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Relmaster said

I have Numerous teas that I would like to trade, I prefer Pu-erh’s!! I would love to Swap it all in one big trade if possible..especially for a Shu Pu-Erh cake!!!


4.5 Oz Citrus Lavender Sage
6 Oz Sakura Allure/Citrus Lavender sage
2 Oz Tulsi Dosha Chai
2 Oz Samurai Chai mate
2 Oz Moroccan Mint
2 Oz Gyokuro Genmaicha
2 Oz White Ayurvedic Chai/Samurai Chai Mate

Mighty Leaf
4 oz Ginger Twist

Former Teavana fan? Recent pu`erh convert? haha

I have two Pu erh Teas totaling 1.6oz , I’d trade for the equivalent of Gyokuro Genmaicha. I’m following you, PM me if interested.

lcg842 said

Hi Relmaster,

I hope I’m not too late in responding to the post!!!
Do you still have any of the Teavana Moroccan Mint left? Feel free to look in my cupboard to see what may interest you. I also have some black teas that I received in a swap but cannot drink them since I’m kind of sensitive to caffiene (:( ). Let me know!

If Relmaster doesn’t have any Moroccan Mint, I do:)

lcg842 said

@GiggleGoddess, I’m totally interested! :)

Feel free to follow me. Check my cupboard as well. I will follow you back.

Relmaster said

Icg842 Would you be willing to trade the Jasmine dragon pearls for the Moroccan Mint?

lcg842 said

Relmaster, yes, I am totally able to trade Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls for Moroccan Mint. Follow me and I’ll follow you back so we can PM. :)

Relmaster said

Does anyone have any “Osmanthus Oolong” Tea that they would like to trade for what I am swapping above? I had some from Octavia Tea..and it is pretty good!! Still looking to trade in 1 big swap for some pu-erh or pu-erh cake as I have some Yixing pots coming my way ;)

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Lala said

I have 2 oz (minus one tsp) of Teavana’s Lavender Dreams to get rid of. I do not like lavender, but I received this tea and thought I would give it a try.
Anyone interested?

Ellyn select said

I am interested! I love lavender. Is there anything in my list (a few posts above) that interests you?

Lala said

Do you want to trade for the peach tranquility?

Ellyn select said

Yes! It is yours. I will PM you.


lcg842 said

Darn! I’m too late! I love lavender as well. :(

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T.C. said

Few extras I’d like to swap if possible. I’ll warn ahead of time I’ll be a bit picky since I’ve been trading so much (some days I feel like I’ve tried every tea combination in existence).

For trade:
Earl Black – 52Teas – sealed
Maharaja Chai Oolong/Samurai Chai Mate Blend – Teavana – sealed
Gyokuro Imperial – Teavana – sealed
King of Silver Needles – Ovation – ziplock (can go as high as 4oz)

I prefer non-blacks normally (though I’ve become somewhat fond of a good lapsang souchong). Either reply with what you have to trade of direct me to your cupboard to poke around.

I’m moving at the end of the month so I’m going to have to restrict this to U.S. trades only for this batch (otherwise I’m normally happy to ship wherever).

Thanks :)

Fiddling said

I am interested in the Earl Black from 52Teas. Feel free to browse through my cupboard. I am looking to trade Walnut Brittle from Della Terra (about an ounce worth) and I also have lots from Harney & Sons that I can trade in larger amounts. I can also trade few cups worth of anything else in my cupboard.

T.C. said

Sent a PM Fiddling. That should be fine.

I wish I had something good to swap for that gyokuro! I probably don’t though…running low on most of my tasty butiki stuff and don’t really have large quantities of anything awesome laying around. Boo! :)

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Teas for trade-

Teavana- strawberry pu erh
Teavana- rooibos tropica

I have enough for a few cups of the strawberry, and more for the tropicia. Looking for rooibos/ honeybush. Preferably David’s Alpine Punch or Oh Canada.

KallieBoo! said

I’m interested in the strawberry pu erh! Unfortunately I don’t have any Alpine Punch or Oh Canada D: Is there possibly in my cupboard that looks interesting?

Vanilla cream rooibos, and the Shamrocks tea from Della Terra.

KallieBoo! said

Done! I’ll PM you.

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Message me if you have any Butiki that you are willing to trade, I would love to try some of their teas!

I have enough cantaloupe and cream, traditional plum pudding, and 3 friends to do a sample swap if you are interested!

