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Up for grabs is a one-cup’s-worth missing 2oz package of 52teas.com Cherry Cheesecake Green Tea.

Looking, again, for anything I haven’t tried so offer whatever you have extra of!

I would like to give it a shot, would you want samples of stuff I have? Any off the top you would really like to try or maybe I can put together a little mystery package or something. Just an idea.

Sure, you’re welcome to it. A little mystery package would be fun. Will mail it out Monday or Tuesday!

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Ellyn select said

I have probably 1.8 oz of Tea District Enchanting White Tea that I would trade for almost anything. I’d love to try something new!

I’d be happy to exchange!

What do you like more, teas or tisanes? In teas I have a few Assams that I have enough to trade a good amount of and a Lot of tisanes to trade from.

Ellyn select said

i’d love to trade tisanes. I like most anything except chamomile.

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From David’s Teas I have A Lot of the following to swap:

Forever Nuts
Buttered Rum
Goji Pop
Cabernet Sauvignon

I also have two of the Fruit Flavored Green Tea Samplers from EnjoyingTea.com (seen here: http://www.enjoyingtea.com/frflgrteasa.html) to trade out of. I accidentally bought two instead of 1, so only one has been opened. I’m hoping to trade bits out of the open one and perhaps make a full gift/trade out of the unopened one.

Just let me know what you have to offer. I dislike chocolaty teas and tisanes, but otherwise an open to trying whatever.

Erm, just FYI, those are DavidsTea teas.

Oops thanks!!

No problem! :)

The buttered rum tea sounds interesting please look at my cupboard to see if there is anything you would like?

Ellyn select said

I’d love to trade for the mango green, strawberry green or any of the davids teas. Would this work?

Ellyn, I can send you both the mango and strawberry green or any of the David’s Teas in about a 2oz amount, with the exception of Buttered Rum (Silvermage2000 may be getting the last of that, not sure yet how much I’ll have after that).

I started following you, so you can private message me and we can work it out there. Just let me know what mix of things you’d like and I’ll get them out to you!

Do you still have the forever nuts?

I’d also love to try the Forever Nuts if you have a lot available. If you don’t have so much, absolutely trade it with The DJBooth as he asked first :)

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Cole said

Just wanted to bump this thread and say that I’m open to sample trading of most of the stuff in my Steepster cabinet.

Looking to try greens from Ippodo, Maiko, and O-Cha, as well as any other high quality/highly recommended oolongs, greens, or pu-erhs!

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Ellyn select said

I was gifted with quite a bit of Tea Forte citrus mint loose leaf. Would anyone like to swap anything for some of it? I would send it in a ziplock sealed bag since I just have a big container of it.

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SimplyJenW said

Free to a good home…. (claimed)

Is there anyone out there with a love for rooibos? I have decided it is not for me. I have several small amounts I am willing to send out gratis to US or Canada. I am sending two packages.

Opened and sampled (or possibly just sniffed, LOL!):
nearly 2 oz. Rooibos Lemon Chiffon from The Tea Table
sample Green Rooibos Citron from Adagio
sample Rooibos Orange from Adagio
sample Rooibos Peach from Adagio
sample Green Rooibos Bonita from Adagio

Unopened Samples from Adagio:
Green Rooibos Bonita
Green Rooibos Citron

a little less than 1 oz of Marriage Freres Rouge Bourbon (only have one of these)

DaisyChubb said

Rooibos is one of my faves, but I would feel like a thief sweeping in and taking all your goods o_o
Would it be better to split it up if I sent you something in return? Well, I would be sending you something in return regardless – although it’s free and not a swap, I like to think of it as a “thank you” in return n_-

I’m rambling. Anyways, I’m a rooibos lover, but if there are others interested I would rather see them have it because then I wouldn’t feel so bad. Man, I really am Canadian aren’t I?

SimplyJenW said

I am more than happy to send it all to you! If you want to claim a few of the items and see if anyone else is interested, that would be fine, too. It is up to you! And of course I love ‘thank you’ tea….. ;)

DaisyChubb said

haha thanks Jen!
Well I’m super pumped about the Peach, Orange and Bonita (although they all sounds delish), so now we can wait and see if anyone else comes?
Exciting stuff. Want to exchange addresses in the meantime?

SimplyJenW said

Sure! PMing you….

PS…someone claimed the Rouge Bourbon, too!

