NRA Show in Chicago - Adagio Inside Scoop 5-22-10

Today I had the privledge to work along side both Michael Cramer , Adagio Owner and Michael Malone at the National Restaurant Association at the McCormick Place in downtown Chicago. I had a great time and was lucky to get a little inside information on what’s to come. So with Michael Cramer’s blessing I have decided to share what I have learned today with you.

1. Signature Blends will soon be in new resealable pouches with beautiful labels. I was able to see the new packaging first hand and it truly is well designed. We received many compliments on the visual appeal of the packaging at the show.

2. Soon to come, some loose teas will be available in pyramid teabags. I was able to see and touch the new teabags and they should prove acceptible for proper steeping. Very exciting!

3. So Bad News First – Chocolates are going to be hopefully be coming out late this year.

4. Good News: Cookies should be coming out soon. No specifics though.

Hope you enjoyed the inside scoop.

Thanks to Adagio for giving me this opportunity.

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I think there are several people here at Steepster that will be interested in this!!! :) Thanks for Posting!

One question from me…so…are they discontinuing the tins on the blends totally or is this just another size and price option!?

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Thanks for suggesting I post this here. It never even occurred to me.

To answer your question pouches are to replace tins from what I gathered. However, you can buy tin from their website. They are $9 for a set of 3. A reasonable price indeed. :-)

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