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Tea up for for swaps….

Tea of Inquiry by The Republic of Tea (a genmaicha)
Leaves of Provence by Breckenridge Spice Merchants (Mighty Leaf)
Northern Lights by DavidsTea (6tsp worth – the last of if from my stash)
Simply the Zest by DavidsTea (1-2tsp left after swap with Irishgirlieknits)

I’ll add more over the next week or so as I go through and taste all my samples and such that I’ve acquired so far.

I’m interested in Davids Tea & Harney and Sons specifically or others if they sound tempting.

I’d be interested in both of the DavidsTea. I have tons in my cupboard from Davids Tea, and the Harney and Sons that I have are also there (those are sachets). Let me know if you are interested in any. I’m following you too :)

Helen11 said

I’m interested in trying the rest of the Simply Zest. I have a few different samplers that you could try, or I could easily portion out some of my many DavidsTea options into sachets to send if you’re interested! :)

@Helen11 I’m following you now. What samples do you have?

Helen11 said

I followed back! I have Teayama green tea lotus, Teayama Cream of Earl Grey (I think) and DavidsTea White Peony. I might have a few others kicking around, but those are the ones I’m pretty sure about.

Ellen said

The Leaves of Provence tea is actually from Mighty Leaf (just being resold in Breckinridge)

@Ellen Thanks for the heads up!

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Rebecca R. said

Some tea I have for swap:

Tazo Chamomile tea bags – 19 (I used one before deciding it wasn’t for me)
Teavana Precious White Peach
Teavana Sakura Allure
Teavana Wonderberry Chocolate Truffle

I have way too much of my Teavana teas! If anyone would like to swap let me know :)

I’d be interested in the Precious White Peach and the Wonderberry Chocolate Truffle. Take a glance at my cupboard and shoot me a message?
Edit – I also have a few Adagio fan blends not here in my cupboard. I need to make new entries for them. ^^

ToiToi select said

im interested in all teavana. let me know. I have other tea that are not listed in my cupboard so let me know if you cant find anything in my cupboard.

Helena dP said

Hi Rebecca I would love to try the Teavana Sakura Allure without having to pay the customs duty for a whole box from them into the UK! I have lots of UK teas – give me an idea of what you like and we can swap!

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Ramvling said

Would anyone like my bag of 52 Teas S’mores Genmaicha? It’s pretty good, but its not my thing and people on here seem to love it too much to let it go to waste.

I’d love to try it

Ramvling said

Sure, sure~ I’ll message you~

Thanks, I’m excited to try it :-)

Molly said

Aww… if okay with Marcel, maybe could you send some to me?? :D

Molly, We made an even swap in PM. If you’d like, when the tea arrives, you and I can swap a sample or two? PM me if you are interested.

Lucky Duchamp ;)

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CrowKettle said

Tea for grabs:

52teas S’mores Genmaicha 2oz/50g
David’s Tea Banana Dream Pie- 4oz/100g
David’s Tea Cocomint Cream 4oz/100g
David’s Tea Ceylon Star 2oz/50g
David’s Tea Fantasy Island 2oz/50g
David’s Tea Honey Bee Mate 4oz/100g

Other Specified quantities are measured out by spoon. I reside in Canada but don’t mind shipping elsewhere.

Fiddling said

I’d love the S’mores Genmaicha and Fantasy Island (but not all of it). Feel free to browse through my cupboard. I don’t generally have large amounts (>2oz.) what’s in my cupboard except for Harney & Sons. I have an unopened 4 oz. tin H&S Holiday Tea if that interests you.

CrowKettle said

Anything from H&S sounds good, and the holiday tea sounds intriguing. PM me a message with the amount you want :)

Karys said

mmmhm vanilla mint mate

CrowKettle said

You are welcome to all of it, Karys!

would you be interested in small swaps of DavidsTea Ceylon Star, Honey Bee Mate, and DellaTerra’s Winter Nog? I don’t have lare amounts of tea either…that’s why I’m interested in a smaller swap (a couple cups worth of each). Anything is up for grabs in my cupboard. I also have Starlight Sleep by NM Tea Co.,Tea of Inquiry by The Republic of Tea (a genmaicha)(a bunch of pods)),Leaves of Provence by Breckenridge Spice Merchants(a couple ounces worth), and Simply the Zest by DavidsTea (1-2tsp worth).
Follw & PM if interested! Thanks!

I would love a few teaspoons of each of these, but I’m going to have to work something out with you in the messages, as most of the stuff in my cupboard is one or two teaspoons. so please follow me! thanks

David’s Tea Banana Dream Pie- 4oz/100g
David’s Tea Ceylon Star- 2oz/50g
David’s Tea Honey Bee Mate- 4oz/100g
Della Terra Teas Winter Nog- 2oz/50g
Teaopia Mate Vanilla Mint- 2.9oz/84g
Utopia Tea Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut- 4oz/100g

CrowKettle said

Ok, I PM’d everyone here :)

I would give my soul for all of the Cocomint cream.