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LefTea said

I have some tea I’d like to swap (bumping my previous post – updated 9-27-11):
- Rishi Tangerine Ginger: I bought about 2 oz and made 1 cup with a teaspoon or two.
- Tea bean Chai (bagged): another sample, this was posted around here somewhere.
- Adagio Foxtrot: 1.5 oz I believe
- Adagio Spearmint: 1.5 oz I believe

I’m also willing to send basically any white or green tea in my cabinet, a partial sample, if not the whole thing if you’re interested. The smaller samples will get tossed soon if no one wants them. US only please.

I’m interested in trying just about anything in loose leaf form but I lean toward flavored, dessert-sounding teas, particularly black teas. I also like rooibos and chais.

teataku said

Hi! I’d be willing to trade you something from my cupboard for that mango black tea. I’d also be interested in the hazelnut, if you happen to see two you like. :)

LefTea said

Hi! I’d be willing to trade for some My Morning Mate, Spice of Life, or Ciao Amaretto, two of the three if you’d like the hazelnut as well. Feel free to follow me and send me a message.

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Lisbet said

Looking for a 52 Teas swap situation:

Marshmallow Treat 1/3 pack
Strawberry Pie 1/3-1/4
Apple Vanilla White Chai 1/3
Date Nut Muffin Rooibos (full bag- will swap some)
Lemon Lime Cheesecake honeybush (full bag- will swap some)
Pumpkin Cheesecake black tea ( " " ")
Frankie Says Relax ( " " ")

Looking for any combo of:
Peach Blackberry Crumble
Cherry Cheesecake Green
Cinnamon Roll Honeybush
Strawberry Lemonade Bai Mu Dan
Cherrlies Jubilee Bai Mu Dan

I was away all summer, so help a girl out? :)

LefTea said

I can swap some caramel vanilla chai for the coconut cheesecake if you want. As a word of warning, I hated the chai, but others seem to really enjoy it. I adore the coconut though. I made about 16 oz of tea from the bag so there’s still plenty in there to try, well over half.

Lisbet said

I’d be game to swap my 1/4 bag of the coconut for 1/4 of a bag of the caramel vanilla chai then :)

LefTea said

Seriously, take the whole thing.

Lisbet said

Cool, I’ll add you as a friend- add me and I’ll msg you! :)

Also, everyone, massively updated my list.

I don’t have 52teas but if you’re interested in anything from my cupboard, I’d love some strawberry pie and lemon lime cheesecake.

Itsyknits said

I have cinnamonroll honeybush.. I wouldnt mind swapping for some date nut muffin

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I’m not sure if this has ever been done on steepster, but has there ever been a box of tea swap, where someone starts a box full of different teas that they want to trade, they send it to the next person on the list, that person takes out any tea they want out, replace it with an equal amount of tea they want to swap, and send it to the next person on the list and so on, until it gets back to the original person who has a bunch of new tea to drink? It can be loose leaf and individually wrapped teas… Just as long as the tea is well wrapped and labeled, it should work and everyone gets to try new teas.
Has this been done before or does someone want to start it? I don’t have enough teas to start an entire box, but I’ll join it…

Muppetlove, There is something called “The Traveling Teabox” which has already gone through a circulation. I think The Traveling Teabox #2 has already been established and that it might still be traveling. Here is a link to the second thread (it’s closed to new posts) and to the first.. you should be able to find any information there.



ah, okay. I knew I wasn’t the only person with that idea! I hope I don’t miss a third round if there is one, because I don’t think I can join either of those two…

I asked Jason about the second box and he said it never was started and he didn’t hear of another one. Maybe someone would like to get another one started? I don’t have enough teas to start one (just add some when the box gets to me.) If someone starts a box, I’ll join!!

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David’s Buttered Rum
David’s Goji Pop

I’ve got a whole lot of these left. I will never drink them. There’s about 3 or so ounces of each, so if you want the entire rest of it I’m fine with sending it.

I’ll swap for most any non-flavored and non-tisane tea in any amount… I just always like to try new things.

Alana237 said

If you don’t mind shipping to the UK, I would love them. Take a look in my cupboard if you are interested.

LefTea said

I’d love to try the Buttered Rum. I think there are still a few unflavored ones left on my list, but it’s possible they’ve all been taken.

LefTea, are you still interested in the Buttered Rum?

LefTea said

Yes, it sounds fantastic!

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