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Fasting and tea

What teas help make fasting easier or at least make hunger less annoying?

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The first question is: is it really fasting if you’re having tea? I guess it might depend on the reason(s) you are fasting.

Assuming that a non-caloric liquid is acceptable in your fast, I’d actually advise against any kind of tea. I fast once a year for 24-27 hours and don’t drink any water either, but fasting other times and for longer, I find that anything but water or anything which puts any sort of “taste” in my mouth, reminds me of the denial and makes it more difficult to continue. Sometimes it’s better to put aside all notions of flavors, sweetness, herbs etc, for a while and just fast.

If you plan to fast for longer and don’t feel that plain water would get you through, I’d advise against any tea with an artificial flavoring. Those can leave unpleasant tastes which are magnified by being the only thing you take in, can remind you of the desire for foods, and spiritually may not be the best for fasting. I like the purest, non-flavored teas. Perhaps though, a tea with a natural flower, like oolong with osmanthus, or jasmine or rose petal tea. Chrysanthemum is sometimes added to puerh tea. There are also Chinese Chrysanthemum flower teas and black oolong tea with ginseng is popular. there is also an Astralagus with ginseng tea.

Numi has organic Savory teas with vegetable combination flavors, but be aware that they have 170 -200 mg of sodium and 1 g of carbohydrate.

Of course there are all sorts of herb teas and perhaps rooibos if you like it (I don’t) may qualify. Again I’d stay away from the many artifically flavored ones.

If you’re just trying to loose weight then I suppose there are lots of alternatives.

mars1 select said

Not trying to loose weight with fasting, I just like the idea of reducing my dependence on food. Also, there are some studies that it improves the brain. I’ll try your suggestion of tea with a natural flower, maybe jasmine.

Thanks for the advice.

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Lynxiebrat said

Mars1, I don’t want to sound bossy or anything, but if you havn’t, please consult with your doctor before your fasting. Just in case there are any health issues that might come up, and plus he/she may have some ideas in safe fast ideas.

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