pu’er Tuo Cha mini-nests from Teaism

For this:
Oolongs or puerhs or anything on my shopping list (or similar).


Alana237 said

I’d be interested in the Pu’er Tuo Cha mini-nests if you don’t mind shipping to the UK. I have a couple of oolongs you might be interested in:

Formosa Imperial Dragon – Whittard of Chelsea
Oriental Beauty Oolong – Chah

Both are loose.

Jude said

Hey Alana – just looking for you to follow me so we can PM about this.

Alana237 said

Following you now.

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brandy3392 said
Message deleted by author.
Caitlin said

I am interested in any of the following:

Honey vanilla chamomile
candy cane lane
fast lane
morning thunder
berry black darjeeling
christmas morning
decaf chocolate hazelnut

I have:
2oz (minus about 2 teaspoons each) of Lemon Meringue and Key Lime Tea from Zoomdweebies and a revolution tea sampler that has 5 different tea sachets

I can also find some different tea if those don’t sound good. PM me if your interested in swapping.

Jude said

Hi Brandy. I’d like to try the Mocha Nut Mate and Tazo Focus.

I have World Market Organic Chocolate Roasted Mate (8 bags), Bigelow Apple&Cinnamon herb tea (5 bags), and a feBigelow I Love Lemon herb tea (2 bags), and several mint tea bags, if any of those sound appealing.

Hi! I’d be interested in a couple:
Pineapple Paypapa
Vienna Wintergreen

Check out my cupboard to see if there is anything you want. I’ve got a ton to pick from :)

Just followed you. Go ahead and send me the details :)


Meghann M said

Could I try the green rooibos citron-adagio, berry black Darjeeling-numi and acai mango tango-specialteas? Feel free to look through my cupboard or swap post above.

Spot52 select said

I would be interested in the coconut pouchong. I followed you, send me a pm and let’s see if we can work something out. I do have some coconut teas and some bakery type flavors.

I would be interested in the Scottish Breakfast, roasted Mate, and the Earl Grey Bravo

Alana237 said

I’d be interested in the Key Lime Black (Zoomdweebies) and Rooibos Capetown (SpecialTeas).

Check out my cupboard and see if there is anything you would like. If you are interested, follow me and PM.

Batrachoid said

I’m intersted in the Fresian, Green mate, Key Lime and any of the free stuff that’s left. PM me.

If possible I would like to try the following…
1. Eva’s Rose Petal
2. White Monkey Picked
3. Black forest
4. White Chocolate Moon
5. Decaf Creme Caramel
As for the freebies…
1. Green Rooibos
2. Rooibos Almond
3. Rhubarb Vanilla
4. Rose Bud Herbal
5. Lemon Ginger
6. Lili’ uokalani


I’d be interested in the Scorpio- Adagio, Rooibos Vanilla Chai, White Chocolate Rooibos, Rhubarb Vanilla, Assam Breeze & Mate Chino.. . .If those work for you just holler at what you want from me. I just updated my cupboard. Thanks!!

I’d be very interested in the:
candy apple
eric northman
black currant – cameron’s
raspberry rooibos
monk’s blend

Is there anything from DavidsTea I can get you?

Itsyknits said

do you have any of the decaf creme caramel left??

Just let me know if you like anything in my cupboard, I’ll be updating it Saturday.. I’m interested in your
Honeybee-Davids Tea
Chocolate Rocket-Davids Tea
Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut-Stash Tea (bagged)
Decaf Creme Caramel-Stash Tea (bagged)

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Hello everyone! Curious if anybody would like to trade anything I’ve got in my cupboard for some Teavanna tea. I don’t live close to one and would love to try some. Any flavor any variety. Let me know if anybody is interested in anything I’ve got. I’ll be adding more soon. Thanks!

Meghann M said

I have a bunch of Teavana teas if you want me to send a little sampler package your way. I have at least 6-7 different ones, maybe more. I’d love to try a few:
The Blanc de Cassis (Specialteas)
Strawberry white tea (specialteas)
Earl Grey Moonlight (Adagio)
Mint Fields (republic of teas)
White Chocolate kisses (bigelow)

PM me if you would like to swap, feel free to take a look through my cupboard for teas to sample other than Teavana teas if you would like!

Pm-ing you now. Thanks!

Can you follow me so I can Pm you? Thanks!! :)

I have not tried any Adagio, 52, or specialteas. If you still have the Touchas would love to try those. I could do a sampler of what I have or an all out swap.

Sure, I’ll send you a PM. Thanks!

Chiz said

I know that you have at least sampled Almond Biscotti already, but l can swap an entire 2oz (minus 2-4 tsps) of Samurai Chai Mate and Almond Biscotti from Teavana just for any samples of whatever you have lying around. :)

Jude said

A Teavana’s going to open soon a couple of miles from me so I’ll look for sample sizes for you if they have any when they open. LMK if there’s anything in particular you’d like to try.

Meanwhile, I’ve got .3 oz of Dragonwell that I’d be up for trading for Tiramisu Rooibos or JaveVana.

