Nerys said

Only person at home that likes teas.

Anyone else have this. I am the only one at home that likes a variety of teas. My SO and DD only like one tea. I just recently started shopping online for teas. How do others cope with this? Are there online shops that sell small amounts of teas for single persons ? I am in Europe not everyone ships to us.

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darby select said

Hi Nerys! I’m in the USA but love visiting Europe….especially Austria. What country are you from? We do have quite a few options for buying tea here. I live in Minneapolist, Minnesota where Verdant Tea is located. You should check them out online as they have great natural teas and creative blends. They do small samples also.

Of course, over the you have Mariage Freres which I would love to order from some day.

A lot of us on here do swaps to try new teas without purchasing a lot of one kind.

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Kirlika said

I’m slowly trying to introduce my partner to various teas but I’m not having much luck (blacks give headaches and greens/oolongs smell off putting, everything else is just “not flavorful enough”.) In the end I just end up getting what I want and try to see if my mother will buy some of the extra off of me when I go to visit. (Though there are some companies out there that are willing/able to ship smaller sizes though I’m not all that familiar with what is available over there for you :( )

I’ve also been thinking of trying out a few swaps to get a bit more variety and I recently signed up for the Canadian traveling tea box (I think there’s a Europe one going around now too?)

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Skysamurai said

The problem is (at least I think…) that many people try the lower quality tea or just try something bad and then don’t try anything else. They just need to try more is all. Get teas with flavors the like.

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Dr Jim said

I’m the only tea drinker in my household but I just buy too much tea :) I drink a lot too, but the stash keeps growing.

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