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Ellyn select said

Does anyone have any interest in these teas for a swap:

Sweet Green Roast Green Tea (Dark) – Mauna Kea Tea (GONE)
Citrus Mint – Tea Forte (GONE)
CocoCaramel Seal Salt – Teavana (GONE)
Sending tea dreams,


UPDATED: All three are gone! THANK YOU!

darby select said

Hi Ellyn! I’m interested in the CocoCaramel. I’ll follow you – if you want to check out my list on the previous page and see if anything interests you.

Ellyn select said

Just followed you and sent you a PM.

Itachi said

Hey, I’m interested in the Sweet Green Roast! I’m willing to trade just about anything in my cupboard, assuming I have more than just a little, so feel free to peek at that.

Ellyn select said


I just sent you a PM!


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I got really excited to try maté but unfortunately, I’m not a fan:( With that said, I have the following 3 teas up for trade, the bags are missing maybe 3 or 4 teaspoons worth since I only tried each tea twice:
- Chocolate Rocket(David’s Tea, 25g)
- Coco Canela (David’s Tea, 25g)
- Raspberry Riot Lemon Maté (Teavana, 50g)

I’m most interested in trading for Red Leaf Tea flavored Matcha or anything from 52 Teas!

darby select said

Sending you a message – I have Matcha!

Jude said

Hi RM, following you, interested if you still have the 2 David’s teas, just pm me :)

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I also really want Southern Belle by David’s TEa!

I have a little bit of this left – and it’s handy! Drop me a PM :)

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I’m really not feeling the Gooey Butter Cake tea I ordered from 52teas. Anyone interested in trading with me? It’s a 1.75 oz bag and there’s probably like, 2 teaspoons out of it.

Ooh, I actually want to try this one. I have a few flavored black teas that I would be willing to trade. Pm me?

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Please someone take this off my hands:

I have about 90g (3 oz) of Mariage Frères’ Marco Polo (black base version) tea. Here it is on Steepster: http://steepster.com/teas/mariage-freres/1330-marco-polo . It’s a FRUITY TEA (I’m using capital letters because that’s why I’m swapping it, I’m not into fruit)

I’ll happily exchange this for the same amount of flavoured black that’s nutty and/or spicy or a good quality rose. Or anything pumpkin where the pumpkin really comes through. I’m in France.


darby select said

I have the following black teas if you’re interested.
Vanilla black tea (2oz) – Adagio Teas
Almond black tea (1.5oz) – Adagio Teas
Chocolate black tea (2.5oz) – Adagio Teas
Caramel black tea (3oz) – Adagio Teas
Chocolate Chai black tea (1oz) – Adagio Teas

It’s gone! :D

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I’m also looking to swap samples of almost anything in my cupboard for teas from 52 Teas!

Follow me so I can message you :)

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Ellyn select said

I have quite a bit of of my favorites – Kusmi Violet tea. Does anyone have any other Kusmi tea they would like to swap for this Kusmi tea? I would love to send a sample size (3-4 cups) in exchange.

momo said

Oh I would love to try that one! I have Troika, St. Petersburg, Prince Vladimir, Anastasia, and Bouquet of Flowers from the Russian sampler set!

Ellyn select said

I would love to try the st. petersburg. I have pm’d you!

Anyone else have any Kusmi tea they would like to share?

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Message deleted by author.
Babble said

I’m interested in the dragonwell. How much is left?

Jude said

I’d love your Sticky Rice Puerh, please (excited).

I am interested in the Swampwater and the Cheesecake Matcha.

I am definitely interested in the Silky Green from Bird Pick.

Updated list!~

Meg said

Do you have any of the Macaron Cassis Violette left? I’m in Canada but we might be able to work something out!

I’m interested in 2,3,8,12. Do you still have some left? (I’d prefer at least 6g or 2 tsp)

I have
1) Lupicia teas.
- Sweet Aueumn: Sweet potato, chestnut, pumpkin flavored rooibos
- Champagne Rose: strawberry flavored black
- Muscat oolong and black: grape flavored
- Momo oolong super grade: peach flavored
- Chesnut: Chestnut flavored green

2) Mariage Freres
- Rose d’Himalaya : Darjeeling Arya estate (hint of rose)
- Marco Polo

3) Dilma
- Pineapple
- Apple

4) Mlesna
- Icewine

5) Verdant Tea
- Yunnan wild picked Jin Jun Mei

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I’ve been trying different loose leaf teas for a few months now. I have some samples that I didn’t love and didn’t use much of that I would love to exchange. I’m in Texas.

I have two from Adagio Teas: honeybush and huang jin bolero (oolong).
I also have three from Arbor Teas: wu yi (oolong), dragonwell lung ching (green), and genmaicha (green with toasted rice, no popcorn).

I found that I like: blacks, whites, whites w/fruit, greens w/fruit, and different types of rooibos.

Babble said

I’m interested in the dragonwell. How much do you have of it?

It looks like 8-10 tsp.

Babble said

Okay, cool. Take a peak in my cupboard and see if anything interests you :)

You have quite a cupboard! The strawberry zabaglione, cha yen thai, and strawberry pie honeybush peaked my interest!

Babble said

Sounds good. Follow me so we can private message :)

tperez said

I’d like to swap for the wu yi oolong if you see anything in my cupboard you’d like to try, how much do you have of it?

I have 3 TBSP of the oolong. I do a tea or two in your cupboard that I think I would enjoy. Message me if you’re interested.

tperez said

Ok, follow me so I can message you :)

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I have a few samples I’m trying to get rid of- just not my thing. Anyone want to swap?

-Chado Earl Grey Lavender(one ounce)
-Chado Exotique(a spin on Earl Grey, almost 2 ounces)

ETA: I also have several packets of World Market Chocolate Roasted Mate, a full box minus 2 bags of Stash Chai(black tea) and a full box of Stash Chai Green if anyone is interested.

teataku said

I would be interested in the Wedding Chai and also possibly the Russian Caravan (pretty sure the hubby will like that one if I don’t). Feel free to look through my stash! I keep it updated pretty regularly, so I definitely still have every one that’s in there.

PM me! I’d love trade with you! I’m looking at the Celestial Seasonings in your stash- candy cane lane and sugar plum, and maaaaaybe some of the Pumpkin Spice by Bigelow. I can’t get any of these near me.

yssah said

do you still have some teas to swap? following you :)

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