Tales of the Tea Trolley Gang

The Devotea, one of the Australian members of the online tea community, recently wrote a blog post over at our blog (Leafbox Tea). Cool little story featuring a number of other members of the online community.

We’ve decided to turn it into a collaborative bit of storytelling and are inviting other members of the online tea community to contribute. I know a number of the folks here at Steepster are also members at Leafbox Tea, we’d love for you to stop by and consider contributing to the story. I really thing we can get an interesting and fun time out of it.

Here’s a link to The Devotea’s story http://bit.ly/TeaTrolleyGang

And here is a link to a discussion thread about the story and how to contribute to it if you choose http://bit.ly/TeaStory

Leafbox Tea

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What a great idea! I really enjoyed his story and can not wait to read other people’s creative additions!

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