Old Swap Thread!

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darby select said

New updated list!

Sare said

i would love to try …
Pumpkin Cream Tea (3oz) – Culinary Teas
Sweet Potato Pie black tea (3oz) – Adagio Teas
Raspberry Green tea (3oz) – Adagio Teas

Let me know if there is anything in my Cupboard you would like to try!!!

darby select said

Sounds good! Follow me back.

Okay…so I think I might have a few things you’d be interested in but I’ve never done a swap before and I’m not really sure how they work. Follow me so I can ask you a few questions? =)

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In the UK and looking for:

Matcha (particularly flavoured)
Dessert tea’s of any kind (cheesecake, cookies and cream, birthday cake etc)

I have not got around to trying any matcha yet but I keep reading reviews and I like what I see. In return I offer just about anything from my shelf so take a look and see if I have anything you are interested in. I’m willing to exchange worldwide and since I am in the UK if you wanted to try English tea (such as PG Tips or UK Twinings) then I am happy to buy them for the exchange. :)

darby select said

Do you have any mariage freres?

Hi there, sorry no I don’t have any Mariage Freres tea.

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Here is an updated list. I am doing a sip down this week to get through what I haven’t tried so you can expect more to be up by the end of the week

Mate Citrus Buzz 41g/1.5oz-Teaopia in tin
Carribean Breeze 25g/0.8oz-Zentea
Hawaiian Colada 32g/1.1oz-Zentea
Raspberry Nectar 33g/1.2oz-DAVIDsTEA
Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #1 19g/0.6oz-Metropolitan Tea Co.
Florida orange Rooibos 88g/3oz-Metropolitan Tea Co.
Formosa Gunpowder Green 35g/1.2oz-Metropolitan Tea Co.
French 75 16g/0.5oz
Dulce & Banana 25g/0.9oz-DAVIDsTEA
Chocolate Mint Rooibos 55g/2oz-Metropolitan Tea Co.
White Blackberries 16g/0.5oz-I think this is from Ovation Teas
Lavender Butterfly Green 25g/1oz-Metropolitan Tea Co.
Karamell Rooibos 49g/1.8oz-from Germany
Organic Assam 25g/1oz-Metropolitan Tea Co.
Blazing Strawberry 16g/0.5oz-DAVIDsTEA
Brazillionaire 30g/1.1oz DAVIDsTEA-
Salted Caramel 16g/0.5oDAVIDsTEA
Chocolate Mint 0.5oz/16g-Teaopia
Chocolate Black 0.8oz/24g-Adagio
Chaud Les Marrons 1.2oz/33g-Lupicia
Chocolate Monkey 0.8oz0/22g- World Tea House

I would be interested in Lupicia’s Chaud Les Marrons.

Here is what I have for swap at the moment:
-DAVIDsTEA, Swampwater
-DAVIDsTEA, Creme Brulee
-The Tea Spot, Red Hot Chai
-Tsaa Tea Shop, Sweet Temptation
-Red Leaf Tea, Cheesecake Red Matcha (strongest flavor strength)
-Teavivre, Premium Grade Dragon Well Green Tea
-Chicago Tea Garden, Sticky Rice Puerh Tuocha
-Bird Pick, Silky Green

Let me know if you see anything you like!

Alphakitty said

I am interested in Brazillionaire and Salted Caramel, take a look through my cupboard and let me know if you’d like to swap!

Hi QueenofTarts

Unfortunetly most on that list is rooibos, of which I am not a fan & I’m also not a fan of unflavoured teas.

Finn88 said

The Hawaiaan Colada sounds awesome, as does the Raspberry Nectar. I don’t have many but if youre interested message me. I have a little less than 2 ounces of Jumpy Monkey by DavidsTea and OhCanada by Davids Tea. I also have an unopened Cherry Cola by Davids Tea.

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I’m pretty new to Steepster and have never swapped anything before. I’d love to try it out, though, and have a few excellent teas that I’m not so into anymore. I’d be interested in trading these ‘serious’ teas for something more fun – perhaps something from Tea52 or something else flavored.

Dragonwell early harvest by Halcyon Tea
Ancient Tree Shou 1995 (Pu-Erh) by Halcyon Tea
1997 Imperial Shou Pu-Erh by Halcyon Tea

Let me know if you might be interested in anything!

Following you :) PM me

I had overlooked my message from you, i hope i didn’t miss out on those Puerhs :) sorry took me so long

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KallieBoo! said

Would anyone be interested in a random sample swap?

Sare said

I would be~

Me too!

KallieBoo! said

PM’d you both :]

Finn88 said

Me too!

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momo said

updated on newer page

jerra said

I would be interested in the Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra. Let me know if there is anything in my cupboard that you would like!

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Azzrian said

I would not mind trying these:
Simpson & Vail Chocolate Cinnamon Brownie
TeaGschwendner Raspberry Chocolate black tea
I have yet to try a tea from either place so I would like to.
Let me know what you may be interested in!

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MegWesley said

There are two teas in my cupboard that I can’t drink and I would really like to find somebody that enjoys them because they are good teas.

Teavivre Taiwan Ginseng Oolong (gives me numb tongue)
Teavivre Lapsang Souchong

I would love to try almost any tea from David’s Teas, 52teas, Verdant Tea, or some matcha of any sort. I like chocolate, roses, yunnan, and earl grey.

I would be interested in the Taiwan Ginseng Oolong. Take a look in my cupboard and see if there’s anything that catches your interest.

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KallieBoo! said

If anyone would like to do a random sample swap let me know! :]

I would. I have about enough left of Copper Knot Hongcha (Teavana) black tea for a 20oz pot.

KallieBoo! said

I’ll PM you :]

PM me! I’m interested.

Jes select said

I’m interested too!

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Here are some teas I’m looking to swap out. I think I have some pretty good teas on here!

Rachel has first pick because we made a deal on one of my tasting notes. [ALL REMAINING TEAS ARE UP FOR GRABS]

Monk’s Blend — English Tea Store
Caramel Cheesecake Black Tea — 52Teas
Angels Dream — English Tea Store

Babble said

LOL, when you said “Rachel” has first pick, it sounds like you were talking in 3rd person.

I’m definitely interested in the Rootbeer Black and the Teavivre green. I’m going to shoot you PM.

tperez said

I’m interested in the bailin gongfu if you see something in my cupboard you’d like. I also have a Yunnan gold and white pu’erh buds coming in a day or two from yunnan sourcing :)

Azzrian said

I would like the maple sugar – PM me please – I have followed you. :)

Sare said

do you have any pancake breakfast?

Faith said

I’d be interested in some Wild Watermelon if still available.

Hi, Faith, it’s still available. I have “followed” you so you can message me. You have a lot of very nice teas. I’d love to know your trade list.

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