LuvTea09 said

Attention All South Florida Tea Lovers! Sip Local.

Check out Twisted Leaf – loose tea and acessories.
We are based in the greater area of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We are an online quality loose tea company. Twisted Leaf sells a variety of tea and tisanes from around the globe, including Japan and China. We carry special tea accessories, tea ware and other tea services. TL was built out of a love for tea and the health benefits it can offer. We focus on the mind, body and soul when choosing the best tea and tisanes for wellness. We taste every tea and “herbal tea” to find the best of the best! Many of our teas and herbals are organic and fair trade!

To offer the freshest quality teas and herbals, we carry a limited amount of all products.

We will always be introducing new products and different types of tea, so please keep in touch by joining the mailing list! Don’t worry we won’t email you “every day”. Just went something’s steeping!

Liz L. Friel
Founding Owner and CEO
[email protected]

More about us. TL was created and founded by Liz Lima Friel and co-owned with her husband, Dennis Friel, under the parent company White Glove Art Group, Inc., a full service fine art and design company. Both are fine artists at heart with a love for tea. In the future, we aim to incorporate fine art with our love for loose tea.

Thank you! Tea Well . Be Well.

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PeteG said

I will be heading to the Keys in the new year…how far are you away?

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AllanK said

When I try to load your page it asks for a password.

tperez said

It’s from eight years ago, they might have closed down

AllanK said

Didn’t notice that. Someone must have posted spam and it got deleted but the post was still on page one.

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