Tea Stash Sale - Updated 3/2

Hi there fellow Steepsterites. I know there’s already a few of these circulating on and off, but I figure that I should get this out there while I have a spare moment between the holidays and I don’t have a traveling tea box expected.

I’d like to sell as many of these as I can, but I’d be very tentatively open to swaps. Though as this is an exercise in both clearing out my tea stash and raising a bit of money to go towards my cat’s most recent (and still upcoming) vet bills, I’d much rather prefer to flat out sell.
Also I’d rather not do small amounts/1 tsp/serving of a whole bunch of stuff. Unfortunately I just don’t have the supplies to do something like that at the moment. But bigger amounts I’m fully willing to break up if necessary.

Most of these are being cleared because either I’m allergic to something in it or it’s just not to my taste. If anyone wants to know how much of something I have, let me know. Or I can put amounts here on the post if people would rather? I’m not sure how to exactly list this stuff. Most of these are full packages though, only missing a serving or two when I tried it.

Thanks for looking!

List updated 3/2 – Added 1 tea & 1 teaware.

- Adagio
Darjeeling Sungma Summer
Matcha Fruit Mix (Not a tea, just a snack thing) (Only opened to taste)
IOU A Brew
Mycroft (Cara McGee)
The Government and the Inspector
Scorpio (Zodiac Tin Blend)
Gemini (Zodiac Tin Blend)

- Whispering Pines
Golden Lily Oolong
Blackburnian Tea
Highland Ceylon
Formosa Oolong
Mountain Nectar
Golden Sunrise
Yunnan Gold

- Teavana
Peach Tranquility
Precious White Peach
Monkey Picked Oolong

- Culinary Teas
Vanilla Cream
Leopard Snow Buds
Nilgiri Nonsuch BOP
Assam Gingin TGFOP
Pineapple Tea
Assam Borengaguli
Hazelnut Vanilla
Butterscotch Caramel Toffee

- DavidsTea
Pom Tango
Mamma Mia

-English Tea Store
Darjeeling (Never Opened)
Assam (Never Opened)

- Georgia Tea Co.
Vanilla Black
Pineapple Black
Weight Loss Tea

- Tazo Tea
Peach Cobbler
Black Dragon Pearls

- Butiki Teas
Organic Jasmine Pearls
3 compartment canister (never used)
Doke Rolling Thunder

The Tea Merchant – Trinitea
Verdant – Yunnan White Jasmine
Della Terra – Orange Brulee
Single Origin Tea – Mokalbari Assam

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I’m interested in a couple

Cantaloupe & Cream
Jasmine Pearls


Pm me and let me know how much of them u have and what you would like for them. Thx!

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moraiwe said

Hi! I sent you a PM :)

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I’m interested in:

- Butiki Teas
Three Friends
Raspberry Truffle
Watermelon Xylophone

- DavidsTea
Cookie Dough
Birthday Cake
Chocolate Orange

I followed you. =)

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Reki275 said

How much were you thinking of selling the Butiki Aged Oolong, and Verdant Yunnan White Jasmine for? Do you have an idea of how much shipping would be to Alberta, Canada? I’ll follow you.

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Also curious about shipping cost, but I’d be interested in talking to you about:

Adagio – Tardis
DAVIDsTEA – Prairie Berry

It’d be helpful, I think, to know roughly how much of each you have to help gauge the cost I should be expecting.

Anyway – following you now so PM me and we can work something out :)

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CK select said

Hi, if there’s any left of the Cookie Dough, Birthday Cake, Tardis, Sherlock I’d be interested in those and the Lychee and Gui Fei Oolongs and Smores. I’ll follow you so we can pm.

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MissB said

I’ve got a significant list I’d love to take off your hands. I’ve friended you, so when you can reciprocate, I’ll send you a note with the list. Am happy to buy whatever amounts you have, provided they aren’t pounds’ worth. ;)

Followed back.

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oh good, all of you have already asked about the teas I was interested in. whew. haha. :D

Cavocorax said

You’re welcome.

Which ones were you interested in, ’cause I could let you know if anyone ends up passing on them? Lol.

Nah, I’ll pretend everyone bought them all. :D

Lol! Well thanks for looking.

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I am interested in a few. I will follow you, if that’s okay?

Mi Xian Black
Irish Cream Cheesecake
Four Seasons Oolong
I’d also be willing to take the The Des Songes off your hands… if you are willing! :)

Thank you!

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Cavocorax said

Oh- I sent a private message earlier, but I’m interested in:

-Zhen Qu
-1991 Da Ye Aged Oolong
-Oriental Beauty
-Mi Xian Black
-Irish Cream Cheesecake

I’m happy to split any of them though if Tea Pet is ok with that too. If not it’s not a big deal and I can pass. :P

I am more than fine with splitting! I’d even be fine if you got all of them since you claimed them first. :)

Cavocorax said

I’m sure we can work something out!

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