Tea Cupping Class with JusTea

Hi! This is an offer for one (1) person to accompany me to a tea cupping class by JusTea in Vancouver next week Wednesday at 6pm in Vancouver. I got it from contributing to their latest campaign and they told me I could bring a friend! Lasts “about an hour”.

Preference to people who are already following me.


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Really no one?

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ifjuly said

I would love to but I’m…well, well over 1000 miles away. So jealous!

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Pandeme said

I would but I live on the island and have night class then :(

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Sil select said

someone needs to do this or i’ll be a sad Panda. If i wasn’t all the way over in toronto i would so be doing this. Sounds like a fantastic night! I hope, if nothing else, you’ll let us know how it went Starfevre!

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Soooo, I just had this class. Or activity I guess, I knew everything already that the guy whose name I’ve already forgotten (theteaguy.com? Maybe it was Brendan) talked about, he only talked about generalities anyway. First set of tea cupping was just a variety of different types of tea, all high quality and organic. A white peony, a sencha, a mt Phoenix oolong, an Assam, and a puerh.

Those were mostly good to me. I over taste bitterness so everything above the oolong was a bit unpalatable for me but everyone else enjoyed it.

Second set of tea cups was the main event, the Kenyan tea, 3 machine processed (what is for sale now), and 3 that were handcrafted which will be on sale soon, next month perhaps? The machine processed were the Kenyan Black, the Earl Grey, and the African Chai, which I passed on. I already know that I like those better with milk and sugar.

The handcrafted teas were interesting, a black, which was a bit over leafed, an oolong, which was surprisingly good to me, and one of the bag less florets on a string made with about 20 leaves tied together, which Paul, the young JusTea guy, said was a dark oolong. The first handcrafted tea to come out of Kenya, direct from the farmers. Paul’s parents Greyson and Grace are also part of the JusTea family.

I thought that the floret on a string idea was really clever. I have one now and there is a picture of it on my fledgling Instagram account that is also under the name starfevre since I can’t figure out how to link it with my phone or iPad, nor how to make albums or whatever, sorry.

The whole thing was very casual and it started off with a video that I think will shortly be on their Facebook. It was fun although I was the person that came the farthest. They were all surprised that I had driven up from Seattle. Pics on Instagram like I said.

Sil select said

thanks for the update. Sounds like a lot of fun :)

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