what kind of blend tea koreans would like?

what kind of blend tea koreans would like?
My friend wanna to start a tea business in korea. (not north)

And I think most of Koreans really crazy about coffee (Ecen if someone who not crazy about coffee enough, he still would choose coffee when they are in some cafe) But my friend really wanna sell some blended teas in Korea. And I don’t have pierce idea about this. If you ladies and gentlemen have any idea about that, feel free to leave a message.
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Tough one. I haven’t been to Korea yet, but I’m guessing some good black tea blends would work.
What comes to mind is flavors like what Creha tea has http://yunomi.us/shelf/black-oolong-dark-teas/flavored-black-tea/
with more of a Korean spin? Like blends with sweet potato, red bean and honey.

Or maybe one based of desserts? I’d totally drink a 호떡 (Hotteok) or 팥빙수 (Patbingsu) flavored tea if it could be done. (with that said, it would be really cool to offer it to ship to North America so I can buy it)

Thanks for the nice idea. And I amazed someone would drink 호떡 flavoured tea..

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yyz said

It might be a good idea to look at the O’sulloc site www.osulloc.com. They have reviews and it might give a better idea about what type of flavours tend to be more popular. You could also take a look at types of desserts, and foods are popular and take inspiration from that.

yeap, I know Osulloc. They are selling many products.. It’s still big problem how can we make diffenrece to them by a small company. Thanks for the idea.

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