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Melanie said

Hi! I have some teas I’d like to trade! I would like to only ship to US since I am pretty housebound and it’s hard for me to get out to the post office. Sorry to my international friends.

I would be most interested in black teas – both unflavored and flavored. I love ceylons and assams as well as black blends. I also blacks with tropical fruit flavors (mango, passion lychee coconut etc). I also like tropical or coconut greens and whites. Let me know if you’re interested in trading for any or all of these!

I have:
15 (teabags) Strawberry Chocolate (rooibos) – Republic of Tea

(all the rest is taken)


lcg842 said

Hi Melanie,
I would love to take your teas:
Pink Lady Apple
Azteca Fire

Look in my cupboard for anything you would like to trade.
And follow/PM me! :)

I am interested in: Smooth Jasmine Green.
I have some fruity greens,(and florals, plain) and some ceylon (if you don’t mind bagged, though it comes in loose for when to restock)

check my cupboard, it is up to date, give or take some trade stock, including a loose ceylon

Maria said

Hi Melanie, I would be interested in:

Yumberry oolong
The gingerbread man
Pom Magical and
Winter Nog

I have several black teas in my cupboard that I would love to trade for these. If you’d like take a look at my cupboard and see if there is anything that you might like. Ill follow you in the meantime.

Chuckieroy said

I’d be interested in the yum berry wulong :-)

I’m interested in the Winter Nog. I have some bags of mango ceylon from Republic of Tea.

Melanie said

I’m following you all and sending messages! Kasumi no Chajin – follow me so I can message you! :-)


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yssah said

Yay! My friend surprised me by sending a box of teas from Market Spice today ^^

Earl Grey Sencha
Caramel Rose Redbush
Ginger Lemon (Honeybush)

Green Mango
Market Chai
Princess Grey
Creamy Earl Grey
Seattle Surprise

I prefer to trade just a few cups worth of each tho. you can check my cupboard too :)

I would like to try Earl Grey from different companies. I also enjoy black (but not breakfast ones), fruit/herbal tisanes and rooibos more than green tea with the exception of Jasmine. Also interested in the unflavored teas, matcha, and pu-erh :)

Wanna try teas from Davids, Lucipia, Verdant, etc. coz I’m really new to it all but other companies are fine too :)

Melanie said

How sweet of your friend! I would LOVE to try 4 tsp of the Green Mango!! (I love to make iced tea with tropical fruit green teas – I need 4 tsp for a pitcher) I have lots of varieties of teas that I could trade 4 tsp. My cupboard is not up to date though. I’ll msg you and see what you might be interested in!

yssah said

Yes, I was really surprised with the early birthday present :) Happy to swap with you Melanie :)

What is in the Seattle surprise? :)

I have a Lupicia store in my cupboard lol! I am obsessed with trying every Earl grey I can get my paws on so feel free to see if I have anything in my cupboard you’d want.

yssah said

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Tea republic loose leaf Jasmine Jazz, and Moroccan Mint, both claimed.

yssah said

Jasmine Jazz!

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Babble said

I have way too much matcha and would love to swap. Thought I would post this before the rates go up.

All matcha comes in the original foil bag. All are robust flavoring and standard green matcha unless otherwise specified:

Ginger Ale
Cheesecake (White base – highest flavor level
Caramel (Black Base – highest flavor level)
Bavarian Cream

I’m open to trading for anything, although I’m particularly interested in Butiki teas, and David’s Tea. :)

Chuckieroy said

Interested in Bavarian cream and tropical check out my stash :-)

Hey There, I Am IntereSted In Several Of These. Follow Me And Have A Look In My Cupboard And We Can Talk :-)

If your willing to ship to the UK I am interested in:
1 – Amaretto
2 – Rum

I have some Butiki and David’s Teas in my cupboard. Have a browse :)

ToiToi select said

I’m interested in cheesecake, pistachio and tiramisu. Let me know if you see anything in my cupboard~

Babble said

I love how everyone ended their request with a smiley face.. except ToiToi who broke the chain ;)

ToiToi – add me so we can PM :)

In the process of contacting everyone else.

Crocuta said

If there’s any of anything left, I’d love to swap!

I would be interested in the caramel and ginger ale. Check out my cupboard and see if anything interest you.

I’m interested in any of them, Rachel, let me know if I have anything you might like. I have the chocolate bananas foster from Teavana that your boyfriend may like!

If you have any left to swap I’d love to try them! Let me know if there’s anything in my cupboard that you would like. I also have a David’s Tea store nearby and could easily pick something up for you.

