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Emily M said

Hey everyone!
I’m looking for some 52Teas to try. Especially (but not limited to):

Cinnamon Roll Honeybush
Strawberry Zabaglione
Pancake Breakfast Black Tea
Raspberry Cream Black
Weeping Angel Tea
Pomegranate Blackberry Shou Mei
Red Hot Orange White
Cucumber Kiwi Honeybush

If you have any of these or any other 52 teas blends and would be willing to trade about two teaspoons of them,that’d be great. Some of my available swap teas would be:

Maple Pecan Oolong – Butiki Teas
Genmaicha – Butiki Teas
Yunnan Beauty (Oolong) – Mandala Teas
Cream of Earl Grey – DavidsTea
Mulberry Magic (Herbal) – DavidsTea
White Tip Formosa Fancy – The Whistling Kettle
White Champagne Raspberry – The Whistling Kettle
Carol (Black) – Lupicia
Sweet Autumn Tea (Rooibos) -Lupicia
Cache-Cache (Black) – Lupicia
Blueberry (Black) – Lupicia
Also, if you were willing to wait a bit until I actually recieve these in the mail, I have these two teas on the way from the Moutain Tea Company:
Heritage Honey Oolong
Jin Xuan

Of course you are welcome to look in my cupboard. Just be aware that some of them are samples that I don’t have enough of to trade.

EDIT: As of now, I’m not looking for anymore 52Teas. Thanks for all the reply’s and swap offers, everyone! =)

I have a little of the strawberry one.

Emily M said

Cool. PM’d you.

Alphakitty said

I have Weeping Angel, Raspberry Cream, Pomegranate Blackberry and Cucumber Kiwi (along with lots of other 52teas blends!). I’d be interested in trying Maple Pecan Oolong, Mulberry Magic, Cache-Cache & Carol—shoot me a PM! ^^

Emily M said

Ok, will do!

What is the Weeping Angel? I’ve only had two of 52 teas.

Emily M said

Taken from their site: “It’s a buttered toffee caramel corn flavored black tea…”.

Well, that sounds awesome. Am I supposed to drink it while watching Doctor Who?

Emily M said

Haha. I suppose that part’s optional, but if you like Doctor Who – YES! =)

when does doctor who premier?

Emily M said

I think it’s March 30th at 8pm.

I thought it was in April?

Emily M said

According to BBC America it’s the 30th of March.


Which is practically April, anyway.

teapot1 said

I have cinnamon roll honeybush, if it is still on your wish list…

Emily M said

PM’d you!

Cinnamon roll? Sounds good.

I thought the same thing. mmmm cinnamon roll.

Sare said

i have 52 teas booberry

Emily M said

I think I’m done with ones that aren’t on the list directly. Limited shipping money for swaps right now. Thanks, though! =)

Alysha said

Pancake Breakfast is on its way to me, if you’re still interested in that one.

Emily M said

Alysha – I am still interested! That’s the last one I really wanted to try! Follow me back so we can PM?

I have earl grey creme from teavana….

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Hey everyone!

I have a 93 gram bag of PuErh Earl Grey from Red Leaf Tea. Here’s the link to the Steepster page:


It may be fine for some, but it’s not for me or the hubby. We LOVE puerh but really didn’t find that the earl grey went well with it. Perhaps it’s better for someone who isn’t such a puerh fan, or who absolutely LOVES earl grey, as the flavour on this one is quite intense! :)

Willing to swap the whole thing or break it up into smaller amounts if more than one person is interested in trying it.

Looking forward to swapping! :)

I would be happy to swap with you let me know if there is anything you would like to try from my cabinet.

I’d be interested. anything in my cupboard is available. I’m still waiting for my art of tea and Davids Tea to get here…I only have the Teavana ATM

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I’ve been wanting to try more David’s Tea, Della Terra, and 52 teas. Preferably rooibos/ honeybush, and flavoured black teas. Chai is good too.

I can only ship within the U.S.

I have a few Della Terra Teas I would be willing to swap they are:
Ginger Snap
Caramel Creme
Earl Grey Creme

I like the ginger snap. And I would like to try the other two. Which of mine would you like to try?

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Josie Jade said

Lots of bagged teas and 3 basic tea infusers to get rid of. Let me know if you’re interested in anything!

