Old Swap Thread!

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Anyone HAVE any of California Tea House’s PISTACHIO GELATO to swap? I’d love some but their site only sells FOUR ounces right now. That’s too much for me.. especially since I don’t even drink my favorite teas very often. Let me know!

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Chuckieroy said

would love to do some swamps, look in my cupboard and message me if you wanna swap some stuff :)

Babble said

Are you an alligator? (I kid, I kid..)

Chuckieroy said


Babble said

You said you would love to do some SWAMPS :-p

Chuckieroy said

hahahahahaha whoops!

I have mostly bagged tea, but some loose (and some of that is not listed in my cupboard) there are 3 in yours that have me curious…

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ToiToi select said

I have some Dilmah, Zhena’s gypsy tea, Harney&sons, Numi, Mariage, Whittard, Lupicia tea to swap. (I couldn’t find some so it’s not all listed in my cupboard; some I might have ran out but forgot to remove from my cupboard)
I can probably do up to 10g each flavor (should be 3-4 cups) or 3~4 tea bags.

TWG or pennisula, Kusmi, upton are ones I want to try.
Ronnefeldt is another brand I wanna try.
Or if you have other flavors from above tea brand that is fine too.

Feel free to pm me!

cteresa said

I am in Europe, if you are Ok sending to Europe I am probably interested in a couple of the Mariage ones – Framboise maybe and Phenix? I got a couple Kusmi ones – St Petersburg and Kashmiri Tchai (or however they spelled it!). I am going to do a follow, but I think you will have to follow me back for me to be able to send you a PM.

I am interested in swapping with you! Please follow me so I can send you a message. :) THANKS!

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Does anyone like Stash tea bags? I have 7 boxes and I’ve tried one bag from each box but didn’t like any of them:(! If anyone is interested let me know!

I do, depending on what kinds. I love the green chai, but hate the black. Also love lemon ginger, and a few others. What do you have?

I’ll double check them tomorrow( they’re at work)! :)

I have : White Christmas, Christmas morning Blend, Christmas Eve, Pumpkin Spice,Holiday Chai, a pomegranate rooibos blend and one other box( I forgot to write down the name!)

I’m very interested in the White Christmas, and Christmas Eve. take a look in my cupboard, and see if you are interested in any of what I have.

I open to trying anything from your cupboard! Surprises are always fun:) You’re welcome to all of the Stash teas I have if you want them. I followed you- shoot me a msg!:)

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I have several teas up for swap

Teavana Acai Matetini (up to 4 oz)
Adagio Earl Grey moonlight (up to 2 oz)
Adagio Masala Chai (up to 2 oz)
David’s Tea Goji Pop (2 25 g bags)
Mighty Leaf Calming Moon (up to 2 oz)
Upton Tea Season’s Pick Earl Grey Cream Vanilla (up to 2 oz)

I’m looking to try some new darjeelings and milk oolongs if you have either of those. If not, I’d still love to peek at your wishlist!

ToiToi select said

Im interested in swapping – unfortunately i do not have new darjeelings or milky oolong (only darjeeling I have is whittard and something I bought locally) Let me know if you see anything you like from my cupboard. I am interested in mighty leaf ti kuan yin

ToiToi – your cupboard is full of stuff I’d love to try! I’m interested in any combination of Momo Oolong, Cookie, Milk Caramel, Wedding Imperial, and Paris. I’m following you so we can work out details!

I’m up for a swap, but do not have much in regards to what you mention.

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I am looking for “Wintergreen Woods” from DAVIDsTEA.
I am willing to pay for the amount you have left & for the shipping. Or will to send somthing in exchange. I have a ton of stuff to swap out, but don’t want to post till the new year.

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momo said

more more more

- 12 sachets Tea Forte Blueberry Merlot herbal tisane
- ~1 oz Nature’s Tea Leaf Nature’s Bloom Puerh Tea
- about enough tea for 2 cups of Mark T. Wendell MTW Formosa Keemun (more like a Formosa Oolong)
- 1 3/4 oz (52g) Teavana Maharaja Chai Oolong/Samurai Chai Mate
- sample size minus 1 tsp of Adagio Peach Black
- sample size of Caraway Tea Company Berried Treasure (black currant black tea)
- 1/2 oz Della Terra Teas Apples & Herbs

I’m in the US and I’ll ship anywhere, and would be glad to swap other samples too because yay new teas!

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I have a little less than 2oz of 52teas Banana Cheesecake Genmaicha that I just don’t love that I want to swap. I’m interested mostly in dessert teas, i’ve never tried anything from Davids.

Sorry everyone, this has been claimed. (12/10/12)

Chuckieroy said

I’d love to try that! Look in my cupboard and let me know if we can set up a trade :-)

Babble said

Ooh ohh!! I really wanna try some too. I don’t need all full 2 oz, though. Check my cupboard as well :)

Rachel you have a lot that I’m dying to try! PM me and if there’s anything else in my cupboard you want to try let me know

ToiToi select said

I am interested in swapping. Let me know if you see anything in my cupboard :)

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steelhead said

Lapsang Souchong – Zhengshan Xiaozhong Black Tea (100g)

I have a 100g minus about 1 tsp. I had a bold idea that I was going to keep trying this tea until it “grew on me”. Not going to happen. This recently came from the Puer shop in Indy. If anyone wants it or wants to swap, pls let me know.

take a look at what I have in my stash. I am interested in trying a Lapsang Souchong.

tperez said

I’d like to trade for some if you have any left

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Crocuta said

A friend of mine brought me back some black loose leaf from Russia with what I believe is rosemary in it. It’s savory and very… interesting but I’m afraid it’s not my thing at all. I wish I could give more information about it, but I can’t read Russian. There should be enough for 3-5 more cups depending on how strong you like your tea.

I would love to try Republic of Tea’s Sea Buckthorn or Black Currant Cardamom, or anything from 52 Teas. Any Earl Grey Creme would be nice, too. Or you can just reply with what you’ve got and we’ll see. :)

do you still have the black/rosemary tea? I don’t have either of the teas you are requesting, but I am curious about the tea you offer. check my cupboard, if you like anything, let me know.

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