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Hello! I was hoping to try some of the flavored matchas from Red Leaf, i’ve never tried any before, but the Bavarian Cream, anything Vanilla, anything sweet and dessert-like (cakes, cheesecake etc) would really appeal to me. The majority of what’s in my cupboard would be up for swap! (Minus a few things that I only have a tsp or so left, discontinued Davidsteas for example) Let me know if you have some matcha to spare! Even if just enough to try a cup of a couple different flavors, i know it’s not cheap but that’s why i wouldn’t want to buy without trying!! :)

Lala said

I’m currently waiting for my order from Red Leaf to come. I ordered boysenberry matcha. If you want to try it, let me know and I can send you some when it comes.

Lala, that would be great!!

Hey! As I posted below, I have a bunch that I just got. Have a look in my cupbiard and let me know what interests you!

Are you still wanting to do this. I just opened up 6 of my matcha types (all I want to have open at the same time…probably) but I have (green matcha, classic grade, distinct flavouring): berry matcha, creme brulee matcha, bavarian cream matcha, and french vanilla matcha. Also I have some of (black matcha, robust flavouring): belgium chocolate matcha, and caramel matcha.

I would love to!!

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I still have a bundle of some of Tropical Tea Company’s teas…

Pralines n Cream
Maple Cream
White Swiss Truffle

I also have these to trade:
Winter Nog- Della Terra
Chocolate Pumpkin Pie- Della Terra
Red Hot Cinnamon Chai- 52teas
Professor Grey- Della Terra
Cream Earl Grey- Vermont Liberty Tea Company
Almond Rooibos- Vermont Liberty Tea Company
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls- Teavana
Moroccan Mint- Vermont Liberty Tea Company
Earl Grey Creme- Teavana
Cococaramel Sea Salt- Teavana
Azteca Fire- Teavana
My Morning Mate- Teavana

I’m looking for Cocomint Cream from DAVIDs in large quantities because I fell in love with it 3 minutes ago.

I’m interested in Maple Cream, Jasmine Pearls, & Cream Earl Grey from Vermont. Take a look at at my cupboard and PM me if interested.

Curious about the Pralines n Cream though I can’t seem to find anything about it anywhere. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places. I do not have any Cocomint Cream but you’re welcome to look at my cupboard again if you’re interested in swapping something else. Will understand if you’re just looking for that though.

Tropical Tea Company wasn’t well known I don’t think, they recently merged with Miss Gloria’s Tea House, I bought a bunch in November to try them out because they were so cheap. Overall pretty decent!

Is it a black tea? Green?

it’s a black tea

yssah said

Hi Jackie, I dont have David’s but I do have plenty of Harney’s Soho which is coconutty ^^ you can also choose from my swap list/cupboard

would like to try
Winter Nog- Della Terra
Chocolate Pumpkin Pie- Della Terra
Red Hot Cinnamon Chai- 52teas
Professor Grey- Della Terra
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls- Teavana

Lazey said

I’m interested in the Chocolate pumpkin pie, Professor Grey and Winter nog if you still have any.

Yssha You really don’t want to try Professor Grey…

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Like whatshesaid above, I’m interested in trying some flavoured matchas before I put in a big order. I’ve only tried 3 so far from Red Leaf Tea. I hated Peanut Butter Pie and Peach, but loved Champagne for some reason. I don’t really want a lot of quantity, just one cup’s worth of any that can be spared. Willing to trade quantities of most of what I have in my cupboard, and I have a bunch of stuff that’s not in there yet so if there are other flavours (particularly of black teas) that you want to try, you can send me a PM also and I can go search for you.

i’d be willing to swap /or/ pay someone for flavored matcha samples if they have a few flavors they like or don’t like and are willing to part with some.

I’ve been tempted by the buy 10 get 5 free deal for a while. Maybe I should help myself with that and if I hate it, just spread it around. A lot of people seem to want to try a bit of the flavoured matchas and I get a work bonus tomorrow.

Okay, just ordered this: Size: 30g of each flavor, Flavor: Distinctive , Matcha # 1: Belgium Chocolate Matcha, Matcha # 2: Black Cherry Matcha, Matcha # 3: Caramel Matcha, Matcha # 4 : Cola Matcha, Matcha # 5 : Cookies & Cream Matcha, Matcha # 6: French Vanilla Matcha, Matcha # 7: Macadamia Praline Matcha, Matcha # 8: Alfalfa Matcha, Matcha # 9: Mint Matcha, Matcha # 10: Raspberry Matcha, Matcha # 11 (FREE): Banana Matcha, Matcha # 12 (FREE): Bavarian Cream Matcha, Matcha # 13 (FREE): Creme Brulee Matcha, Matcha # 14 (FREE): Grape Matcha, Matcha # 15 (FREE): White Matcha

So may be available for swaps sometime in March. Still looking for matcha samples not on this list though, if anyone is willing to share a cup.

Lala said

I would definitely love to swap with you when my matcha order comes.

