Old Swap Thread!

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yssah said

Harney items moved to blog. Wrapping up ongoing swaps and will not initiate any others as of today :(

LIT offerings will still be available though ^^

Molly said

I’d really really love to have the Paris!!! And Tower of London :) If you’d like to trade!!

I’d like to try Paris and Tower of London if you have enough;)
I also have Teajo Silky Earl Grey (a cup or two worth).

yssah said

I have enough as I will be selling these as well as other teas in my blog :)

Pls pm me your list of swappables, I’m open to trying non-EG/chai teas too. Thanks, Molly & GiggleGoddess!

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Cavocorax said

I’ve never done a swap before, but here a few teas that need a new home.

DavidsTea Banana Dream Pie (Black) 25g (Shadowfall)
DavidsTea Red Velvet Cake (Black) 10 PS (Allie)
DavidsTea Licorice Twist (Tisane) 17 PS
Tea Desire Strawberry Guava Romance (Black) 13 PS (Melanie)
Zen Tea Puerh 4 PS(JennyFur)
Zen Tea Toffee Dream (White) 4 PS(JennyFur)
Ovation Brown Sugar Fig (Black) 1.5 oz (Shadowfall)
Ovation Halmari Estate Assam TGFOP Black 9 PS (Melanie)
Ovation Raspberry Lemon (Black) 20 PS (Melanie)
Market Spice Cinnamon-Orange (Black) 11 PS(JennyFur)

*I don’t have a scale so I used my davidstea perfect spoon (PS) to measure out some of the quantities

I’m pretty much open to any offers although I prefer to ship to Canada/US, and I’d rather do a few big packages instead of 10 little ones, (although you don’t have to take all of one tea if it’s too much)! I’d like to try more teas from Adagio, Harney&Sons, Upton, Butiki, Della Terra and Verdant but I’m open to others too. Please no Puerh, fruity teas, or teas with hibiscus!

Swaps don’t need to be even – I don’t mind sending more than you can send back so long as the tea goes to a good home!

So, anyone interested? :P

I’d totally be interested in the Red Velvet Cake, potentially all you have. I was just thinking about asking on here if anyone had any. Lol.
Take a look through my cupboard, though alot of the Della Terra and Davids I have are samples I have to share with my Mom, so I might not be able to swap those.
I have a handful of fan blends from Adagio, as well as some regular teas.
These are the blends – Fili, Captain Jack Harkness, IOU a Brew.
And I have these regular ones – Tiger Eye & Apricot Green. Possibly White Peach & Peach Oolong, though I’d have to check with my Mom since she really likes those. Lol.

Allie said

I’m interested in the Banana Dream Pie! Take a look through my cupboard and see if there is anything you would like! I also might have more that I have not listed yet.

Cavocorax said

The Red Velvet Cake is all yours. I’ll happily take whatever Adagio teas you want to send me since it’s $30 to ship it up to Canada. >:|

Mycroft sounds good, as well as any other Sherlock or fandom ones. Otherwise you can surprise me! If you follow me back we can swap addresses!

Cavocorax said

Allie – you can have the Banana Dream Pie. Would you be interested in swapping your Salted Caramel, Movie Night, or Smooth Strawberry Dream? I’d be happy to try any of those.

Melanie said

I would love the Strawberry Guava Romance, Halmari Estate Assam and Raspberry Lemon Black! Let me go look at in my tea cabinet and send you message with what I could trade! I’ll follow you :-)

Cavocorax said

Sounds good Melanie. Did you want all of it for all three teas? (I don’t mind, but there is A LOT). I will mark you down right now so other people don’t ask for them.

Melanie said

Yes! I’d be happy to! Especially since you prefer to send big packages. I just did a bit of updating in my cupboard. I’ll msg you in the morning with a few more options that aren’t in there :-)

I’d be interested in the Toffee Dream and the Cinnamon-Orange. Check my cupboard for anything your intrigued by.

Cavocorax said

They’re yours!

