Old Swap Thread!

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Nope, just kidding! It’s gone! Thanks to lcg842

lcg842 said

Hi IrishBreakfastLass,
Yes, I would LOVE to take the Tazo Wild Sweet Orange off your hands! Follow me and send me a PM so we can set up the swap! Take a look at my cupboard for anything you are interested in swapping with me! :)

lcg842 said

I am sending out your package tomorrow. Sorry for the delay! Looking forward to receiving the tea :)

Oh, no biggie! I just thought(with the mysterious disappearing message- I swear I saw it and then it was gone!) that you had changed your mind! lol

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Ottawa Tea said

Hi all, I am looking for Banana flavoured black teas. I have to swap:

52 teas (varying amounts .5 to 1.5 oz)
Apple Vanilla White Chair
Milk and Cookies
Cashew Turtle
Sweet Merlot
Pina Colada Honeybush
Strawberry Shortcake Honeybush
Peach Fuzz Chai

Cha Yi
Ancient Moonlight White 2 oz

Kittenna said

I have 52teas’ banana foster to swap that I’m not fond of? And am interested in cashew turtle, and samples of milk and cookies, apple vanilla white chai, and strawberry shortcake honeybush.

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KallieBoo! said

Would anyone be interested in doing a random sample swap?

Alphakitty said

I definitely would!

Sure, will give me an excuse to try something new.

ToiToi select said

I would be up for it :)

I’m up for it. Follow/message me. Always in the mood to try more tea.

KallieBoo! said

ToiToi and Larial follow me so I can message you!

lcg842 said

Hi KallieBoo!
What kind of random sample swap? Do you still have anything to swap? :)

Ellyn select said

Yes! MSG me if you still have samples!

Does anyone else want to do a swap?

KallieBoo! said

Icg842 following me so I can message you!

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Alphakitty said

I have one ounce minus a teaspoon of Nature’s Tea Leaf Peppermint Three Root Blend that I’d like to swap. It’s a tasty blend but unfortunately I am allergic to one of the ingredients!

Ottawa Tea said

Interested! Any of my 52 teas above appeal?

Alphakitty said

I am interested in Cashew Turtle! Shoot me a PM if you’d like to swap ^^

nwolf93 said

dont you just hate finding out you’re allergic to a yummy tea! I love chai tea but I’m allergic to cloves it’s pretty hard to find clove free chai but I will buy loose leaf ones and pick out the cloves if they use whole ones haha.

Alphakitty said

Yeah, it was definitely a bummer! At least I know to stay away from that ingredient now, so I suppose it was a learning experience haha

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I have a lot of Boulder Breakfast tea from The Tea Spot if anyone wants some. I rarely have it anymore and I don’t want it to go to waste.

I would love to swap with you. I enjoyed the sample of Boulder Breakfast that I had before.

I’d love to try it as well. Take a look in my cupboard and see if you’d like anything there.

Sent you a pm DJ.
Irishbreakfastlass I started following you follow me back so we can pm.

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ne14t said

Looking to do a larger quantity swap on a couple DAVIDsTEA blends that I have.

Vanilla Orchid ~ Approx 30g
Ceylon Star ~ Approx 65g
Gold Rush ~ Approx 90g

Let me know what you have to swap, really enjoying stuff from 52teas, della terra, red leaf flavored matcha. I am pretty much open to anything as long as we can work out equal quantities. I can also ship these three teas in DAVIDsTEA tea tins if desired.

Have mounds of della terra if you’re interested in trades for the vanilla orchid. followed you

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Does anyone have Della Terra Candy Cane to swap? Or any of Della Terra’s other discontinued/seasonals? I have a large quantity of Della Terra to swap.

I have some Candy Cane and would be happy to swap.

I have some candy cane I’d be glad to swap too

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darby select said


I need some Republic Tea Comfort and Joy in the tin. My grandma fell in love with the sample I gave her. I went to get a tin but World Market was all out. Doesn’t matter if a few bags have been taken from the tin – just looking for it to be mostly full. I didn’t pick this one up and I’m not sure why! LOL

Will swap anything in my cupboard.


Have you tried their website? Sometimes they have things available that are no longer in stores.

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barbaraann said

I’m looking for DAVIDsTEA Ice Cream Cake and/or Southern Belle. If you have either of those and are willing to trade/sell them please let me know!

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Looking for loose Earl Grey tea that must be black tea based. I also enjoy spin off blends such as Saveur de Paris – Della Terra.

I’m in the UK. Please check my cupboard if you are interested. :)

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