Nerys said

Who do you send teas to? (non-swap)

This is not about swap. Who do you send teas to in the mail? Sending christmas cards this year I added tea bags to some of the cards to people who I think might like that. And to my best friend in the US I regularly send cards with teas to try.

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Nicole said

Whoever I think needs some, or someone who has commented on a tasting note of mine that they’d like to try something, and, most importantly, that I have an address lying around for. :)

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ifjuly said

A friend of mine moved from California to Ohio for med school and is stressed by school and freaked out by snow/cold all the time. And she really likes floral scents and sweet treats. I love sending her tea!

And I’ve swapped with a few Steepsters plus my off-line tea buddy. Lots of fun.

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Kat said

This year for Christmas gifts for like less specific people: professors, secret santas, colleague, I blended my own Moroccan Mint Tea recipe and gifted that. Otherwise, I’m buying my mom some Early Gray and my best friend one of Adagio’s character blends.

I don’t really know anyone who drinks tea like I do, so I don’t gift it too, too often.

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