Bringing your own tea - Am I the only one?

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I’ve gotten so addicted to good tea that I recently bought this Bodum Mini Electric Kettle: Unfortunately it’s not a variable temp, but works great for boiling water.

I also picked up this matching Bodum Travel Tea/Coffee Press/Mug at the same time: It really does stop steeping the tea once you push down the plunger. But because the leaves remain stewing in a small amount of water at the bottom (under the filter – they don’t affect the tea you are sipping above the filter), they aren’t suitable for resteeping. Cons: Almost impossible to add sugar/sweetener (the instructions say to insert it through the hole where you sip it from, but it’s tiny and I don’t know how you are supposed to stir it!). I also don’t like drinking from it – I can taste the plastic, but it works great for no-fuss steeping that lets the leaves open fully (unlike small ball infusers or paper sacs). And you don’t have to figure out how to dispose of the steeped leaves (at least until you want a second mug!

Lastly, I picked up some tiny plastic condiment cups with lids from a Gordon’s (a restaurant supply store). The smallest ones hold a perfect one serving of tea and keep the tea from getting crushed. But they take up a lot more room in your luggage!

Wow. That little kettle is pretty neat, but it costs more than what I paid for my larger variable kettle. Lol.

Shadowfall – I also carry that Bodum Mini Kettle kettle while traveling in the US. It is a bit expensive, but has proven indestructible in my luggage (so far). – Jeff

Josie Jade said

I have the same kettle. I used it in my office when I worked and now use it when we travel. Love it! I believe I got mine on amazon for cheaper.

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MissLena said

I do this all the time, to my parents or my boyfriend’s parents mostly. In fact, I’m living off my box of tea currently lol, have been for 2 weeks while visiting haha. I find the number of teas I bring increases each time though, as my collection grows :)

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I’m on vacation right now and I brought a huuge Ziploc bag full of tea bags and loose tea pouches. I just use my Teas Inc travel mug with the strainer on top, which is what I usually use at home anyway :)

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carol who said

I, too, bring tea with me for my own consumption, as well as a gifts. I often find other tea lovers and we end up exchanging with one another. I use my Teavanna tumbler with the built-in strainer so I don’t have to carry much extra stuff.

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JustJames said

i arrive at class everyday with my teacup in my backpack pocket. the pockets in the pack were essential in the decision of which one to buy! i often use a wheelchair. the order is this: chair out of the back, pack over the back of the chair, cup safely secured in the pocket.

i get to class and i am usually asked ‘and what are we drinking today?’ lol.

ahem, been known to bring my own tea to restaurants too. they don’t look at me anymore…. much…. and usually just bring me a pot of water at the temperature i specify. i measure good customer service by the lack of judgement =0)

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mewakeling said

I always travel with my own tea! I just got back from two weeks of visiting with my partner’s and my families and I travelled with my own little tote box of tea. I am happy to share and they seem to enjoy checking out what I brought this trip.

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Katiek said

Just packed a bag of assorted teabags (mainly Lupicia, harney and bigelow) for a trip. One of my friends always packs her own tea since we got stuck at a hotel during an ice storm, and the hotel ran out of tea!!!

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Pyroxy select said

I travel fairly often for work and – after many nights of drinking unsatisfying hotel ‘complimentary’ bagged teas – I caved and started taking my own.

I have a small Teavana tin (it was a gift) that I fill with raw sugar and I’ll usually throw a few teabags in a ziplock…but y’all have inspired me to take along some looseleaf next time I travel.

TeaExplorer ‘s suggestion to bring along a melamine cup is a good one, also, and I’ll definitely have to look into that for future trips.

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