Old Swap Thread!

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I’m still looking to trying more new teas. (US only, please)

What I have to trade:

Nature’s Tea Leaf- Apple black
Teavana- Rooibos Tropica
Adagio- A few custom blends
I’ve got more of these than I’ll drink. I like rooibos/ honeybush, flavoured black teas, and chais. (Or look at my shopping list.)

darby select said

Hi Lauriel, check out my cupboard and see if anything interests you.

Just the chocolate orange.

darby select said

Message me and we’ll see if we can swap!

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I just splurged on new teas and need to clear out my cupboards! I’ve got a few loose leaf teas I’d like to swap:

.5 oz butter rum (David’s teas)
.5 oz brazillionaire (David’s teas)
1 oz salted caramel (David’s teas)
2 oz Early Grey Creme (Teavana)

I’m willing to swap for just about anything, but I do have a fondness for flavored green and black teas. I would prefer to keep shipping limited to the US. Thanks!

I’d like the buttered rum, please.

Josie Jade said

I’d be interested in the salted caramel and the brazillionaire if there’s anything in my cupboard that you like, and I have a lot that aren’t listed in my cupboard yet. PM me :)

Lariel, go ahead and message me and we can work out details from there. :)

Mitch said

Salted caramel sounds good! I’m interested :)

Mitch, sure thing. Go ahead and PM me and we can figure out details.

Artp said

I’d be very interested in the EG cream

Artp, sounds great. Message me and we shall figure out details. :)

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I’m looking to get rid of/swap out

1oz (minus 2tsp) of Butiki Teas Grapefruit Dragon
30g David’s Tea North African Mint
11 sachets of The Republic of Tea’s Good Hope Vanilla Rooibos (with tin if you want it)

U.S. only :)

I’m interested in Butiki Grapefruit & RoT’s Vanilla Rooibos (w/ tin).
PM if you see anything in my cupboard:)

Sounds good, follow me so we can PM :)

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I’m trying to clear out my stash a little. I can get out surprise assortments of teas. In return, maybe a few (sealed) sample sizes from your local tea shop. If not, I’ll still send out teas. US only, please.

ToiToi select said

I am interested. Let me know!

I’m very fond of rooibos. So if you have any sealed samples or bags to send, I’ll pack you some more teas. If I you have traded with me before, please tell me what you sent. Make sure to let me know of any ingredient allergies.

ToiToi select said

I don’t think we have traded before. I have some rooibos and chai so I will send you those :) Do you have any allergies?

I would like unopened store samples, actually. From local shops. My way of clearing out the stash, and getting things more organized.

I’ve got mostly rooibos to send.

ToiToi select said

it’s ok then. I don’t think unopened samplers.

Like the ones you get in store as like half an ounce. Or sealed bagged teas work too.

I will send other surprise packages. I’ll just send more if I get samples in return.

28 Cooks said

I would love some! I haven’t traded with you before, but I can send some sealed samples.

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If I ordered Chocolate Chili Chai from DavidsTea would anybody be interested in a swap (if I can’t substitute it from the winter collection)?

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I have some teas that I would like to get rid of, because I know I won’t drink them and I’d rather send them off to good homes.

Bubbly – DavidsTea
Stormy Night – DavidsTea
Oh Canada – DavidsTea
Green Mate – DavidsTea
Alpine Punch – DavidsTea

I would love to try alpine punch and bubbly! Let me know if I can send you any tea in return :)

I’d be interested in the Oh Canada. I have lots in my cupboard if there is anything you’re interested in :)

ToiToi select said

interested in all except green mate. Let me know.

I would love to try stormy night!

Lindsey said

I’ve been dying to try Oh Canada & Alpine Punch. Take a look in my cupboard and see if there’s anything in there you’d be interested in swapping for!

I’d love to try Bubbly and Stormy Night if you have any left!

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Going through my cupboard, making room for samples and whatnot.

Take a look at my shopping list. I’m always looking to try DAVIDsTEAs or Butiki. Also, I’d like to try more Milk Oolongs, French Teas, Dessert Black Teas, Purple Tea (I’ve never had it), Flavored Matcha, and the list goes on.

USA only please. These oz are approximate, I put them on my cooking scale quickly. Let me know to follow you (if I am not already doing so) and we can PM the swap details.

Pu erh Dante – Adagio Teas = .75oz
Wuyi Ensemble – Adagio Teas = .45oz
Masala Chai – Adagio Teas = .45oz
Vanilla Green – Adagio Teas = .45oz
Pu erh Poe – Adagio Teas = .8oz

Blueberry (Flavored Black) Tea – Metropolitan Tea Co. = 1.45oz
Orange Blossom Oolong – Metropolitan Tea Co. = 2oz
Tangerine (Flavored Black) Tea – Metropolitan Tea Co. = 1.45oz
Ice Wine Tea (Flavored Black) – Metropolitan Tea Co. = .75oz

Strawberry Cupcake Black Tea – Simpson & Vail = 1 oz
Carrot Cake Cupcake Rooibos – Simpson & Vail = .75 oz

Republic Chai Tea Bags – Republic of Tea = several tea bags
Double Green Matcha Tea Bags – Republic of Tea = several tea bags

Fiddling said

I’m interested in both of the Simpson & Vail teas. I saw that you have Florence and Holiday Tea from H&S on your shopping list. I can offer you comprable quantities if you’re interested. I can also swap samples of (most) everything in my cupboard.

I’ll PM you, S&V are yours.

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Mitch said

I have some Tranquil Dream Herbal and Caramelissimo Black Tea from Teavana to share.

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I have a bunch of smaller sizes of teas (less than half an ounce) that are trying to find a new home. Everything that’s recently added to my cupboard is up for grabs. (Except the custom blends).

I was wanting to try some of the other Della Terra seasonal teas (anything I haven’t reviewed yet). Though that isn’t necessary.

US only.

There’s still some teas I’m trying to clear out if anyone wants them.

I have a bunch of the new Della Terra Teas and would love to swap. I just started to follow you. If you’re still interested, follow/PM me back and let me know which ones you want to try.

nwolf93 said

I am I have an american address too pm what is available

Ditto! New to the site/swapping but looking to start. Have a look at my cupboard – not much is off limits besides the oolongs as they are usually mixed with about everything.

Nwolf- I’m interested in the strawberry shortcake.

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Jude said

I’d be interested in the puerh, Lariel — following you now to swap.

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