Old Swap Thread!

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Dinosara said

I will be going to the post office for another swap soon so I thought I would list this again to see if I can set anything else up again. I am fairly picky as far as swaps go, but feel free to reply and I will definitely check out your cupboard. I would also be happy to send something if you really wanted something and would pay postage.

Monterey Bay Spice Co. – White pomegranate (~0.5oz)
Monterey Bay Spice Co. – Citrus Green Tea (~1oz)
Georgia Tea Co. – Weight Loss Tea (~1oz)
Georgia Tea Co. – Snowflake Tea (~1oz)
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Silver Needle White Tea (1oz)
Lupicia – Afternoon Tea (50g, unopened)

ToiToi select said

Interested in followings:
Teavivre – Monkey Picked Oolong
Teavivre – Ginseng Oolong
Harney – Tippy Yunnan
Teavana – Darjeeling de Triomph
Teavana – Himalayan Splendor
Teavana – Three Kingdoms Mao Feng

Let me know if you find anything in my cupboard! I think we’ve swapped before. If you can’t find anything in my cupboard I can give you some more list as many of my teas are not listed.

I am interested in 3 tsp samples of:

Capital Teas – Cream Earl Grey
Georgia Tea Co. – Champagne Raspberry White Tea
Georgia Tea Co. – Rose of the Orient
Harney & Sons – Valentines Blend
Teavana – Darjeeling de Triomph

Take a look at my cupboard, PM me if you are interested.

yssah said

yay! i would like samples of everything that is swappable, Dinosara :) pls let me know what you like from my cupboard/list in blog loveistea.wordpress.com

or if you want to clear out your cupboard of some teas, i can possibly cover postage for most teas if not all :)

Hey! I’d love these, or at least samples of these for shipping. I’d offer a trade but we did one recently and I don’t have much else to trade after those tea boxes I sent on. Let me know! The one I want the most is the Nature’s midnight, and give priority to other steepsters who want them. thanks!

The Tea House (Covent Garden) – Sweet Apple (~1oz)
English Tea Store – Chocolate Flavored Black (16g)
Capital Teas – Cream Earl Grey (sachets)
Georgia Tea Co. – Rose of the Orient (~1oz)
Georgia Tea Co. – Ti Kwan Yin (~1oz)
Harney & Sons – Valentines Blend (~2oz)
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Buddha Hand Oolong (~1oz)
Lupicia – Piccolo (50g, unopened)
Drink T – Superior Pouchong (~0.5oz)

Samples (2-5 cups worth):
ESP Emporium – Wild Grey Green
Monterey Bay Spice Co. – Tropical Fruit Black Tea
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Midnight Chocolate Black Tea

Lazey said

I’m interested in ESP Emporium – Wild Grey Green
Lupicia – Piccolo, Monterey Bay Spice Co. – Earl Grey, and Culinary Teas – Cream Earl Grey White

We had swapped recently so I’m not sure I have anything you would want. I think I had gotten in an order from the ETS and Adagio since our last swap.

I am interested in :

Georgia Tea Co. – Champagne Raspberry White Tea
Georgia Tea Co. – Snowflake Tea (~1.5oz)
The Tea House (Covent Garden) – Sweet Apple (~1oz)
Lupicia – Afternoon Tea

Take a look at my cupboard, PM me if you are interested. I’ll pay for shipping if it’s not too expensive.

Dinosara said

Marcel & Lazey – I didn’t see anything in your cupboards that really struck my fancy this time.
ToiToi – didnt see anything in your cupboard, but message me about the other teas you have.
TeaSipper & yssah – messaged you
GiggleGoddess – follow me back so we can send PMs

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yssah said

Please help me in my quest! I am still looking to try other great Earl Greys and Chais

If you have any Steven Teamaker’s, Townshend’s, Joy’s, Mariage Freres, Fortnum, teasetc Rosy Earl Grey, EG Moonlight, Milord Grey, Windamere, Upton EGC Vanilla or other good EGs I still do not know about please swap me some samples :)

and Yogic Chai or other good chais out there :D

Can offer some popular Harney and Sons flavored blacks, straight Chinese blacks, and other teas in my cupboard/blog.