Ooohh Chiz, that sounds good. I’ll PM you.
Jude, I’ll PM you too. Thanks!!

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Aw, I wish I had more to trade, trading teas sounds fun! I love trying new flavors.

Check out my cupboard and see if there is anything you’d like to try. I’ll share some tea love with you :)

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Spot52 select said

I’m looking to swap my Green Rooibos from Adagio.
Green Rooibos Bonita (sample, minus one tsp.)
Green Rooibos Citron (full sample)
I am most interested in non-flavored greens, black, and oolongs.

Jillian said

I’ll take the green rooibos – I don’t have anything in particular that I need to get rid of, but poke around in my Cupboard and see what catches your eye.

Spot52 select said

I would be interested in some pi lo chun or some TKY.

Jillian said

I think I can hook you up with some. ;)

Please pm with your mailing address and I’ll do the same. :)

Spot52 select said

Cool. I think you need to follow me first, I cannot see the PM button.

Jillian said

There – following you now. :)

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Here’s what I have to swap.
also the Genmai-Cha that I coated in Tradition Matcha
Golden Bridge-Ginseng Oolong
Wei-Chuan- Ti Kuan Yin
Foojoy-Aged Yunnan Puer Cake(Bagged)
Trader Joe’s-Irish Breakfast(bagged)
Trader Joe’s-Green Tea(bagged)
Gevalia-Green Tea Pomegranate(bagged)
Gevalia-Green Tea Ancient Cherry(bagged)
Guyaki-Green Yerba Mate(bagged)
Oksusu-cha (Corn Tea)-Wang Globalnet
I also have 5 flowering Jasmine teaballs that I bought at the Asian grocery that are quite good and a Yunnan Black that I got there.

Love Pu-Erhs, and unflavored blacks, Lapsang….up to try just about anything and I can do samples of whatever else I have. I’d like to try some more teas but I have to diminish the stash and save money too right now

kaybee said

If you don’t mind receiving an already opened bag, I’ve got some adagio lapsang to trade. I can also make samples of Peet’s Russian Caravan and a strong Russian-style earl grey.

I don’t mind at all. I think that’s what the swap is all about. I would love to try the Russian Caravan. What would you like from what I have?

kaybee said

A bit of the maeda-en genmaicha sounds good.

Sure! PM me you address and I’ll send you mine!

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I purchased a tin of Chicago Tea Garden Keemun Hao Ya, brewed a pot of it, and discovered I do not care for it. I would be willing to swap the open tin, and the rest of the tea (I don’t have a scale, but I am guessing there is about 40 grams left in the tin), for something interesting. Right now I’d be most interested in swapping for gyokuro, genmaicha extra green, malty/robust or flavored blacks or any type of oolongs (I’d love to try Chicago Tea Garden Aromatic Zealong, if anyone has that, or American Tea Room Milk Oolong). I don’t care for jasmine tea. Feel free to hit me up!

Here is the tea I have for swap: http://www.chicagoteagarden.com/buy/china/keemun-hao-ya-grade-chinese-breakfast-tea

Batrachoid said

I’d be willing to swap. I have some dong ding and Ti kuan Yin or the genmaicha extra green. Also some Jasmine black.

Batrachoid, thanks! What brands of Ti Kuan Yin and genmaicha extra green do you have?

Batrachoid said

I have Ti Kuan Yin from A Better Choice and Oteao and matcha iri genmicha from Rhee Bros.

Jude said

Not sure if you have any left but I’d be happy to swap some for some SpecialTeas Tie Kuan Yin Oolong, EnjoyingTea Green Oolong (bags) or Specialteas Keemun Special Grade.

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Kristin said

I have a tin of Harney’s Birthday Tea. It’s just not my thing. Maybe it’s just me because everyone else (reviews here and on their site) gave it high ratings).


I have 19/20 tea sachets remaining. I can either trade the whole thing or I can break it up into several trades. Let me know how many sachets you want.

I am looking to trade for flavored black or white teas or flavored rooibos teas. I am esp interested in anything from Davids Tea since it is hard to get here. I’d also be interested in plain black teas.

I cannot trade for green tea because it gives me migraines. Oh, and I am vegan, so I cannot trade for teas containing dairy such as chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or those little square pieces of caramel.

Update – all the birthday tea has been claimed.

Kristen said

I would love to try some of this… I do have some buttered rum from David’s tea and Pumpkin chai from David’s Tea if you are interested in either of those? Let me know! Oh I also have some Read my lips from Davids Tea.

Kristen said

Wait I think the Read my lips has small chocolate chips in it. Sorry bout that. You can also check my cupboard

Kristin said

I PM’d you. I just looked and the pumpkin chai has dairy. Fooey! Definitely will want to try the buttered rum! And actually the read my lips is ok (I looked on their list of teas that contain dairy and it just says that it may have come in contact with dairy, but they doesn’t specifically contain dairy).

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I have an almost full sampler tin of Adagio’s Yunnan Golden Pu-erh to swap, preferably loose leaf. Check out my cupboard. PM me.

I’d be willing to swap with you. Let me know I also have some teas not on my list.

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