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I am new to this website and swapping. So not sure how this works exactly. I have the following sealed samples that I’m interested in swapping. I prefer flavored black or oolong teas mostly. I love dessert teas. You can take a look at my shopping list for what I’m looking to try or offer something based on my list. I would prefer to swap in the United States for now.

Here’s what I have to swap, all sample sizes & sealed:

Adagio Teas: Pu Erh Poe 23g/.8oz
Adagio Teas: Vanilla Green 14g/.5oz
Upton Tea Imports: Jasmine Tea 15g/.5oz (doesn’t say green or black?)

And in the future I may consider swapping loose teas from my collection (other than just sealed samples) but I have a few questions:

How do most people send them? In small ziplocks?
How much of each tea do you normally send?
Is parcel post the best shipping method for tea?

I’m excited to try some new teas :-)

yssah said

welcome to Steepster swap, Marcel!

im interested in Golden Monkey, Lover’s Leap, Lapsang, and Da Hong Pao

here’s my swap page
first, you gotta click my name/profile and click the follow button. i’m already following you (that is how we are able to pm)

small ziplocks are good for 3tsp swaps which is usual but it really depends on both if they want or are able to swap bigger amounts :) i started out with snack-size zips

i use the cheapest shipping – usps first class. some like to use tracking. most prefer to use bubble wrap to cushion the teas/keep ziplock from being poked through

T.C. said

Hiya Marcel,
I’ll take a stab at answering your questions
1.)Most of us send in small ziplocks. 4×4in or so. You can find them in bulk on amazon or ebay or craft stores i assume.
2.) This varies per trade. some like to swap 2 tsp samples, some like bigger sample swaps, and some want to swap 1,2, or 4 oz of a tea. Just talk in PMs to the person and decided amongst yourselves
3.) The cheapo 1st glass mail at post office is $2.07 for me to send tea swaps out in a manila envelope. Thats how i send 90% of my trades out

T.C.- Thanks so much that does answer my questions!

2″ × 3″ bags fit 10g of tea so well and cost 5$ for 500 bags

yappychappy, thank-you! I’ll have to pick up a box of the bags. I understand a little better how swapping works.

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Kittenna said


I did a silly thing a while back, and ordered 8 ounces of 52teas’ Malted ChocoMate. And while I still like it, there’s no way on earth I can envision myself finishing this much of it before it goes all stale! So I have either 3 or 4 unopened 2 oz. packages of it (yeah… I had another packet on the go before purchasing…. idiot!)

As well, I also have a full, unopened pouch of 52teas’ Flaming Chocolate Mate, and fairly full pouches of Melange Rooibos and Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal as well, none of which I really care for.

I unfortunately don’t have the time at the moment to work out a big, complicated swap where on my end I have to pack up a ton of teas, but if someone is interested in swapping for large samples of any/all of these, let me know and perhaps we can work something out! I’m in Canada, FYI.

Artp said

A large swap of the chocolate mates would interest me; but i only have large quantities of honey bee by davidstea, Jessie’s tea by davidstea, hot cinnamon spice, peppermint leaves, and coconut black.

Jude said

If you’re up for splitting up the Malted ChocoMate, I’d love to take you up on that. I’ll follow you!

yssah said

well, i know that shipping for 14oz of tea is $10.55 but if you are up to swapping it for assorted flavored blacks in my thread, im game :)

BoxerMama said

Also Canadian and dying to try more 52teas! Would love to try malted choco mate! following you!

Sil select said

If kittenna runs out, or doesn’t have time for organizing things, I also have malted chocomate that i can share with folks, or help her out with the swap end of things since she and i are going to be meeting up at some point lol

I’d love the maple & brownsugar, also in Canada.

Kittenna said

Boxermama & tattooed_tea – within-Canada swaps are definitely doable! I should be following you both now (I have no idea why I wasn’t following you, Boxermama – I could have sworn I had done so previously). Send me a PM :)

yssah – Unfortunately flavoured blacks are generally not my thing :/ I’m looking to swap for smaller samples from a variety of companies, or larger quantities of a tea I particularly have interest in.