US only pls. PO will not consider envelope sized tea mail as a large envelope and charges the package price just coz it is tea :( Much as I’d love to swap outside US, my money’s tied up w/tea orders so gotta save up a bit. So sorry ^^’

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Hi everyone,

I have the following teas in various (not huge) amounts for swapping samples:

- Harney & Sons Valentine’s Blend
- H & S Florence
- Kusmi Caramel
- Kusmi St Petersbourg
- Kusmi Violet (just a bit)
- Della Terra S’Mores
- Della Terra Lemon Lime Cream Tart
- Davidstea Movie Night
- Davidstea Read My Lips
- Davidstea Chocolate Chili Chai
- Davidstea Stormy Night
- English Tea Shop Sweet Cookie (I forget the name, but it’s something like that, will have to confirm) and Candy Cane Rooibos (bagged, not loose)

I do have many teas at home so if you think you have something that would interest me and you’re looking for something from Davids that isn’t on my list above, feel free to ask because chances are I might have some :)

I’m looking for anything on my Shopping List basically! Definitely interested in trying some flavored oolongs, especially any coconuts besides Davidstea, and also maple teas besides Oh Canada. Certain 52 Teas blends (Marshmallow Genmaicha!!) I am also open to trying highly rated straight teas, that’s the next step in my tea journey!

Feel free to msg me!

Sil select said

I’d be happy to do a swap for:

- H & S Florence
- Kusmi Caramel
- Kusmi St Petersbourg
- English Tea Shop Sweet Cookie (or whatever it is lol)

I have a number of teas on your list that I’m happy to pass on to you.

I will message you :)

Emilie said

I’m interested in
- Harney & Sons Valentine’s Blend
- Della Terra Lemon Lime Cream Tart
- Davidstea Stormy Night

If there’s anything in my cupboard that interests you, let me know!

Will shoot you a PM :)

Alysha said

I’m interested in the Harney ones (if there’s any left), Movie Night and Read My Lips. Let me know if any of these are available and if there’s anything in my cupboard that you’d like :)

Josie Jade said

I would love to swap for any of the Kusmi or Della Terra ones. I can send you my updated list if you’re interested (I have more teas than what’s listed in my cupboard). Also going to Carytown Teas this weekend if you’re interested in anything from there :)

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Looking for candy cane (or similar) and shamrock teas from Della Terra.

I’ve been wanting more minty things lately.

Melanie said

Lariel, I have a little bit of candy cane from Della Terra that I’m not going to drink. It’s a little under .5 oz. Would you have a couple spoonfuls of the Blueberry Early Grey you could swap with me?

That’s fine. Not sure how much blueberry EG I have now. Would you like anything else?

lcg842 said

Hi Lariel,

I have some Citrus Mint (Tea Forté) tea if you are interested. Let me know! :)

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Melanie said

Ok! I think I still have your address. I’ll get that out to you tomorrow. It was such a small amount I wasn’t going to list it here, but I’m happy to send it to you! Ummm… yeah, if you don’t have enough blueberry EG, I would also be interested in tasting Adagio’s blueberry, or Thai Chai, or Tardis! You have a couple spoonfuls of any of those you could spare? If not, no worries, I still want to send this to you :-)

I can send you some, and maybe Moon Berry. My blend of blueberry earl grey (with Adagio blueberry).

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Does anyone have any of the Marshmellow Treat Genmaicha from 52 teas? It sounds brilliant but I’m not sure if I could drink the full size bag seeing as the only ‘marshmellow’ teas I’ve had included actual marshmellows, not marshmellow root.

Emily M said

I have some on the way (expected here on Saturday), if you wanted a sample? PM me if your interested still.

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Does anyone have anything from 52Teas/Zoomdweebies? I ordered Cinnamon Roll HB and I finally caved last night and purchased some Red Velvet Cake. And I’m getting some Peaches and Cream from Starfevre, so I’m not interested in more of those, lol!

Ellyn select said

I have some graveyard mist, as well as some others in sample sizes I got from a tasting box I would swap…..send me a msg…I already followed you…

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Azzrian said

1 Ounce of Coconut Black from New Mexico Tea Company
US only (sorry)
Would like to trade for a whole ounce of one other tea or maybe two or three smaller amounts.

Is that tea you have? I’d like to try that one.

From New Mexico Tea Company I have Lady Londonderry, Huckleberry Black, Monks Grenadine, Starlight Sleep, and Extra Sleepy Bear. I don’t have some of these in my cupboard b/c Steepster doesn’t seem to have it’s page and everytime I try to create a new listing it says “oops error!”

Azzrian said

Hi GiggleGoddess here is their page

Sorry I should have made my post more clear. I am looking to trade this tea – I am not really interested in anything from New Mexico Tea Company in trade.
Thanks :)

I would love to try that!