I’d be interested in a sample of Adagio’s Cream, DTT’s Vanilla Chai Rooibos, White Chocolate and/or Eight Candles

Cavocorax said

Please follow me and I’ll send my address.
Also, if you’re interested interested in the licorice herbal or the pu’erh lemme know as I can throw them in as freebies. (I’m not in love with them)

Added and messaged. :)

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Still looking for some Lemon Chiffon from Della Terra. I wanted to order it, but it was sold out before I could.

I’d also really like to try Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Cavocorax said

They have more in stock if you want 2oz.

Of the pineapple? Lots a lot of tea, I want to try it first.

Cavocorax said

Oh nm! It was the lemon lime pie that they had lots of. Sorry for the confusion. (30% sale is nice – I loaded up but mixed up what I ordered)

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Lariel I have a sample size that I’ve only drank a cup out of if you want to trade me a couple glasses worth of something else. :) I don’t know if that would just be a tease though.

I was looking for more like an ounce, as I already know I like it.

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Fiddling said

I’m looking to get rid of:

Adagio Vanilla Rooibos – 15g
Della Terra Peppermint Bark – 18g
Della Terra Oatmeal Raisin Cookie – 12g
Della Terra Mother of Pearl Pu-erh – 8g
Della Terra Strawberries & Cream – 10g (unopened sample)
52Teas Earl Black – 0.5 oz.
Teavana Rooibos Chai – 1 oz.
Teavana Rooibos Tropica – 1 oz.

Check out my shopping list for teas I’d like to try. I’m a fan of flavored teas and would like to try more from 52Teas, DAVIDsTEA, Steep City, Teajo, and Butiki. I’m also willing to swap samples of almost everything in my cupboard.

I’m interested in Peppermint Bark.

I’m interested in…
Della Terra Strawberries & Cream – 10g (unopened sample)

Fiddling said

Lariel – Follow me so I can PM you. :)

GiggleGoddess – Just PM’ed you!

I’d love to try the earl black, the oatmeal rasin, or the vanilla roobios. Let me know if your interested in anything in my cupboard.

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Sun and Cloud Mist, 52 Teas, 1 oz. (Alphakitty)
Peach Cran-Tango, Teavana, 2 oz.
Lemon Merengue, ESP Emporium, 1.5 oz. (Lariel)
Angels Dreams, English Tea Store, 3-4 oz. (Lariel)
Monks Blend, English Tea Store, 3-4 oz.
Sea Breeze, 52 Teas, 2 oz. (Alphakitty)
Blueberry Crumble, Della Terra Teas, 1.75 oz. (Alphakitty/GiggleGoddess)
Spring Melody, ESP Emporium, 2 oz. (GiggleGoddess)
Orange/Praline, ESP Emporium, 1 oz.
Diamond Jubilee, Harney & Sons, 26 sachets. (GiggleGoddess)
Wild Watermelon, Kally Teas, 1 oz. (Alphakitty)
Mint-In-Tea, Simpson & Vail, 2+ oz.
ONE MORE THING: 1 lb rock sugar, Teavana

This is my full trading list for now. I’m willing to trade the whole amount of a tea or, if more than one person wants some and I have a decent amount, I can separate it too. I know I mentioned to GiggleGoddess in a different thread that I might put the Blueberry Crumble up for swap, so maybe you and Alphakitty can split it?

I don’t need the same amounts back. I have so much tea and I don’t mind small samples, enough for one pot is my favorite amount of tea to get. :-) Thanks for looking!

Alphakitty said

I am interested in Sun & Cloud, Blueberry Crumble and Sea Breeze! Message me if there’s anything in my cupboard you are interested in ^^

I’m interested in Lemon Merengue, and Angels Dream.

Fiddling said

I’m interested in both of the teas from 52Teas. In addition to what I’ve listed in the post above, I also have a fair amount of Harney & Sons that I can swap.