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Is there a thread on here that explains the protocols for swapping? (i.e. how big a sample? Put sample in a little baggie? Who pays shipping? etc…) I have an insane amount of tea that I would happily send people but am unsure how to go about doing it.

Sil select said

generally the sizes/amounts are figured out by the people involved in the swap. Most folks swap usings bags/tins depending on the amount of tea involved. Generally the person sending the tea would pay for it – though i suppose that could also be worked out between the people swapping :)

Thanks! Once I’m over all this crud, I’ll post all my offerings. I’m awful about keeping tea that I know I probably will never drink because I hate to throw away/waste any of it. So I love the idea of swapping. I don’t even really need anything in return! Just a happy new home for some of my teas!

yssah said

(lines up for swap)

I have been thinking of starting a thread on swapping guidelines/suggestions since it has been asked often enough and the answers buried in this super long swapping thread and pm exchanges. I’m sure everyone has cool suggestions for swaps. Your question has reinforced my motivation to do so :D

teapot1 said

I think that would be great, Yssah…

That would be a great idea!

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I’ve got up for trade…

Twinings – Pure Rooibos Red Tea (bags)
Twinings – Lady Grey (bags)
Stash – Chamomile Nights (bags)
Teavana – Morrocan Mint (loose leaf) less then 2oz
Teavana – Earl Grey Creme (loose leaf)less then 2oz
Tazo – Well Being Rest (bags)
Davids Tea – Northern Lights (organic) (loose leaf)
Art of Tea – Caramel Pear (a little more then one cup (1TBS) left)

I’m still waiting for my orders from 52Teas (Cinnamon Roll HB).

I’m interested in trying 52Teas but I’m open to practically anything.

What do you have to offer?

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Today I tried an oolong from Butiki teas. It was really good, so now I want to try more oolong teas. Preferably flavoured.

Anyone have some they’d be willing to swap?

Ellyn select said

I just got a sample of David’s coconut oolong with my order. PM me and I will send it to you. (If you are interested).

I have the coconut oolong, also vanilla orchid (which is AMAZING) also from David’s… Also have a ginseng one that’s not really flavoured, just coated in ginseng. Let me know if any of this interests you. :)

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A couple things to swap or give away. Some of these are re-swaps because I didn’t like them or could drink them (honeybush) and there’s enough for someone else to get a taste.

Zoomdweebies Peaches and Cream Black (originally from Tea Sipper) – small baggy

Element Tea Organic Vanilla Rooibos (originally from Tea Sipper, 4 bags)

52teas Custard-Filled Maple Long John Honeybush (originally from Alphakitty) – small baggy

52teas Cotton Candy Black (I bought this one myself) 3/4 of a package or so.

Apologies to Tea Sipper and Alphakitty if you’re offended by re-swaps, but I can’t see myself ever drinking the rest of these (although they were good to taste!) so I hope to find them a better home than mine.

KallieBoo! said

I would be interested in the Custard-Filled Maple Long John!

Ellyn select said

I would love to try the cotton candy black….what types of tea are you looking for ?

Blacks, flavoured blacks, herbals mostly. French Vanilla Bean from Persimmon Tree if anyone has any. Love that stuff.

I wouldn’t mind trying Zoomdweebies Peaches and Cream Black. Do you have the Steepster link of that one?

Anything in my cupboard is up for grabs…although I’m hesitant to swap my Caramel Pear ATM since I haven’t received my order yet and it’s a sample size so I don’t know if I’ll have enough (since I’ve already told Josie and Lauriel that I’ll send them a cups worth) but if you really want it I think I can pry manage one more cup. The sample size says it makes 5-7 cups on Art of Teas website.

Not offended, Starfevre! I’m just sad you didn’t like them. But everyone can’t like every tea. I feel that way too though, wondering if it offends any other Steepsters when I pass on a tea I don’t like.. or it might just be that I have a lot of it and I want to share.

yyz said

I don’t think anyone should get offended. Diversity in taste and preference is part of what allows such a diversity to exist in Tea;). As well, it’s better to pass on something you know you wont drink rather than for it to be wasted.

yep, exactly. :D

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Ellyn select said

I got a sample of coconut oolong from Davids in my last order. I can send it in a business envelope to the first person who wants it!! (ON HOLD)

Lariel, 2 posts before you, is looking for flavoured oolongs.

Ellyn select said

Thanks for the info Starfevre. I posted for Lariel.

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