Christmas Cards...OMG you guys I am SO SORRY! :(

I sent about a dozen of you cards in the mail…Lariel got hers today and apparently there was not enough postage on them! I’m SO EMBARRASSED. I just wanted to send people who I’ve had nice swaps with over the past year a little treat and I really screwed up big time. She had to pay $1.10 to get hers and I promise it isn’t worth it. Anyway, if you get one and you are super mad at me I will totally Paypal you that money. I calculated the postage online using but apparently I screwed up…again, so so sorry you guys.


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Katiek said

I’m sorry Stephanie. I hate when you’re trying to do something nice and it turns out opposite. But your intentions were good and ultimately that’s all we can control. :)

Thanks Katiek …nothing I can do about it now…I guess I should stop worrying.

Sil select said

dude…i would totally pay 1.10 for random mail sent to me from someone trying to put a smile on my face. that’s chump change for a good happy vibe :)

I got one and didn’t get charged, though the envelope said the probably should. +1 I would have paid it, the card alone that someone is thinking of me was worth it. made my whole day brighter.

<3 :D

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darby select said

True! We don’t correspond much by mail these days.

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On the brighter side, this whole situation makes the cards so much more memorable :)

Ha! :)

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Tealizzy said

I just got my card, no problem! Thank you so much, Stephanie! It totally brightened my day!!!

Yay!! :D

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Kaylee said

Mine came yesterday with no incident. It’s lovely, thank you!

Woohoo! Maybe poor Lariel will be the only unlucky one :)

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Lala said

I wonder if after you sent the packages, something shifted inside making it thicker in one area. Because the post office should have never accepted it if there was not enough postage on it, it would have been sent back to you right away. I know before I sent some teabags in a regular envelope, after I put it in the mail, the tea bags all bunched up at one end of the envelope so it was sent back to me saying it was too thick and needed extra postage.

I am happy most of your packages are getting through with no problems.

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