Bagged Teas:
Twinings – Lady Grey Tea (DECAF) – 9 bags
The Republic of Tea – Acai Green Tea – 15 bags
The Republic of Tea – Holiday Spiced Plum – 7 bags
The Republic of Tea – Get Lost Red Tea (DECAF) – 21 bags
Tazo Rest (DECAF) – 8 bags
Stash – Lemon Ginger Herbal (DECAF) – 12 bags
Stash – Vanilla Nut Creme (DECAF) – 3 bags
Harney & Sons – Holiday Tea – 5 bags
Harry & David – Apple Chai Black – 9 bags
Harry & David – Apricot Vanilla Black – 9 bags
Harry & David – Gingerbread Black – 9 bags
Harry & David – Moose Munch Black – 9 bags
Harry & David – Orange Spice Black – 9 bags
Harry & David – Honey Caramel Green – 10 bags

Tea Infusers:
Large, round tea infuser ball. I think it went with a teapot that I used to have, looks like this one, except that it has a handle that you push together to open the basket:

Small mesh tea infuser ball with handles to open the basket:

And a small metal tea infuser spoon:

yssah said

I would like to try the Tazo, Twinings, TROT, Harney, and Harry bags :)

darby select said

Josie – what is Moose Munch? I couldn’t find it on their site or here.

Josie Jade said

The moose munch is black tea flavored like their popcorn munch mix. The Harry & David teabags came in a holiday tin collection. They’re not high quality at all, but some of the flavors aren’t bad.

I’d like to try the Lady Grey and Moose Munch Black

Josie Jade said

GiggleGoddess, if you’ll follow me back I’ll send you a message about details! :)

ok. I also may be interested in one of the infusers

Josie Jade said

GiggleGoddess, I sent you a message. Just let me know and I can put in the mail next week! :)

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Message deleted by author.
Allie said

I’d be interested in S’mores if there is anything in my cupboard you might be interested in! :-)

yssah said

can i try samples of
-Nature’s Ultimate Chocolate Oolong, Nature’s Tea Leaf
-Grapefruit Dragon, Butiki Teas (1 cup’s worth)
-Rouge D’Automne, Mariage Freres
-Momo Black Tea, Lupicia (teabags)
-Chocolate “O”, The Tea Spot

i noticed that you like Milk Oolong, i have a reserve list one but im not sure what else you may like from my stuff. i can send more of the same tho ^^

Lazey said

I’m interested in the S’mores and Chocolate Chili Chai.

I’m interested in trying some David’s Teas. Look in my cupboard and let me know if there’s anything you want to try.

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Can I interest anyone in Teavana’s Peach Tranquility? I only wanted to try it, but won’t probably drink the rest. I’m not much of fan of herbals.

I’m interested!

Will trade for rooibos.

I just purchased Twinings Pure Rooibos Red Tea…is this acceptable to you?

Do you have any of the caramel pear?

I haven’t got that order yet…I’m hoping sometime this week. It seems to be a popular request! I ordered the sample size (5-7 cups)…so if you’re ok with a cups worth (or maybe two) I could do that. I’m sending Josie a cups worth as well. I’ll keep in mind to order a larger size down the road, lol…it must be good!

Do you have anymore rooibos on order? I have a little more of the peach than that.

I don’t believe so…the only Rooibos I have is Twinings Pure Rooibos Red Tea. I just purchased some Royal Phoenix oolong tea by The Tao of Tea at my local co-op though.

I’d like to try the oolong.

So…a cups worth of the Caramel Pear and two cups of the Oolong?

Alright, that works fine.

I started following you so I could message you…not sure how to message you though…

What’s your address? I can’t seem to message you…your not in my drop down list of recipients I can send a message to…

PMed you.

lcg842 said

Hi Lariel,

Do you still have any Peach Tranquility left? I’d LOVE to take it off your hands if you do! :-D

Let me know! :)

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I have an unidentified, mislabeled tea from Nature’s Tea Leaf that is either their lapsang souchong or some other smokey tea that I wish to part with. I was sent a replacement packet with the correct tea I ordered and I like it much better and I don’t want them both around to confuse me. Trade is good but if that’s not acceptable (because it’s an unknown tea) then I can just give it to someone or split it between a couple of people. It’s not quite 2 oz.

yssah said

i’ll take it. let me know if there is something of mine that you like :)

I think with the 2 large trades we’ve already exchanged, I’ve plumbed your cupboard for everything I’d like, unless you have anything new since our last trade. I’ll leave this open for a couple more hours to see if there’s anyone else that wants some of this.

