Steepster Meetup NYC - Tea Drunk

Now that the craziness of the holidays is almost past, I was thinking that we should try to resume our monthly meet ups. Tea Drunk has just started offering tea classes.

Shunan (the owner) might be able to work with us for another date if none of these work. She might also be able to offer a group discount depending on how many people we have and what class we want to take.

Of course we could all just go and order different teas too :)

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I would love to take a class but $60 to $70 seems a bit steep to me. (sorry, not intended-lol) The reading of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms sounds interesting. Do you know if that will be like a book club series where the book is discussed or just a reading?

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Also here’s a link to a discussion about just meeting at Tea Drunk this month. I think we have all had this special place on the brain :)

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Definitely understandable. The cost of the tea, staff, filtered water, etc. makes it expensive to conduct classes. It might best to meet to share tea. We will be having volunteer story tellers reading The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. There are some English translations but from what Shunan tells me it’s kind of the Chinese equivalent of Shakespeare. I’ll switch over the existing convo now :)

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