Simple Loose Leaf: New format for our custom subscriptions. Need input before we roll out.

Hi all tea lovers,

We are working on improving the form and function of our product for the start of the new year. We would like you to take a look at how we are planning to do subscriptions now and offer your input.

Some of the things that we are interested in learning from you:
1. Thoughts on the recurring flat priced model vs. each tea costing different amounts but having to pay up front?
2. In each of the products, does the current tab system work for you?
3. On the “Make Tea Selection” tab, does the form make sense?
3.a. Thoughts on how to improve the form and function on the forms?
4. The free sample of the upcoming month’s tea, Good or Bad?
5. Other questions or thoughts?

Feel free to fill out the forms and see how they work. But if you hit the “Join Club” button it will prompt you to join the subscription, and we are not ready to go fully live yet.

Here is the link to the catalog page, Besides this link you will not find this page on our site, it is not linked at the moment. So either reclick the link here or use the back button for navigation.

Cheers and happy holidays,
Andrew F

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