Old Swap Thread!

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Alana237, I don’t mind shipping to the UK. How about I give you the Goji Pop and the Buttered Rum to LefTea since you both spoke an interest?

I also have Forever Nuts and Cabernet Sauvignon from David’s if you’d like me to include either of them.

Could I get from you a sampling of your Tie Guan Ying (Iron Buddha),Liu An Guan Pian (Finest Anhui Guapian) or Pu Erh Toucha (EC11)? Whatever you want to trade.

LefTea, I’m not seeing anything in your cupboard right now that I’m interested in, but you can still have the Buttered Rum.

I’d love to take Forever Nuts off your hands if you have some leftover!

Sure, Forever Nuts your way!

Oh, and I started following you all so we can talk there.

Alana237 said

That’s great! PMing you now.

LefTea said

That’s so nice of you. You sure there’s nothing you want? I do have an english breakfast and a lemon green I believe on my list on the previous page.

I’ll try the lemon green if you still have it, sure. I’m not usually big on flavored, but that sounds like it could win!

LefTea said

No problem. PM me with your info and I’ll get it sent out.

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Oh, and forgot to ask: are you guys looking for samples or the full bag of each? Because, given my preferences, I’d love to ship the whole bag out lol.

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What I have to trade…

Ginger Peach-The Tao of Tea
Makaibari first flush Darjeeling-Silver Tips Tea
DavidsTea-The Cardio
DavidsTea-Goji Pop

I’m open to a lot of different teas plus any teas on my shopping list.

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HI, i’m kind of new here but I would really like to try new tea , any kind of tea.

I usually prefer flavored tea or herbal tea but i’m willing to trade anything ;)

If there’s some tea in mu cupboard that you would like to try , send me a message.

And if you like the Bravissimo from DT (Unfortunately, I really hate it..:S) I would be really happy to trade some sample or even the whole bag.

Hi! I’m interested in the Toasted Walnut from David’s Tea. Let me know if you see anything of interest in my cupboard. :)

Itsyknits said

any chance of swapping any of these??

Jumpy Monkey
Cinnamon Roll Honeybush
Creme Brulee
Pumpkin Pie Flavored Black

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Hey all, I’d love to try some honeybush from 52teas. I’ve been trying to get into tea alternatives but haven’t really had a rooibus I liked. 52teas seems to have the biggest following and best ratings so I’m going for the best to lose my honeybush virginity. I’m especially interested in Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush, Strawberry Pie Honeybush, and Pina Colada Honeybush.

In exchange, anything in my cupboard is up for auction. :) I’m especially trying to get rid of my black teas since I can’t drink black anymore and my husband just doesn’t drink tea at all.

DaisyChubb said

I’ll def hook you up with some pina coloda honeybush in our swap! I have tons haha

I would gladly take any black teas that you are willing to part with. I have a few Oolongs that I could trade with you. Including Dr.Teas coffee tea and Obama’s Oolong. I also have a lemonbushomile from 52 Teas. Let me know.

Batrachoid said

I’d love to trade yoy some honeybush or other things, especially for snow dragon or Japanese tea. PM me for defails?

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Jhentea said

Hi friends, you can try oolong high mountin tea, from Taiwan, I guarantee you a real quality of a tea :)

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Chef8489 said

I would like to try some pu-erh teas. I have a lot of tea samples I could trade.

I have a few to choose from. Dr. Tea’s Imperial Pu-Erh, Adagio Yunnan Golden Pu-Erh(enough for a few cups) Golden Dragon Pu-Erh(not overly expensive but good), quite a few Foojoy bagged, and I have a ten year old tea brick that I purchased online that is quite good. Let me know.

Chef8489 said

I befriended you so we can chat.

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I have some Adagio Earl Grey Bravo and Gunpowder that I’d be happy to swap. I also have a sample size (almost 0.4 oz) of Adagio’s Dongshan Dolce that I made one cup of, but decided it wasn’t for me.

I’m open to almost anything except flavored and pu-erh teas.

I’d swap for some of the Earl Grey Bravo. Take a look at my cupboard. I’m willing to send some of anything I have.

I’d love to try the Harney & Sons Paris or Red Leaf Tea’s Golden Nepal or Golden Wheat Head. I don’t know what you have the most of or how much you’d like to trade. Send me a PM and we can hash out the details. Thanks!

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Does anyone have a sample of Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha from 52teas?

This is what I have t trade:

Ginger Peach-The Tao of Tea
Makaibari first flush Darjeeling-Silver Tips Tea
DavidsTea-The Cardio
DavidsTea-Goji Pop

Jillian said

I’d be willing to trade some of my Marshmallow Treat for these tea if you don’t mind shipping to Canada. I can also throw in anything from my Cupboard that catches your eye.

Perfect. I would not mind shipping to Canada at all.
These are the teas that I am interested in along with the Marshmallow Treat:

Chocolate Chili Chai
Almond Cookie
Butter Pecan Black Tea

Let me know which ones I can taste.

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Angrboda said

Free to a good home!

One 250g tin of Kusmi’s Cinnamon flavoured black tea.

It was a mis-purchase. I was trying to buy the Caramel, but the thing about Caramel is it’s in a brown tin. And the thing about Cinnamon is it’s in a brown tin. And they are right next to each other on the shelf. It also had the French side pointing out towards the customer and all I saw when taking the tin was the ‘Ca-’ and my brain filled in the rest.

I discovered this only after I had got home. My boyfriend seems somewhat interested in trying it, but as I absolutely do not like cinnamon flavoured tea and I make 95% of all tea in this household, even if he loves it I find it unlikely that we’ll ever get through 250g of the stuff.

I have no problems sending it across the Atlantic, and I can also divide it up into several portions if more people are interested.

Tamm said

This sounds soooo good! I’d be really interested in this.

Angrboda said

Sold! I have followed you so we can PM one another, and I saw you already did so as well, which is awesome. :)

I’ll see if the boyfriend is still interested, and if he is, I’ll take a small amount out for him and send the rest to you. If he isn’t, I’ll send you the sealed tin.

It’ll take me a couple of days to get it together, I think I’ll need to purchase a box to ship it in. None of the ones I’ve got are quite large enough, I think.

If you would send me your address, I’ll get it done ASAP. :)

Tamm said

Awesome! :) I’ll pm you now!

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