Tea suggestions (UK)

For my next purchase I’m looking at a smaller purchase but have a reasonable budget upto around £50

I’ve tried a lot of teas and find myself partial to Ceylon, Assam and Nilgiri teas primarily and I like a nice light delicate white or an oolong.

I don’t like Darjeeling or grassy tasting green teas or anything smoky tasting.

So I’m looking for some tea suggestions – uk based or can import to

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hmmm, you could always go for jingtea.com

I personally think they are over-priced, but they do small sample sizes so you don’t end up too heavily invested. they got written up once in the Metro if that says anything.

Interested to try some of the sample “collections”

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Thanks. I’ve looked at them before but their prices – wow

I was thinking three new teas of real quality. I don’t need loads of tea at the moment so would prefer to get something amazing


Like the look of pekoetea – many thanks :)

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sbonham said

Funny, I am also a fan of the oolong and white tea. Silver needle white tea is the best!

Since you like similar teas to me, I would recommend a “jasmine pearl green tea” – very delicate and softly sweet.

A black tea that I recently became a fan of is “Yukon Gold” – but that’s British and you probably already know about it ;)

A great herbal tea that I like as well that has so many wonderful ingredients for your health is called “Ultra Slender Tea”..but it is rooibus based. Rooibus alone, I don’t like but this tea has it mixed in with cinnamon, juniper berries and a slew of other yummy herbs so it’s worth a try – http://ultraslendertea.com

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I have some silver needle already – £12.95 for 50g

Jasmine pearl green is lovely.

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I would recommend Nothing But Tea, they have a very large selection of teas including some great blacks. Plus they are UK, reasonably priced for both teas and shipping and they do sample packs. http://www.nbtea.co.uk/

My next recommendation is for Wan Ling Tea House, they also have a decent selection, are UK based and their teas vary in price from your basic teas ie £5 for 50g to something special like a nice Oolong £12 for 36g. I have had black teas, chai, Oolong and Pu Erh from this company and have been pleasantly surprised each time. http://www.wanlingteahouse.com/

Angrboda said

I was just about to suggest Nothing But Tea as well! I find them very reasonably priced.

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Hello! Sasha and I are baesd in Lodnon and we stock 2 white teas, out of the 5 teas we’ve spent 4.5 years meticulously sourcing (bai hao silver needle and jasmine baihao silver needle from a tea garden in the Fujian province). These are very light in flavour, as they are the 1st teas to be picked in the year (so before it gains tannins and becomes more astringent) and only the buds are collected. Silver needle has a very distinct flavour. The jasmine silver needle is the silver needle laid out onto a bed of night jasmine flowers for 8 – 12 consecutive nights, so that’s light and refreshing as well.

We also have a green tea (dragonwell), whose main tasting note is roasted chestnut with a citrucy note – I really like it.

We also do 20% off on all repeat orders.

Plus all of our profits now go to charity. We’ll also be going to Nepal to help re-build shelters for people! :)

Here is our shop: https://www.eastcottandburgess.co.uk/online-tea-store

Yulia X

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