ddave2122 said

The Georgia Tea Company 20% Off!

Hi all,
The coupon code ‘bf2013’ will get you 20% off at The Georgia Tea Company georgiateacompany.com
You can enter in the coupon code under the KGB Deals banner at checkout.
The sale should run through the weekend and into Monday. They have also recently stepped up their packaging. Now, every tea comes in a resealable bag. It will finally last on the shelf! :)
Almost forgot, their IngenuiTEA’s are also on sale and the discount applies on the sale price.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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ifjuly said

Just want to say I jumped on this deal earlier in the week and a HUGE honkin’ box of samples arrived immediately (granted, GA is verrrrry close to TN) and I have been delighted so far. The sample sizes are huge (I have made a bunch of 3 cup teapots of different teas from them and it doesn’t even come close to putting a 50% dent in the bag, guessing 10 cups is the norm with very generous leafing). This is a very good deal! The Apple Pie has been my favorite so far.

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