CLOSED: Caffeine-Free/Decaf Traveling Tea Box (US only) January 2014

Final list:
1. madametj SENT
2. SimpleLooseLeaf RECEIVED/SENT
5. Alexa, Indiana RECEIVED/SENT
6. TranquiliTea81, Ohio RECEIVED/SENT
7. DigniTea, North Carolina RECEIVED/SENT
8. Jeweledthumb, Maryland RECEIVED/SENT
9. Ricky, New York RECEIVED/SENT
10. KiwiDelight, New York RECEIVED/SENT
11. Dr. Jim, Massachusetts RECEIVED/SENT
12. madametj, Alabama RECEIVED

I wanted to join a traveling tea box, but I realized that sine I don’t drink caffeine, it probably wouldn’t be much fun for me.

Thus, the caffeine-free/decaf/herbal tisane traveling tea box was born! (Rather long name. Needs work).

So I’m accepting sign-ups from 10 people starting now :) This will be my first time coordiating a box, so please bare with me :)

I’ve modified some rules that I found in another thread:

- This swap will be for teas that are either caffeine free or decaffeinated. Anything rooibos or herbal (except for mate) is good because those are caffeine free. Anything camellia sinensis will have to be decaffeinated (98% caffeine removed)

-This traveling tea box will be US only.

-You will be required to pay for postage when you send the box out. I plan on using a medium flat rate shipping box, so the shipping should be about $12.

- Buying a tracking number is REQUIRED (though, I believe it is included with priority shipping). You will send this number BOTH TO ME AND the next person on the list.

-Feel free to sample as many teas as you like! :D When I say sample, I mean take enough for one cuppa tea just so you know what it tastes like.

- If you like it, keep it! Just be sure to replace whatever you take out, considering the quality, price, and weight.

-Try not to keep the box for longer than ONE WEEK. (This is not a set timeline, however we would like to keep the box moving in a fairly timely and efficient manner). Please keep the thread updated when you receive the box and when you are sending it out.

-Follow the people who are before and after you in the list so you can PM about addresses and such.

-Please either send the tea in its original packaging or make sure that it is properly labeled.

-Please make sure to package teas appropriately so that strongly scented teas do not contaminate the other teas, and so that no teas escape and wander the box while in the mail.

- Please replace the box if it becomes damaged.

- There will be a small notebook in the tea box. Please update the book with which teas you took out and which teas you added. REMEMBER to keep the book in the tea box so the next participant can update it.

Any questions, just comment here. Again, there are 10 sign-up spots for this box. Please include the state that you live in when you sign up.



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OOH! I’ve so been hoping someone would start up another tea box! I do most of my tea drinking after I get home from work so herbals are typically my choice so I can actually sleep at night! I’m in Indiana and hoping I get to play!

Omg! I’m a 23-year-old Education major too! virtual high five

Sweet! We are awesome! Elementary?

No, Secondary math :P

Oh, math is not my strong suit. English is more my fit. I tried secondary in one of the pre-req classes I had to take. The kids I had were mouthy and I didn’t feel like taking that for the rest of my life. What made you choose secondary?

I like algebra :) lol. I’ve had both mouthy students and sweet ones. It varies from school to school.

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Ricky said

Add me to the list :) – NYC

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Dr Jim said

I would also be interested. I’m in Massachusetts.

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Dustin said

I’m in Texas and would love to join! I haven’t done a traveling box yet and they look like so much fun!
One question tho, you said the decaf teas need to be 98% decaffeinated, but I have no idea how to get that info on the teas that I have bought that are labeled decaf. Any suggestions? I don’t think the companies provided that info.

To be labeled as decaf in the US, tea must have at least 98% of the caffeine removed.

Dustin said

Ah, wonderful! Thanks for the info!

You’re welcome! :)

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DigniTea said

I’d like to take part. I’m in North Carolina.

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Yay! The list is half-full already!! Looking for 5 more herbal lovers :)

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How does a traveling tea box work? I’m interested!

This is my first time doing one, but from reading the other threads this is what I’ve gathered: The OP (original poster, aka me) fills a box with tea. They collect a list of people (10 in this case). Then they send their box full of tea to the first person on the list. This person takes out the teas that they like and replaces them with teas of a comparable cost/weight. Then they send the box to the next person on the list and this continues until the last person on the list sends the box back to the OP :)

Awesome!! Count me in!!

What state are you in?

I’m in Ohio :)

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What a great way to introduce many kinds of herbal blends. I’d love to participate. It would be my first traveling box! I live just north of New York City.

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Woo! Just 3 spots left, people! _

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In the meantime everyone, I’ve made a few adjustments to the guidelines I posted originally, please read them when you can. Also, please comments any suggestions you have to make this the best tea box EVER! :)

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