Nerys said

Oolong what to buy ?

New to oolong.Any suggestions on what to buy with my next order?

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Yezi tea has some delicious oolongs, plus you can get samples from them I have tried almost all their Oolongs and my favorites were Da Yu Ling, Li Shan, and Jin Xuan.

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boychik said

I like Teavivre oolongs and this company has excellent customer service. Take a look at reviews. This company offers great blacks and greens as well. Samples are great and generous. It’s essential if you don’t know if going to like it. So it could be your one stop shop.
My favorites are roasted types and milk oolong is delicious

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Dinosara said

Verdant and Teavivre are my top two, you could also look into JK Tea Shop as they have quite a few and the one I tried was very good.

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I just got my order of milk oolong from Mandala and I really like it!

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ifjuly said

My favorites have been the floral/green springtime-y ones from Verdant, Teavivre, and Eco Cha. For flavored (I like my oolong bases for flavored tea to be floral/green as well), I like the coconut bao zhongs/pouchongs from Golden Moon, Zen Tea, and American Tea Room; the milk oolong from Teavivre; and Butiki’s Flowery Pineapple Oolong, Strawberry Oolong, and Lychee Oolong. Butiki’s Four Seasons Reserve Oolong is unlike any other tea I’ve tried so far; it’s pitch black, resteeps a billion times, and has a roasty, toasty, almost coffee-like taste. Keep in mind I usually don’t go in much for the high altitude or charcoal roasted Taiwanese and Wuyi stuff, or the classic peachy stuff, so YMMV.

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