Having Tea With Matt Smith - "a big tea drinker, as is Doctor Who"

Get a load of this video. I’d like to slip him some French Vanilla too, yes I would.


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Katiek said

I knew I liked him!

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Great interview!

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Uniquity said

Sent to myself so I can watch it later. I am still weepy over the Christmas special, I don’t know if I can stand to watch an interview. I’m such a sap.

EDIT: Just watched it. Lovely. He is a bit of a hand talker in the real world too, eh? :)

I am still weepy that I CAN’T watch the Christmas special over here in the USA…! Yes, it’s fun to discover in this interview a bit about what aspects of the Doctor were actually Matt Smith all along.

Uniquity said

Over New Years my younger brothers delighted in showing me stills from the episode and talking about it. They are recent Whovians and love Matty as well, but think it is funny that I actually tear up when I talk about it. It was very emotional for me, so well done Smith/Moffat. At the same time I am excited for Capaldi. I am one of those fans that loves it even when it’s terrible but I felt it was well done as a finale. Not too drawn out, and full of hope for what a great life he led when we weren’t looking. I love that Smith is the longest of the regenerations. :)

cuppaT said

@ Brooklynsheep —
Search the Files Tube site. We download Dr. Who episodes (including the Christmas specials) from there.

Uniquity said

Wait, I misread that. Was the special not on in the US? We had it in Canada, I assumed you did too?

BBC streamed on-line the day of, so I was able to watch it even though I was in the states. Otherwise you’d have to pay for cable or satellite so you get the BBC. I think Canadian televisioon is more friendly with BBC

Uniquity said

It would have been on Space here. I wish our Netflix would get up to date quicker, it would be great to have it there. We finally got the first two seasons of Downton Abbey though, that is neat.

Jen said

I’m a big Matt fan and really had to steel myself for it, but when we were finally able to watch it, I thought it was very well done and I didn’t get too upset. (So silly, over a show…!) I am excited about Capaldi, though, too.

I was able to watch it over the weekend (had to pay $1.99 for access, though). Great episode! Loved this regeneration — [spoilers] — the thrilling powerful apotheosis of this Doctor’s personality as he gives the ultimate finger to the Daleks, and the “reboot” so we get to see his darling younger self once more. Bowl of mostly eaten custard’n’fishfingers a nice touch.

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This made my day much better. Thank you. :)

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