Sipdown is a word I’ve only seen on this website, and I’ve seen it used in different ways and contexts. Sooo, what does it mean? I’ve seen one person describe it as drinking as many teas and you can in one day, and I’ve seen another person describe it as drinking mediocre tea just to finish. And all the time I see tea logs just start with the word “Sipdown!” and I think, is that just a word you say at the beginning of reviews? o.O Please help a poor newb out. Lol

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yyz said

Its when you are drinking the last of the tea you currently possess, so it’s no longer in your cupboard.

Some people participate in challenges as a bit of fun and to reduce their cupboard. These are the times when you see people finishing many teas in one day. Ie. Saturday Sipdown challenge.

I always thought that drinking the last of a tea should be called a sipout rather than sipdown. Lol.

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Ahhhh, thanks for clarifying!

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Yes the definition/slang helped me out too!

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I’m really glad someone already asked this – I couldn’t tell whether sipdown was an “easy to drink, really good tea” or “something I’m drinking to finish my cup and never again”, I’ve seen so many different contexts

Oh, I’ve been using this word a lot lately… I guess other Steepsterers started it years ago. To me, sipdown doesn’t necessarily mean drinking many teas in one day (a tea spree) or that the tea isn’t a good one. To me, it means that it means I’m drinking the last I have of the tea and I get to click the button that takes it out of my cupboard. :D

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