Small Tea Stash Sale

Hey guys! I have a few teas that I’d like to sell. All teas are in original packaging missing ~1-3 servings unless otherwise indicated. Sizes given are original package size.

I’ve given away a lot of tea (with free shipping) since joining Steepster, but I can’t afford to be so generous at the moment. To keep this as simple as possible, I’d like to sell each tea for a flat rate of $3 (inclusive of shipping – US only). I realize this will barely cover shipping for single tea purchases, but I hope i’ll come out ahead (or at least break even!) with the total sales.

Royal Highland Kenyan Green (Butiki Teas)
Ruby Black, Competition Grade (Mantra Tea) – sample (2-3 servings left)
Orange and Cream (Della Terra) – 1oz
Chico Cherry (Tumblewood Teas) – 2oz
Purple Sunset Oolong (Butiki Teas) – 1/2 oz
Eight Candles (Della Terra) – 1oz
Blueberry Purple Tea (Butiki Teas) – 1oz
Huckleberry Black (New Mexico Tea Co.) – 1oz
Mountain Mint Chocolate (Tumblewood Teas) – (this was 2oz, but there’s about 1oz left)
Organic Assam (The Tea Spot) – sample (about 3 servings left)
Spiced Sugar Plum (Della Terra) – 1 oz
White Rhino (Butiki Teas) – 1/2 oz
Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black (Butiki Teas) – 1/2 oz
Crimson Horizon (Butiki Teas) – 1oz
Glenburn Estate Green (Butiki Teas) – 1oz
Maple Pecan Oolong (Butiki Teas) – 1oz
Rhubarb Vanilla Ale (Butiki Teas) – 1oz
Traditional Plum Pudding (Butiki Teas) – 1oz


Thank you everyone for helping me to keep my cupboard under control. I sent the remaining unclaimed teas to my parents, so that marks the end of this sale. :)

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I would love to buy the Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black from you!

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Dr Jim said

I’m too late for the wild mountain black, but I’d like to buy the Maple Pecan Oolong.

oh sorry, someone just took that already by private message!

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Purple Sunset Oolong
White Rhino
Crimson Horizon

It would be lovely to finally try some other Butiki than the Amoda box!

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mars1 select said

Do you still have the blueberry purple tea and the Gelnburn Estate Green?

I’m dying to try purple tea for national hot tea month.

yep, I still have both. Blueberry purple tea was one of my favorites for a long time, but I just haven’t wanted it as much lately. Sending you a pm now.

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Is the plum pudding still available? I will take it if it is! :)

Indeed it is.

ETA – just sent you a pm

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I just found one more tea that I meant to add to the list: Royal Highland Kenyan Green – Butiki

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Shmiracles said

I will take the Eight Candles ! :)
I can always drink that tea hah

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