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My blog: The Oolong Owl http://oolongowl.wordpress.com/
Lots of tea reviews so far. My focus is to take lots of pictures of tea and have a little fun. I love Steepster, but with a blog, I got more creative control to post crazy pictures with my tea reviews. I have a couple other niche interest blogs and I got tired trying to sneak in tea related posts, haha!

I also have a facebook page with it http://www.facebook.com/TheOolongOwl

Sil select said


yssah said

very nice!

Very cool blog. Great pics!!!

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Lazey said

Not exclusively tea, but at least one tea post a week http://lazeysdailycup.blogspot.com/ Latest reviews on the sTEApe Shoppe’s Caramel Apple, Swedish Delight and Darjeeling Song.

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Kamyria said

I have a baby tea blog that I just started recently. It’s not much now but it will grow with me as I become more seasoned tea drinker. :)


Katiek said

Congrats. It will be interesting to see your blog grow and develop over time

Kamyria said

Thank you :)

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I have recently really started to put my tea blog into super drive. I’ve talked about eating Sencha, infusing tea with alcohol, just today I posted about “Obsessing With Green” Tea is a huge part of my life and I enjoy writing about it too. Hope you like it…

www.iHeartTeas.Teatra.de – The Blog

inguna said

Nicely done; I liked it :)

Thank you so much Inguna :)
I guess I should also mention you can now access my blog by going to…
Just got the new domain today.

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I posted on this thread 3 years ago (wow!) and my blog has changed places I figured that I should post again. You can now find it at


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I posted my blog on here previously but the address has since changed. You can now find my new blog here.


I’ve checked it out and Happy Birthday! :)

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RiverTea said

We are newbies on Steepster, but really glad to be here and to see how many tea enthusiasts and tea lovers are sharing their thoughts, recipes, preferences, reviews and simple love for tea. We also have a blog, here’s the link: http://rivertea.com/blog/ We are opened to any kind of feedback, positive or negative because it will help to improve our articles. Hope you’ll like it!

K S said

A lovely blog. I especially enjoyed the Chinese tea ceremony articles. Followed you on Facebook and added your blog to my reading list.

RiverTea said

Glad you liked it and we appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much for the follow and for adding us to your reading list. We are preparing some more articles about tea culture hope the new ones will also be to your liking.

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My fave tea blog is probably Oolong Owls blog. Very well set up and the pics are great.
Like the majority of people on here I have my own blog….which wasnt originally going to be about tea….but as me obsession has grown I have posted more and more about tea(be easy on me I am new to tea and I am sure the way I describe them isnt ideal). Feel free to check it out. I try to mix in some humor(which may be offensive to some viewers).

www.thenewnovascotian.blogspot.com its pretty new and I like any feedback I can get.

keep up all the great blogs everyone, I enjoy reading them all

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I made a blog recently that as someone who hates to write, I have been having a lot of fun with it. Along with tea reviews I also post songs and try to give some facts and insight on them or the artist. I also post random tea or tune related things. You can check it out here if you want. https://tunesntea.wordpress.com/

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I can now update this as I have spent all morning updating the look and link to my blog and also setting it up with Google+


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