Molly said

Oh my goodness! I’ve never even heard of all these flavors of matcha!! I know I’m new to this thread, but would you be willing to trade some of the “Cola matcha” with me when it comes?? :) Oh, and I followed you!

Maybe. Probably. Depends on how much I love/hate it.

yssah said

are you interested only in flavored red tea matchas for swap?

I am actually not interested in red tea matchas at all. The ones I bought are green tea matchas and I also like black tea matchas. The ones I just bought includes a white tea matcha for me to try.

yssah said

oh, i meant if you are set on red tea leaf (brand) and flavoreds in particular

Oh, well I don’t suppose I care about the brand so much, but I’m really only interested in flavoured green matchas right now. I don’t actually like green tea that much and I’m working my way up to unflavoured.

yssah said

me too. i like only a couple of flavored greens so far. but im lovin jasmine and matcha :) am thinking to get a jasmine matcha haha.

If you are ever willing to swap some samples and if there’s anything on my list you’d like to try, I’d love to try a small amount of anything you are open to sharing a bit of :)

@Starfevre and LIT
I am using same method, but in reverse. I love green tea, plain matcha, and genmai, but am hesitant about flavored matcha for many reasons. I have enjoyed a roasted rice genmai) flavored matcha and ginger (not red leaf tea) was ok…therefore I will work my way through RLT testing flavors I know I already like in other teas. Jasmine, Lavender,Rose,Hibiscus, and Chai will be in my first orders.

Hey, I just got a HUGE order of red leaf teas. :) Have a look in my cupbard everyone and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to try. Also, given that these are rather expensive teas, let me know what you’d be willing to swap in return! Looking forward to swapping! :)

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Looking for blueberry rooibos teas. Preferably ones from either Della Terra or New Mexico Tea Company. And also vanilla/ caramel rooibos.

Lolita said

id join ya in that search too !
ive been told Della Terra has THE BEST blueberry tea.
i searched- and of course theyre sold out :)

Yes, I love Della Terra’s Blueberry Cream. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough to share. They also have a cappucino rooibos that has caramel in it that I really like.

I have tried both, and I would like more.

T.C. said

I have some coco caramel I’ll send you next package

Thanks, T.C.

Anymore vanilla, blueberry, or caramel rooibos?

I have a bunch of vanilla and caramel teas, particularly rooibos blends. Have a look in my cupboard and let me know if you see something of interest.:)

@sharkirah- There are a few of your teas I would like to try.
However, I can only ship within the U.S.

Too bad. Would have been glad to share! :)

So far, the people with the teas I would like to try live in Canada. So I’m still looking for those rooibos flavours.

Emily M said

I have a caramel & rum rooibos from Lupicia, if you’re interested.

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Courtney said

I’m looking for any Coconut teas if anyone has any to swap. Take a look in my cupboard to see if there’s something you’re interested in :)

I’d really like to swap out some Mango Diablo, Three Wishes, or Buttered Rum (all from David’s Tea).


If you already like David’s their Salted Caramel has coconut in it. And tastes more like coconut.

Artp said

I have a straight coconut black from Mcnulty’s. it’s very good, would love to share. And I’d love some mango diablo

Stella select said

I have H&S’s Green tea with coconut and ginger, and Royal Wedding.

Courtney said

@Lariel – I’ve actually tried almost all of the David’s Teas :)

@Artp – I can give you the remainder 12g bag of Mango Diablo. I had only 1 cup so I would guess there’d be at least 10g in there.

@Stella – That’s awesome but I’m not too sure on ginger – does the ginger really come through in the taste, or more the coconut?

Thanks for all the replies!

Stella select said

I didn’t taste any ginger to be honest. It’s more like Coconut green tea.

Courtney said

Well that would be awesome if you want to swap :) Let me know if there’s anything in my cupboard you’re interested in.

Artp said


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Lala said

I am looking to swap, and if I have to, just give away:

59g loose leaf Black licorice flavoured Ceylon tea – The Metropolitan Tea Company. Tastes like tradional style black licorice flavour.

18 tea bags Liquorice and Oriental Spices – Heath and Heather. Tastes like strong licorice root.

10 individually wrapped bags Chamomile tea – Great Value (Walmart brand.)

yssah said

i would like to try those :)

Lala said

Yssah-send me a pm

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Stella select said

Hi, I’m lookig to swap, and I’m intested in David’s tea, Lupicia, 52teas, Steven Smith, or something in Black, Oolong, or Rooibos only.

I have…

Mariage Freres – Marco Polo 5g

Taylors of Harrogate – Tea Room Blend 10g
Taylors of Harrogate – Yorkshire Gold 20g

Harney&Sons (all Sachets)
Royal Wedding (HRP)
Chinese Flower
Citron Green
Chamomile (HRP)
Diamond Jubilee (HRP)
Valentine’s Blend

Twining’s – Decaf Lady Grey
Celestial Seasonings – Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride
Tea Forte – Apricot Amaretto

Thanks :)

I am interested in:
Apricot Amaretto, Marco Polo and the Royal Wedding Tea.