I was just piggybacking off of your post to let others know what I have since it was a NM Tea Co. product. And not all of NM Tea Co. teas are listed. No worries:)

Azzrian said

@GiggleGoddess Oh okay :)
@whatshesaid awesome PM me what you would like to trade. :)

Azzrian said

Okay clearly I am not very good at posting trades. I should have noted US trades only please.

Sil select said

You’re just out of practice Azz :p

I would be interesting in the coconut dream.

Azzrian said

LOL yeah I rarely trade this way. Lariel PM me what you have to trade please.

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Message deleted by author.

I have a sample of Alpine Punch, I believe it came with my last David’s order.

Nice. Can it be mine?

Of course :-) I’ll PM you now.

Thanks. Still wanting to try more teas from both companies.

If you like it, I have more. A sample and some of a 25g bag I got with the winter collection box.

I’m not a big fan of rooibos, so I wouldn’t mind it going to a good home. :)

Thanks for offering. Unfortunately, I can only ship withing the U.S.

Oh, no worries. I’m sure I’ll drink it up or find another home.

My topic got deleted accidentally. I was looking for black or rooibos teas to try from Della Terra or David’s Teas. Preferably more Lemon Chiffon.

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Edited on 20/3/13.

I have a lot up for trade so please bare with me. Hopefully I can sort out some more to trade and update the list too but I will make a start.

Just a quick fyi for those that don’t know me, shipping is from the UK.

Chilli Chai – 10 bags
Marakesh Mint – 15 bags
Organic Dragon Well – 7 bags

Green tea with orange and lotus flower – 15 bags
Moment of calm – Chamomile, Honey and Vanilla – 20 bags

Organic White Tea – 25 bags

Yerba Mate
Rosamonte – 400g

Della Terra
Cappuccino Caramel Crunch – 1.5 oz
Snow Fairy – 0.6 oz

Pure Aroma Tea
Strawberry & Kiwi – 10g sample pouch unopened

Fiddling said

I’m interested in Butiki’s Tamarind Pop. Feel free to browse through my cupboard. :)

Would we have to pay extra for shipping?

For 100g of tea to be sent from USA to UK it costs roughly $10 – $13 so it does have it’s expense but not that bad, especially if trading for teas you can’t get in your country.

Kittenna said

From Canada, I seem to recall it costing very little more than shipping to the States! Less than $10, I’m sure. That may have since changed, though.

Sil select said

It was just under 9$ to send a box to France this past weekend from Canada

yssah said

my US to CND swap w/c accdg to the usps website specs qualified as a large envelope was applied the price for a package just because it had tea inside and was saleable – even tho i did not receive money for it as it was a swap.

so 5.60oz cost 8.55 and 8.50oz is 9.15 instead of a slightly higher price than mail sent to a US address. 5oz is 2.40.

but yeah, it’s not bad if you are getting teas that would not be available for you to buy otherwise.

Uniquity said

In Canada a tea swap would rarely fit Canada Post’s rules. If the envelope is more than 1 cm thick or so it is supposed to be a parcel. They’ve cracked down a lot lately :(

I’ve been doing swaps and I’m in Canada! Buy the cd sized envelopes and spread the tea out so it stays flat enough :)

Uniquity said

@Whatshesaid – I know a lot of people do them in bubble mailers, but more and more bubble mailers are being turned back as oversized – at least at my work. The guidelines are actually quite ridiculous – all hallmark style cards are technically oversized and need 1.34 postage rather than .63. I’ve noticed them following that more lately too. :(

Sil select said

i just take them to the post office. oversized mailier is still cheaper than a box. the size 0 envelopes still let me send it as an envelope without the extra hassle of a parcel…so far anyway

Uniquity said

Interesting. Maybe they run things different in NS as oversize usually jumps to parcel off the bat. There isn’t really an in between.

I am usually fine, I’m in NB. I do take them to the PO so that they can slip the bubble mailer through the little slit thingy to see if it’s “acceptable” but I’m getting pretty good at ensuring it’s flat enough as I haven’t had trouble yet and no one has reported non-receipt of my swaps! (knock on wood)

Kittenna said

The parcel cutoff should be 2cm, not 1 cm. 20mm, actually; they have a slot to put it through (they don’t always do this but yeah, lately I’ve seen them doing it more often). I’m pretty sure that every swap I’ll send out will be in what’s technically an oversized envelope, you can fit up to 100g into an envelope that’s under 2cm thick, and mail it for less than $1.50.

I’m interested in the pu’erh, JING teas, some of the Teapigs, and a few of the Twinings green bags. I’ll post my list in a little bit.

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