Mitch said

Would love to try Fantasy Island!

Helen11 said

I’d love to try the Banana Dream Pie (though I’d only need a small amount). Let me know if there’s anything in my cupboard you’d want to try, or I also have some samplers that aren’t listed there.

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Helena dP said

Anyone got some unusual floral teas from anywhere in the world. I can swap with some samples of Green tea with wild flowers form the Sierra Nevada in Andalucia, Spain. I live in the UK:)

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I have A LOT of rosebud tea – more than 3/4 of a pound – and over 150 tea bags of Yorkshire (straight from England!). I’d also like to swap away Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and Lemon Chiffon, up to 1oz each.

If anyone would be willing to swap with me a teaspoon of Laoshon Black, Pineapple Cilantro, Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish, or Pineapple Sencha, that’d be super-duper. I am open to other teas. I just really want to try those ones.

I would be willing to sacrifice a bit of my Pineapple Cilantro, if you’d like. I AM in Canada, though.

Yay! What would you like for me to send? Do you know how much it costs to send a thick letter envelope?

I sent a normal sized letter envelope with just a few tsp of tea and it cost $6.50 to canada.

I just mailed several bubble mailers with about 10 tsp of tea in each to the US, and it only cost me $2.65.

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Couple of things to swap and/or sell. I say that last part because I’m open to including the tins I bought with the tea.

First up, a couple of flavoured matchas from Red Leaf Tea that I don’t particularly like. There’s maybe 20-25 grams left of each, I don’t have a scale handy so I’m just estimating. I have had one twice and the other three times at something less than a teaspoon each serving.

Cola matcha (distinctive flavouring, classic regular base)
Rich Berry Pie matcha (robust flavouring, black matcha)

I’d like to offer the tins I’m keeping them in also if anyone wants to pay me for them at cost ($4). Otherwise I’ll put it in a baggie.

A couple of others up for grabs while I’m at it:

Chocolate Malt Honeybush – 52teas (sealed package)
Red Velvet Cake Mate – 52teas (sealed package)
Loose Pu’erh Tea – Nature’s Tea Leaf (something under an ounce)
Lavender Pu’erh – Nature’s Tea Leaf (sealed package, maybe an ounce?)
Pu’erh Slender Blend Iced Tea – Nature’s Tea Leaf (sealed package, prob an ounce)
Nature’s Bloom Pu’erh Tea – Nature’s Tea Leaf (sealed package, prob an ounce)

And that’s all for now.

Leave a message to reply and I’ll follow you if I’m not already so we can PM.

I’m interested in the chocolate malt honeybush.

Kaylee said

I would be interested in the Nature’s Bloom Pu’erh. Let me know if anything in my cupboard looks interesting.

Kaylee, I’m curious about your Black Tea and Thyme entry. Follow me so we can PM.

ToiToi select said

interested in cola matcha. We have swapped before, and I updated my cupboard somewhat but still a lot of tea isn’t listed so let me know what you are looking for if you can’t find much. :)

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Kaylee said

I just received some 50-count boxes of these two teas as a gift. I enjoy both of them, but can’t imagine getting through this many teabags any time soon when I already have a full tea cupboard. I’m eager to trade for anything sealed, except black tea. Let me know if you’re interested.

Wissotzky Green Tea w. Spearmint
Wissotzky Green Tea Lemongrass & Verbana

I liked this post a lot until I seen the black tea part! The only “sealed” tea I have is black tea from Chinatown.

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yssah said

there’s a new category just for swaps! i think it is great for finding location and tea-specific swaps :)

I can honestly say that I helped make that officially happen!

I was going to start a new threads to be more US specific, EU, and international but I wanted to ask for permission first. I suggested adding a category for swaps and Jason emailed me back saying he made it happen for us!

Kudos to him and Steepster for a fast response and responding to the community!

Great idea!!

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I advise that anyone still following here checks out the new category!

I went ahead and started multiple threads that are specific to where swaps are happening. More specifically – US only, US/Canada (North America!), European, and completely International!

If anyone thinks there should be other threads, throw a bracket [test] in front of it and get it going!

Eventually, if those threads get going, I think a positive review or positive swapper thread would be a good idea. Then people can check it out to see who has swapped before and take the guess work out of bad experiences knowing that someone has credibility!

Emily M said

I think a swapper thread would be great, so long as it only includes positive reviews. Getting into the negative can be a sticky and hurtful situation.

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