yssah said

my orders for Golden Monkey, jasmine pearls and a couple reserve oolongs might have arrived after our swap, if i remember right. and im putting in a harneys order next week :)

okay, maybe the golden monkey? That’s a black tea, right? I’ll mail it out tomorrow with the rest of the packages that I have to send. Just keep in mind that it says ‘Fujian Congou’ on it and that’s totally not what it is at all.

more reserve oolongs=yum

yssah said

oooh, you liked them? cool! i enjoyed them a lot myself :D

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I’m looking to try some Butiki Teas, especially any of the following:
-Tamarind Pop
-Tangerine Creamsicle
-Watermelon Xylophone
-Grapefruit Dragon
-Mango Lassi
-Plum Pudding
-Three Friends

If you’re willing to part with a bit (2-3 cups worth, or more) let me know! Anything in my cupboard is up for swap.

I’ve got watermelon, plum pudding and 3 friends! I’ll check out your cupboard and PM you :)

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I’m looking to try any Davids Tea, Rishi, Adagio, and Art of Tea. I’m new to tea and everything looks exciting to try…my bank account just couldn’t accommodate all the tea I want to buy, lol!

darby select said

I have a couple Adagio in my cupboard if you want to take a look

I’ve got some Adagio too.

fayebert said

I know how you feel gigglegoddess, I recently started really getting into all the various teas, branching out from generic, black tea bags. My wish lists keep growing on all of the different tea sites…my self says BUY! BUY! my bank account says mortgage or tea? mortgage or tea ;-)

LOL fayebert!

lcg842 said

LOL @ faybert and GiggleGoddess! :)

I totally can relate when it comes to bank accounts and accommodating for teas, lol. :)

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Ellyn select said

I have the following items that I would love to trade. Let me know if you are interested and/or what you would like to swap!

Davids Tea – Organic Lemon Myrtle – .5 oz or more (Gone)
Adagio Tea – Fruity Sangria/Fruit Medley 1 oz or more
Teavana – Strawberry Rose Champagne – .8 oz
Teavana – Peach Tranqulity 1 oz (Gone)
Whittard – Moroccan Mint – 1 oz or more
Whittard – Darjeeling Black Tea 100 g – Can be broken into smaller quantities
Whittard – China Oolong .5 oz or more
Whittard – Afternoon Black TEA – 100g –Can be broken into smaller quantities
52 Teas – Cucumber Kiwi Honeybush – (gone)
Handmade Tea – Kava Papa
Harrods – Assam Halmari .5 oz or more
Virtuus Tas – Brazilian Guava Black – Several teaspoons (gone)
Just Add Honey – Georgia Peaches – 2 teaspoons (gone)
Tiesta Tea – Fruity Pebbles -2 oz can be broken into smaller quantities

PS. I so love being a part of the steepster community! Thanks to all of you for making this place so inviting, enjoyable, and informational!

yssah said

im interested in swapping for samples of most of them :)

Davids Tea – Organic Lemon Myrtle – .5 oz or more
Adagio Tea – Fruity Sangria/Fruit Medley 1 oz or more
Teavana – Strawberry Rose Champagne – 1 oz
Whittard – Darjeeling Black Tea 100 g – Can be broke into smaller quantities
Whittard – China Oolong .5 oz or more
Whittard – Afternoon Black TEA – 100g –Can be broken into smaller quantities
52 Teas – Cucumber Kiwi Honeybush – 1 oz or more
Handmade Tea – Kava Papa
Virtuus Tas – Brazilian Guava Black – Several teaspoons
Just Add Honey – Georgia Peaches – 2 teaspoons
Tiesta Tea – Fruity Pebbles -2 oz can be broken into smaller quantities

pls check my cupboard and blog for what may interest you :)

Fiddling said

I’m interested in the Organic Lemon Myrtle and the Cucumber Kiwi Honeybush.

I can part with about an ounce of Della Terra’s Walnut Brittle, Fireside Spice, and Chocolate Orange Slice. I also have lots to spare from Harney & Sons. Feel free to browse through my cupboard for anything else you might like. I can part with a few cups of anything in my cupboard. :)

I totally agree with you, Steepster is an awesome place to be!

Ellyn select said

Yssah: I msged you!
Fiddling: I just pm’d you!

lcg842 said

Hi Ellyn!

Do you still have any of the Teavana Strawberry Rose Champagne and Peach Tranquility left?? If so, can I take it off your hands? :-D

Those are my new favorites! :) Let me know :)

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