Follow me so I can send you a list of teas I have to swap! Thanks!

Stella select said

Followed you!
FYI, Marco Polo is loose leaf and Apricot Amaretto & Royal Wedding are sachets.

I’d love to try Diamond Jubilee and Valentine’s Blend – let me know if you see anything you like in my cupboard! I have a couple David’s Teas and 52Teas.

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I’ve been wanting to try rooibos earl grey. (Since I like the black tea version). And still any chocolate or vanilla red bush teas. Black tea peppermint or chocolate mint as well.

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Dinosara said

I’ve decided I would really like to try some of Butiki’s plain black teas, but I only want enough for about 2 cups. I am particularly interested in the Premium Taiwanese Assam, Royal Golden Safari, Congou Keemun, Mi Xian Black, Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black and Zhen Qu. Would also love to try the Sparrow Tongue Oolong. I am willing to trade samples of almost anything in my cupboard (not Verdant teas that have the “Special”) designation).

I have the sparrow tongue but that’s it! I also have some Second Flush FTGOP1 Darjeeling you might like but its not from Butiki…

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momo said

I got a four ounce bag of Monks Blend from English Tea Store in a redditgifts exchange. I already have more of this blend than I can stand to drink. I’d prefer someone just paying me shipping for it all, but I’ll swap it if I have to, no less than 2 oz per person please to keep it easy.

Also I highly recommend not bothering with such an exchange ever. I regret bothering. I spent 6 times what this tea is worth on my person.

Alphakitty said

That was my fear with the tea exchange, I decided against it because it seems like you will never be 100% even with your person—since it’s secret santa style you can’t discuss a spending limit, so chances are either you will spend more on them or vice versa. Sorry it didn’t work out for you :(

momo said

I at least helped someone get a way to drink loose leaf tea so it really pisses me off that someone else couldn’t at least make an effort. I shouldn’t really say I was upset about the cost because the cost in the end isn’t a big deal as I have a bunch of money coming in from selling something in a couple weeks. There’s an entire subreddit of information. There’s an anonymous messaging system built in. I made sure when I posted to say “not sure if this is all” in hopes when they get the email and it is all they’ll feel like a jerk, like I don’t know how cheap English Tea Store tea is.

I did the exchange too but was very happy with my swap. A lovely woman sent me three Canadian teas and an infuser. It was risky and I gambled and became very lucky but I would definitely think hard about doing it again. I’m sorry that you did not enjoy your experience. Any idea how much postage would be to UK? I’m thinking around $15, I am interested either way.

momo said

Should be $12.75 as long as the packaging is kept to a minimum which I think I can do.

I’m up for it if you wouldn’t mind shipping to me :)

darby select said

Hey Kitty – if you want momo to send it to me I can send it with your Ovation order. It would probably save you about $5-7

Just offering in case.

That’s very kind of you darby..it could work. If you were interested we could always split it. I just paid you darby on Paypal but could always pay the difference. :)

darby select said

I don’t need more tea – but if that’s ok with momo – we can add it – let me know what she says.

momo said

Sounds good to me! I’m always for whatever makes it easier for people!

Nick select said

I always enjoy the exchanges, and you’re right about the risk/reward. The other thing is that as I understand it, you’re not necessarily sending to the same person that’s sending to you. So, it’s not like you’re sending a ton of gifts and then that person shafts you.

I’ve had mixed results, two book exchanges were complete no gifts. My christmas exchange was beyond anything I could have hoped for, and the last 3, including the tea and coffee exchange have been a mixture, i’m still hoping to get the snack exchange gift.

My coffee and tea exchange gifts were pretty awesome though, aside from the marketspice cinnamon orange doing a number on my ingenuitea. I posted it to the redditgifts site at http://redditgifts.com/gallery/gift/yaytea-exchange-delivers/ and my recipient seemed to enjoy the gift I got them as well, posted at http://redditgifts.com/gallery/gift/coffee-and-pancakes-everyone/ . In all, I think I got slightly more then what I spent on that one, but fairly equal.

Book exchange, i sent out two very nice artbooks, in return I got one of my favorite books of all time that unfortunately i don’t currently have a copy of, so it’s priceless to me, but actual value i received about 35$ less than I spent.

Snack exchange i sent out about 35$ worth of japanese snacks, have received nothing so far, but, there’s still time.

All in all, I like taking part in the exchanges and find the entire process fun. I’ve gotten shafted entirely twice so far, and might be looking at a third, buuuut, it doesn’t really affect my enjoyment. The only thing that really sucks is when the person doesn’t post their gift at all.

yssah said

i read that you can report those who have not sent anything and that is a good thing to do really coz 1) it will keep them from victimizing others 2) they match you with someone who sends you something in their place

they really should make at least a value match to prevent things like grossly unequal exchanges. this will encourage greater participation, i think.

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