Sare said

do you have any left for me ??:(

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I have a sealed sample pack of unknown quantity (1oz or so, it looks like) of Jasmine Blossom Green Tea from Nature’s Tea Leaf. As I like neither jasmine nor green tea, I’ll pass it along to a Steepsterite who will appreciate it much more than I will. Looking for a nice unflavoured black or a non-rooibos floral herbal to trade for.

I have 2 bags (one each) of teaopsy’s Spring Sonata, and Summer symphony. also a Lapsang let me know if interested. they are flowering herbal blends

Sorry, not looking for ‘flowering’ because I don’t have the setup for a flowering blend. Just floral as in herbal and not especially fruity.

no prob. my partner has irish breakfast loose leaf, but that is close to the extent of blacks (beyond the LS noted above)

Not a big fan of smokey blacks, so I’m still looking for someone to trade with for this.

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I have a Chai tea “India spice” from Celestial seasonings
that needs a new home. ASAP.
I dont like it. I only used one tea bag so there are 19 left.
send PM. I am willing to swap or at least re-home this tea.

Not wanting to swap but before I delved into the loose leaf, I always thought Celestian Seasonings put out some good teas. Now I know its just fannings. Shame Shame.

yssah said

rehome? following you.

Rehome= means to give it away.

yssah said

i’ll take it :)

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Relmaster said
Message deleted by author.
lcg842 said

Hi, I would love the Teavana Moroccan Mint and Citrus Lavender Sage. Look in my cupboard to see if there is anything you would like to trade for. :)
And Follow/PM me too! :)

Citrus Lavender Sage and Tulsi Dosha Chai both sound interesting, I have a few oolongs in my possession. Check out my cupboard!

edit: I also have a bit of a chocolate strawberry Pu-erh left. If you see more than one that you like, I’ll give you some of each (i’ll try to match the amounts youre giving as best as possible).

I am interested in both chais, I’d prefer the mate. I have some green tea I’d be willing to trade.

yssah said

following you for sakura allure/citrus lavender :)

lcg842 said

Following you for Moroccan Mint :)

Relmaster said

Does anyone have any shu or sheng Pu-erh’s that they would like to trade? I would love to trade it all in one big trade?!

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NofarS said

I have a 50g bag (minus two teaspoons) of Le Palais de The Toffee black tea that I would like to trade for an unlafoured black or oolong tea. I will throw in a sample pack of Jasmine Green Tea from LPdT as well.
I don’t like flavoured teas (I bought this one since I thought I ought to give LPdT flavoured teas a go), so I have no use for this tea.

I have a fair bit of unflavoured black loose tea from Miles that I would be happy to trade, the link is below. :) Also just an FYI I am in UK.


NofarS said

I would love to swap. I live in Israel. If that’s OK with you then please follow me so that I can PM you.

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I’m looking to try Laoshan Black from Verdant, Paris from Harney and Sons, and mostly any dessert tea from Davids. If you’re up for a swap check my cupboard and let me know! Thank you!

I have plenty of Paris and would be happy to send you some.

I have a couple dessert teas from David’s Tea and would love to try out some of your Della Terra teas. Let me know if you would like to swap!

Yes please!! I’m following you, message me!

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Karys said

Reaaaallly want to try some flavoured matchas, but wary to go in for a full order of something yet.

Up for swap:
Cocoa Canella – Davidstea (1-3 cups worth left)
Mango Mate Purerh Punch – Teavana (up to 50g)
Golden Jade – Teavana (up to 50g)
Slimful chocolate decadence (40-50g)
rasberry mint – teavana (50g)
Golden Needle – teavana (25g)
tropical nut paradise (10-20g)
genmaicha – teavana (25g)

Look @ Rachel’s post on the previous page, she has tons of matcha that she is getting rid of.

Batrachoid said

Golden Jade-Teavana
Golden Needle
Sample of Mango Mate Pu’erh
I have Blueberry Kiwi Green (Up to 125g. It’s good but I got 2lbs and I’m getting sick of it), Assam from Harvey and Sons (~20g), Marigold Tulsi from Tao of Tea (~30g),Dark Roast Oolong from The Tea Spot(~70) and 25g Hyssop Black from a local market.

lcg842 said

Hi Karys,

I’m following you for some of your teas. I see you have some Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls (Teavana), and I would love some more if you have any you can spare! :) :) :)
Feel free to look in my cupboard for anything you would like to swap!

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