Artp – I wasn’t too worried about receiving back large quantities of single teas, but more of an equivalent amount of various things. Unfortunately, I took a glance through your cupboard and don’t really see anything that I find interesting at the moment :( (I’m sadly not a fan of any of those teas you listed.)

Jude – I have no problem at all splitting up the Malted ChocoMate, although as you’re in the US, I would prefer to do a swap large enough to make it worthwhile (i.e. hit the max weight for a package, which is perhaps 100g?) There are possibly other teas that I could pack up in larger quantities to hit that threshold. Send me a PM (I’m following you as well).

yssah said
Karys said

Love to try either of those mates, also in canada. Sadly low on shipping funds, but mmmhmm, I’ll check back next month if you have nay left.

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Does anyone have any rooibos/ honeybush from Della Terra or David’s Tea? I’m most interested in trying Oh Canada, Lemon Chiffon, and Lime Chiffon. And vanilla or caramel flavours would be good too.

T.C. said

You should look into stock options for Della Terra lol. Nobody loves their rooibos blends more then you :)

Artp said

I have lemon chiffon

waiting for word if della terra plans on keeping lime chiffon or leaving it seasonal

From Della Terra (I message them on facebook a good bit): Hi James! Lime Chiffon is a permanent addition to our collection!

I have two new Rooibos teas if you are interested in trying them. You can PM if you’d like to swap.

Red Velvet Cupcake Rooibos by Simpon & Vail

Carrot Cake Cupcake Green Rooibos by Simpson & Vail

Carrot cake?!?!

@yappy, artp- Would you like to swap your lemon/ lime chiffon?
@marcel- Will send PM.

@TC: I nearly ordered from Della Terra today simply because I hadn’t ordered from them lately. I then remembered I ordered 60 teas from them less than a month ago :\

Still looking for Oh Canada and Autumn Leaves.

I want try as much rooibos from both companies as I can.

T.C. said

@yappy LOL, woops!

Oh Canada does sound really good. I’d like to try that one too at some point.

Lariel, Autumn Leaves & Oh Canada are basically identical.

Yappy — 60 TEAS?!? Wow. I didn’t even know DT had that many teas, but I DO know they are really really good teas.

I haven’t tried either tea, so I wouldn’t know. I still want to find that out for myself.

Artp said

lariel- added lemon chiffon to our swap that i sent a day or two ago, if you want more let me know

I ordered 9 try me packs of 5 teas each that I hadn’t tried. Then 15 or so others that I hadn’t tried but knew i’d like. I /think/ they have between 70 and 80 teas. and by the way. their oolong creme de la creme is very good.

Alysha said

I have Oh Canada and also Vanilla Cream Rooibos from Della Terra. Let me know if you’re interested in either.

alysha- I’m interested in both.

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Lolita said

i have 5 teas for someone.
i am looking for “stash” tea but not necessary for a trade.

dori’s tea cottage – read my lips
birthday w/sprinkles ( not very many sprinkles in the pack)
raspberry patch

totally tea-riffic hawaiian colada rooibos
and 9 vanilla cream totally tea-riffic bags ( i think its black tea)

1 cup has been made from each 1oz pack

yssah said

the only Stash i have is a box of Cranberry Pomegranate minus a couple of bags

Lolita said

ill take them if you dont like it :)

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darby select said

Looking to see if anyone wants to swap before I send these to ebay?
New updated list!
Interested in Davids Teas, Teavana, Harney, Kusmi, Mariage Freres…..feel free to suggest something. I do like floral teas as long as they don’t taste artificial. Not a huge fan of Rooibos.
Raspberry Green tea (1oz) – Adagio Teas
Earl Grey Green (2oz) – Adagio Teas
Karamelee Rooibostee (purchased in Germany) (5oz)
Get Passionate 1oz – (bags) – Republic of Tea
Kiwi Lime Ginger 1oz – (bags) – Tea Forte
Emerald Bamboo Forest (1oz) – Teavana

I’m interested in the Almond black tea as well as the chocolate black tea! I have some Kusmi teas in my cupboard if you are interested! I can give you the whole tin of Spearmint Green Tea. The others I can give you samples of! Let me know :)

I have some DT Bravissimo I’d be willing to trade. It’s slightly under 1 oz, about 25 grams. I’d be interested in any of your Republic of Tea offerings. I’ve followed you, let’s chat :)

I would also be interested in the Adagio almond or chocolate. Have a look in my cupboard and see if there is anything of interest. :)

Lolita said

i would like the red chocolate velvet
and kiwi lime .

