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LefTea said

I have some tea I’d like to swap (updated 8-17-11):
- Rishi Tangerine Ginger: This tea was just not for me. Apparently I don’t like ginger or hibiscus. I bought about 2 oz and made 1 cup with a teaspoon or two.
good but the smell bugs me so I just don’t have the motivation to make it.
- Tealiscious Hazelnet (Black): got this as a sample but I have other hazelnut teas that I prefer. Should be enough for a cup or two.
- Tea bean Chai (bagged): another sample, this was posted around here somewhere. I brought it on vacation and thought it was quite disgusting to be honest.
-Drink T Lemon Green Tea: I have a bunch of samples from Drink T. While I appreciate the samples, I’m not quite to the plain or very lightly flavored teas so rather than have them wither away in my cabinet I figured I’d pass them on. All are unused, opened only to smell.
- Drink T English Breakfast

I’m interested in trying just about anything in loose leaf form but I lean toward flavored, dessert-sounding teas, particularly black teas. I also like rooibos and chais.

Spot52 select said

I know this post was a long time ago, but I thought it was worth the post. I would be interested in the Pi Lo Chun. I sent you a follow request. If you are interested, we can hash it out through PMs.

Alana237 said

I’d be interested in the Rooibos Peach and the Eternal Sunshine. Have a look in my cupboard and if you are interested, PM me.

I’d be interested in the Drink T Ceylon High Mountain!

I don’t have anything of the sort you say you like, am not much into flavored teas so far, sorry!

LefTea said

I can’t seem to pm you, but you can have the Ceylon if you like. If you’re willing I’d love to try the pomengranite or the margarita from your cabinet. If not, that’s fine too, message me your address and I’ll send the tea.


Sent you a message, will send you a bit of each!

Hi LefTea! I’d be interested in trading you for:
- Todd and Holland Amaretti Cookie
- Todd and Holland Honeybush Chocolate Torte

If they’re still available, that is. :) My teas I have for swap are on the front page of this discussion thread. Let me know if you see anything you like!

LefTea said

QueenOfTarts I’d love to swap with you. I’d be interested in the Adagio birthday and 52 Coconut one (I forget the exact name). Pm me and we’ll figure it out.

LefTea, Please follow me so that I can send you a message :) I followed you!

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I have some Wu Yi Oolong from Utopia Tea to swap. Will send a baggy of several cups worth in exchange for just about anything loose-leaf… I’m up for trying anything I haven’t had yet -especially something fruity, maybe, as I just tried a fruity one today that I liked.

kaybee said

I would be willing to trade some Sakura Sencha from Den’s.

Sounds great!

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Charbrew said

I have just launched two of my range in Sainsbury’s UK – Tropical Rooibos and Strawberry and Cream. If you are based in the UK or you are visiting it would be great to get your reviews.

Adam – Director Charbrew

Those sound awesome, I’ll have to keep an eye out next time I’m in Sainsbury’s :)

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Hi there!

I have the following loose teas to swap:

Teavana: Toasted Nut Brulee

I love loose Earl Grey and herbals.

Alana237 said

I’d be interested in the Maharaja Chai Oolong, feel free to have a look in my cupboard and PM me if you are interested.

Batrachoid said

I’ll try the white peony. I’ve got some earl greys and an herbal mixture from Wisdom of the Ancients with something they call licorice pepper. It’s very interesting.

LefTea said

I’d love to try either the maharaja chai or the white peony. I have some Teavana earl grey cream if you’re interested.

LefTea, so sorry. Those teas are gone. Thanks for asking, and I’ll update when I have more to swap.

Trade you some of my Decaf Earl Grey Cream from Utopia Tea for the Toasted Nut Brulee?

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Alana237 – I’ve PM’d you. Thank you!:)

Batrachoid, I can’t seem to PM you – send me a message, okay?

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Anything in my cupboard except the Assam Margherita and Irish Breakfast Tea. Those I have too little to give out.

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teaINfuse said

I want to swap bagged tea.. lets say 3bags for 3bags.. I’m still working on filling my cupboard in this video you can see some of the tea bags i have.
Let me know if you want to give this a shot

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Alana237 said

Updated my swap list.

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PLEASE someone trade me something for this:

Almost 2oz of 52teas.com Cinnamon Roll Honeybush (one cup worth taken out before I found out I can’t drink it due to some of the ingredients).

What would you like in return?

Correction: I have 1.88 oz of this left as I had a second try at it after 52teas assured me it was vegan-safe. But it’s still up for grabs.

RachanaC, what are you offering? Should I look at your cupboard or blog?

I prefer unflavored teas to flavored and tisanes, but really I want to try anything new. So it’s really about what you are okay with sending!

Have you tired Brandon’s Snickerdoodle?

Noperoo! Will message you.

Sounds great. I should be able to get it out to you tomorrow or Friday depending on if I am babysitting. :)

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Good luck with swapping. It is not something I will partake in. I don’t mind receiving samples but once gotten to me; no passing to others. I am kind of weird like that. Best,

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