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Artp said

Anyone have any eggnogish tea? Been seeing them around and they look awesome. I have tons of Amanzi samples I wanna swap to someone. Prefer in the US

yssah said

bigelow had some over the holidays but they’re gone now. im not sure if that’s what you’re looking for tho. wish i could offer you mine but i got too little! got them from a swap with Ze Teamaker :)

Lazey said

I want to try Bigelow’s eggnog tea too but I never get to the stores around the holidays. I think Bigelow is selling four packs of their holiday teas on their site… Here it is http://www.bigelowtea.com/Catalog/Product/68/68/532/Holiday+Tea+Assortment.aspx I pondered ordering it myself.

Probably are better eggnog teas out there than Bigelow though. Good luck.

Dustin said

Doesn’t Butiki have an eggnog tea that has been getting good ratings?

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Becky said

Oh right, still up for grabs: Mate Roasted (leafy mate): http://steepster.com/teas/lupicia/34113-mate-roasted

I have almost 50g of it, but it’s not really my thing. Kinda like drinking autumn leaves. Maybe you really like autumn leaves! I can take or leave them.

Don’t need a trade, but I wouldn’t turn down a sample or two in exchange.

yssah said

autumn leaves sounds romantic. follow back so i can pm you :)

Jude said

Becky, following you, I’d like to try it and happy to trade back something you’d enjoy.

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I’d love to do a swap. I don’t have everything I have logged on the site yet, but if you see something I have and your interested, please let me know!

yssah said

nice teas…i dont remember what teas are coming in from other swaps yet tho so maybe later? follow me back so we can pm :)

welcome to steepster, JennyFur :D

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sandra said

i still haven’t figured out how to put my teas in the cupboard, but i have a yulan dancong AA, 2012 single bush, (magnolia) winter pick oolong for anyone who’ll have it. generous sample left (at least 5gr).
hate anything flowery and not my thing at all. (sample from hotsoup.nl)
also have 2 5gr samples from biothee.nl China Pouchung Wanja oolong, which is a green oolong with a Jasmine taste. Hate jasmine.
would love to try some David Tea, or some teas from 52teas, but open to all offers.
i am from NL but happy to ship anywhere.

yssah said

that’s alright…posting it here will do for swapping. and welcome to steepster, sandra!

you can use the tea search function on the upper right hand corner. if it is not there, click teas on the top of the page and add a tea. then on the side of the tea profile (when it is done) you can see a button to click “put in cupboard” or something like that :D

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Some more teas to swap or give away.

52teas GenmaiCHAI – most of package
52teas Almond Happiness – most of a package
52teas Lemon Dreams (sealed package)

Republic of Tea Banana Chocolate (1 bag)
Republic of Tea Vanilla Apple Hibiscus 32ish bags in a tin

Adagio Custom – One Sweet Cup (samples to send)
Adagio Custom – Christmas Chocolate Mint (samples to send)
Adagio Custom – Tardis Blend (samples to send)
Adagio Custom – Mycroft Blend (samples to send)
Adagio Custom – Bitter Sweet (samples to send)
Adagio Custom – Reichenbach Recovery (samples to send)

Adagio – Hazelnut Black – up to 1 oz
Adagio – Cranberry Black – up to 1.5 oz
Adagio – Chocolate Chip Black – up to 1 oz
Adagio – Vanilla Black – I have no idea, 0.8 oz or something
Adagio – Lemon Grass Herbal – up to 1.5 oz
Adagio – Birthday Tea (Black) – up to 1 oz

Della Terra – S’mores – most of a package
Della Terra – Blackberry Bramble – up to 1 oz
Della Terra – Captivating Crimson Orange – small sample
Della Terra – Chocolate Covered Strawberry – small sample
Della Terra – Chocolate Dipped Apple – small sample

Stash – Cranberry Pomegranate – 8 bags
Stash – Yumberry Blackcurrant – 9 bags (I think)
Stash – Cinnamon Apple Chamomile – 5 bags (I think)
Stash – Everest First Flush Nepalese – I have no idea how much of this I have. 1 oz I think?

Teavana – Sevenberry Sangria Rooibos Tea – (portioned out into 3 teabags but it’s looseleaf)
Teavana – Peach Tranquility (small sample)

Nature’s Tea Leaf – Milk Black Tea – 1.5 oz (approximately)
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Lemon Black Tea – 1 oz (approximately)
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Citrus Lavender Sage – 1.5 oz (approximately)
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Loose Pu-erh Tea (medium sized sample)
Nature’s Tea Leaf – some sort of smokey tea that was mis-packaged and sent to me (almost 2 oz)

Tealux – Cherry Fantasy – 1 oz (about)
Tealux – Margaret’s Hope First Flush Darjeeling – (a sealed package)

Steep City Teas – Country Apple – (almost 2 oz)

Oregon Chai – Original Chai Tea Latte Mix (a couple of boxes)

Leave a reply and I’ll follow you and we can PM

momo said

I’d be interested in a sample of Mycroft blend and S’mores, going to follow you now

Certainly momo, sending a message.

ToiToi select said

I am interested in margaret’s hopr first flush darjeeling, della terra’s chocolate. Covered strawberry and dipped apple, 52tea’s almond happiness. We have swapped before I think:)

Yes, we’ve swapped before. I’ll mark those as taken.