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I just purchased Chocolate Orange from David’s Tea but I was silky & didn’t try it first – I have a 50g bag (less a small 1 cup sample) that I’d love to swap with somebody so let me know if you’re interested! Thanks :)

yssah said
Stella select said

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Courtney said

So my fiance’s favourite tea ever is Dragonheart from Teaopia and he’s slowly getting down to the last few cups of it. I’ve checked eBay and Amazon with no luck. And I’ve had him try every other tea I could think up to substitute. Nothing. Anyone have any ideas or any in their cupboard they’d be willing to part with? I’d really appreciate it :)

Sounds like an interesting tea. The only teas I know of that have bamboo in them are both from David’s Tea. Blazing Strawberry and Bamboozled. Perhaps you could blend either of them with some bai mu dan?

Alphakitty said

Harney & Sons actually sells pure bamboo (http://www.harney.com/bamboo-5-oz-loose-leaf-in-tin-1.html) that you could use for mixing with a raspberry white!

Even better! Or a pomegranate white? Not sure what pomegranate flowers taste like.

Courtney said

Thanks for the suggestions! I’m looking around here for bamboo now since shipping to Canada is $15 and I can’t justify $21 for 0.5 oz of bamboo haha. Now to search for pomegranate blossoms as well :)

Karys said

I have quite a bit of dragonheart (I bought about 600 grams before it ran out) Make me an offer and I’ll happily part with some. : )

Courtney said

@Karys – To be honest I’m not really sure what to offer haha.

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Does anyone have chocolate mint or caramel rooibos/ honeybush?
Black tea would be fine too.

I have both my own personal adagio-custom blend called Christmas Chocolate Mint (on steepster, if you look) that I could share (it’s a black tea) and also some Cacao Mint Black from Teavana.

Okay, I’d like to try those.

I have your address already, so I’ll send them out in the next few days.

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anyone want some David’s Tea Cocoa Canela? it’s a very interesting blend….but just not right for my palette :) I have about an ounce!

Artp said

Interested! Following

If you have anymore, I’m interested.

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Lazey said

On top of my swap list I have a bunch of English Tea Store teas, mostly looseleaf but two bagged teas I am hoping to swap.

Looseleaf, each still in unopened bags with ziploc type seals and each is one ounce:
English Breakfast blend number 2 decaf

A couple weeks ago I ordered some samplers from the ETS but they decided to substitute a bunch of the teas I actually wanted so I wound up with way more of the same types of tea. I would prefer to swap whole ounces but will make smaller swaps.

I also have a few other teas from open packets I am willing to swap:

English Tea Store:
Maple tea (bagged) – I like it but I have 20 something bags of it, more than I will drink for a long time.
Godiva Roche flavored rooibos (looseleaf) – I didn’t like it, my mother seemed to think it ok so maybe it’s just a matter of taste. About 1 oz with about 3-4 teaspoons taken from it when I made a pot of it.

Prince of Wales (looseleaf) – I gave away a lot of this tea over Christmas but I think I have 1.5+ ounces left. It tastes too smokey for me but a lot of people like it.

I’m in the US and would prefer swapping with others in the US because shipping is complicated.

I might have a few others, but I think that’s enough to start a swap. I love Earl Grey, flavored teas, pumpkin, chai, desert teas, etc. But I love trying unusual teas too. Most interested in 52 Teas, Davids Tea, Della Terra, Kally’s Tea but those aren’t the only brands I’d consider.

I’d like to try the Caramel Toffee.

Artp said

Very interested in the Godiva and vanilla chai; following you

I’m interested in the Maple, Godiva, and Caramel Toffee. Take a look at my cupboard.

yssah said

Godiva Rooche flavored rooibos
Vanilla chai
Ontario breakfast

English Tea Store:
Maple tea
Scottish Caramel Toffee Pu-erh
Prince of Wales

Lazey said

Following you Lauriel, Artp, Marcel and yssah.

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