Edit: Looks like I’ve been beaten to it! Oh well. :)

I’m interested in…
Blueberry Crumble, Della Terra Teas
Spring Melody, ESP Emporium
and Diamond Jubilee by Harney and Sons:) <looks like you just added it!

Are you interested in giving the entire amount away or couple cups worth of each here and there?

Edit Edit: I just saw about the Blueberry Crumble…I don’t mind splitting it:)

Alphakitty said

I’d be happy to split the Blueberry Crumble with GiggleGoddess especially if you’d already promised her some. ^^ Though I am for sure interested in the full amounts of Sun & Cloud and Sea Breeze (and also Wild Watermelon, which I just noticed you added!).

yssah said

Hi Rachel! I’m interested trying all of them ^^ small samples are ok, more would be nicer :)

OK, I have put names behind all the teas that people asked for, sorry Fiddling, I guess you have to type faster in this crowd. (Just kidding.) LIT, do you want me to send you the rest? Would you like the rock sugar too?

yssah said

if the others are ok with splitting, im also interested in 52 Teas, ESP Emporium, Blueberry Crumble, and Wild Watermelon..even just a few tsp will do :)

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Hi – I’m looking to try Nina’s Japon. I have a ton of flavored and unflavored teas I could swap. If you’re interested, PM me!

Sil select said

You can ask nina’s tea via email to send you a sample

That sounds too easy!
Thanks :-)

I was also trying to dip my toe into the big swapping pool. I’ve done a few swaps but only via PM with people who I’ve chatted a bit with in tasting notes, but this board overwhelms me a bit. I guess I just need to dive in!

I’d be interested in trying the hot sweet cinnamon and the sweet almond in your Cupboard if you’d like. Look at mine and see if you see anything?

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Tastybrew, I felt the same way. I have had awesome luck with friendly and generous traders here. Let me know if you see anything in my cupboard that interests you. And that goes for anyone here as well. I really enjoy swapping. I also have a few unlogged teavana purchases.

Sounds good! I’ll check it out right now!

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Mitch said

Hey guys. I’m new to the site and this tea-swapping stuff, but I’m totally up for trying some new tea :)

I’ve got:
Earl Grey Creme – 2 oz
Mudslide – approx. 2oz
Strawberry Creme – 1 oz
Caramelissimo Black Tea – approx. 2oz

Candy Cane Tea – 4 oz
Vanilla Chai Roobois – 1 lb

Simpson & Vail
Almond Sugar Cookie Black Tea- 2oz
Strawberry Cupcake Black Tea – 2oz

I have quite a bucket of other Teavana and Adagio flavors that I’ll try and post later!

I’d be interested in trying a few of those… is there anything in my cupboard you might like?

yssah said

i have not tried all of those (except Teavana EG Creme) :) following you, Mitch! follow me back so we can pm

Mitch said

Hey Jessi, I’d be willing to try the Banana Dream, Perfect Pear or Cookie Dough from davidstea if you want.
Followed, yssah! :)

I’m interested in Strawberry Cupcake.

darby select said

Hey Mitch – I’m interested in the Mudslide and Strawberry Creme by Teavana. Check out my cupboard, but I have others also if you’re looking for something else.

Dustin said

I’m also interested in trying the Mudslide if it isn’t all claimed/traded. Also interested in the Almond Sugar Cookie. My cupboard should be pretty up to date if you want to browse it.

Artp said

Mitch, would love to try strawberry cream and candy cane tea…

Mitch said

Hey Artp, follow me back so we can PM! :)

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I have almost 1.4 oz (minus two cups) of DAVIDsTEA Cinnamon Rooibos Chai that I’d like to swap. I’m happy to send it all to one person or to break it up into smaller quantities for multiple swaps. I’d prefer to swap with someone in the US.

yssah said

im up for whatever amount you would like to swap to me :) im sure others will want to try some too

I’ve been wanting to try that one.

Yssah – I’ll send you a message.

Lariel – I don’t see anything in your cupboard I’m interested in trying. If you have anything up for swap that isn’t listed there, though, let me know.

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