I’d like to try the Adagio Birthday Tea if you have it available still

It’s yours, Jackie! Follow me so we can PM.

T.C. said

Ack! If you haven’t sent out my package yet I’d love to try that small sample of Captivating Crimson Orange. If you have no biggie :)

I’m interested in Adagio- hazelnut, vanilla, and Tardis blend.

I’m interested in the Nature’s Tea Leaf – Milk Black Tea. I’m re-doing my cupboard again, but msg me and I’ll be glad to let you know what I can offer.

Alphakitty said

I’m interested in Lemon Dreams, samples of Tardis & Reichenback Recovery, and Blackberry Bramble. Shoot me a pm if I have anything in my cupboard you’re interested in!

TC, Lariel, Kasumi no Chajin, Alphakitty, I think I can message all of you already. All of these things are fine. I will remove from the list the ones I will now be out of.

yssah said

genmaichai, banana chocolate
Adagio Custom – One Sweet Cup (samples to send)
Adagio Custom – Christmas Chocolate Mint (samples to send)
Adagio Custom – Tardis Blend (samples to send)
Adagio Custom – Bitter Sweet (samples to send)
Adagio – Chocolate Chip Black – up to 1 oz
Tealux – Cherry Fantasy – 1 oz (about)
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Citrus Lavender Sage
Teavana – Peach Tranquility (small sample)
Steep City Teas – Country Apple
Teavana – Sevenberry Sangria Rooibos
and some oregon chai :)

Gotcha yssah, I’ll gather those up and take them off the master list. Hmm, gotta find another right-sized box.

yssah said

thank you Starfevre!

Dustin said

Are the 52teas GenmaiCHAI and the RoT choco banana still up for grabs? Let me know if you are interested in teas that I have!

Jes select said

if theres any of the GenmaiCHAI left, I’d love to try it.

Sorry to both of you, Dustin and Jes, both of those teas are taken.

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momo said

I prefer US only but if we’re gonna swap a bit more then no prob to Canada (like 3 oz worth of tea because I am for maximizing).

Nature’s Tea Leaf – Nature’s Bloom Pu’erh Tea (1/2 oz)
Celestial Seasonings – Sugar Plum Spice (18 sachets each)
Caraway Tea Company – Berried Treasure (1/2 oz)

Artp said

Interested in the Teavana chai blend!

Ellyn select said

I’m interested in the pumpkin spice Matcha. Look in my cupboard and see if there is anything of interest….most things I have enough to swap. :)

T.C. said

I’m a rooibos addict. Would like the White Swiss Truffle Rooibos if you can find something in the cupboard.

yssah said

Candy cane and some White Swiss Truffle if you got any left ^^
Hi TC!

Yssah I have a lot of white Swiss truffle as well if momo runs out

yssah said


momo said

I’ve already got half an ounce of the Swiss White Truffle for you, sent you a message earlier with everything I held for you :) I’ll add the candy cane lane to it.

yssah said

oh right ^^’ missed that one.

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I have some Tropical Tea Company teas I’d like to swap out

Apple Crunch Black Tea
Maple Black Tea
Maple Cream Black Tea
Belgian Chocolate Rooibos
Cookies and Cream Black Tea

Also these from Vermont Liberty Tea Company

Moonbeams and Lavender (chamomile, lavender, lemon balm)
Cream Earl Grey
Moroccan Mint
Vermont Winter Chai (chai with peppermint)
Almond Rooibos

yssah said

i wanna try all of them, Jackie :D

I can do that!

I want to try anything that’s chai or rooibos. And the maple.

Artp said

I’m VERY interested in Vermont winter chai, cookies and cream, and swiss truffle if you have some? Following you!

I have a ton of dessert-y Davidsteas and am really looking to try some Della Terra ones! :)

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I have almost 1.4 oz (minus two cups’ worth) of DAVIDsTEA Organic Cinnamon Chai Rooibos to swap. I’m happy to break it up into smaller portions if anyone’s interested in a smaller quantity.

I’m interested. I’ve been wanting to try that company.

I don’t see anything I’m interested in trying in your cupboard right now. Maybe another time!

Sare said

want to Try my cupboard see if there is anything you like :)

Sare – you have a bunch of things I’m interested in trying. I’ll PM you later today.

Follow me so I can send you a PM?

Sare said

Following :)

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I’ve still got some of Teavana’s Rooibos Tropica for trade. I’m willing to send out some for other rooibos samples.

Larger portions for anyone willing to send me Della Terra’s Winter Nog.

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BWare said

Finally updated my cupboard — although a number of teas still need images. But it gives a great idea of what I keep in my stash (aka cupboard). As for trades, I am willing to trade, but not really interested in herbals or blended type teas. Just the non-herbal, non-blended loose leaf teas across the spectrum of fermentation (from white thru black, plus pu-erh).

If I see something in someone else’s cupboard, I’ll definitely reach out. If you see something in mine, don’t hesitate to inquire.

Hope this helps…

ToiToi select said

I would love to swap! :) I think we are pretty much in same zone. Following you!

BWare said

…and I’m now stalking you, ToiToi :-)

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