Carolyn said

Tea Blogs

I love tea blogs so I’m hoping that people will share their favorites with me. Also, if you write a tea blog, please let us know!

Here’s one of my favorites. I’ll add more later when I’m home with my computer and can look them up.

So, what are your favorite tea blogs?

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teaplz said

I read some of the biggies:

And then I enjoy the hilarious banter at
I have a tea blog! Doesn’t that count!? :P

Carolyn said

Counts for double bonus points. :)

Thanks! Do you have a blog!?

Carolyn said

No, not really. I tried to keep a tea blog for a while before I found Steepster but it didn’t work out well for me. I have too many problems keeping it up and I’d rather put my energy into writing novels or geocaching.

Don’t forget about – I’m the founder of that bad boy

I have a new tea blog as well :) please check it out! updated daily.

Angrboda said

I tried to keep one over at LJ, but I keep forgetting update it. The vast majority of the stuff I’d post there would be identical to what I post here anyway, so I’ll probably just get rid of it.
I suppose you could say that my account here is my tea blog. :)

rabbysmom said

These are great! Thanks for the suggestions!

I like my own –….brand new…expect great things from us…get on board now when you can still say that you discovered it before the rest of the world did!

Leafbox Tea

Here’s the link to my little blog, . I frequently read Tea Guy Speaks , Lainie Sips and The Voice of Tea (Tavalon’s blog)

chana said

What I post here is my tea blog, I guess. And it goes automatically to my twitter as well.

Discovering some great tea blogs here, thanks for all the suggestions – some I’ve already added links to in my everything-blog!

Jack admin said is a good one too.

Janefan said

Tea Escapade
The Tea Scoop

General Info – health, History, etc.

Tea culture and miscellaneous
Uniquely Tea

Like your all blogs very much among all.
Looking forward for some more.

Ricky admin said

This one wasn’t posted yet.

Hey, he’s even on steepster!

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