Nicole said

Tea & Cards Traveling Tea Box! Signups: CLOSED

I sorted through my teas tonight and I have plenty to start a TTB going around! So I’m going to blatantly copy and edit Tea Sipper’s post for the “Here’s Hoping Teabox” since that is one seems to get good press. :) This will be the Tea & Cards box. In addition to teas, everyone will include either a postcard from where they live or a recipe card for a dish that includes tea!

I can’t say how much this will cost to ship – hoping for less than $15 and with any luck, less than $10. In order to accomplish this, I’m sorry, Northern & overseas friends, but this will be US only.

Also, if you are already participating in a TTB, please pass on this one. I’d like to give new folks a chance, especially since I am new to this TTB stuff as well! I’m going to start with 8 people for this initial attempt and see how that goes.

I will put the list of who will be in this first round on this thread once selection is made. Like Tea Sipper, I will try to be somewhat selective about who participates. Everyone wants to get something out of this and in order to accomplish that I will not be selecting people who are not very active on the board. Being new to Steepster isn’t going to disqualify you, but if you haven’t been posting tea reviews or to discussion threads I’m probably not going to put you on this first list. No offense intended to anyone, but everyone needs to be an active participant for this to be successful!

This box can have everything from full ounces, to enough tea for a cup or two or teabags. No tins, please! The teas you include can be anything but please try to send teas that are good quality. This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, just not things that have lost their flavor from being 4 years old! The idea is to replace an equal amount of tea that you take out but don’t increase the size of the box exponentially just to get rid of stuff you don’t want any more! Try to keep the box about the same size when you send it on. Please post on this thread updates on the box when you get it, like what you took out of the box and what you added to the box. Please send the delivery confirmation to me and the person you are sending the box to (Do NOT post it in this thread, due to privacy issues).

+The teabox will travel within the US only. You must mail with the delivery confirmation option! Post updates on the box in this thread. Please add an equal amount of tea that you remove. Also include on this thread what you added to the teabox and what you took out.

+ Please send the delivery confirmation number to me and the person to whom you are mailing the box. Please do NOT post in this thread with the delivery confirmation number due to privacy issues and your location being public.

+ When you get the box, take out whatever card is included and put in your own card. Sample or decide what teas you want to remove to sample and replace them with the teas you are sending on. Please only keep the teabox for a couple weeks at most. That should be plenty of time sample or make a decision about what to keep to try and what to put back in, but not too long that it is held up! Let me know if something comes up before the box gets to you and I can move you in the list – like if you are going to be on vacation or out of town when it is your turn to get the box.

+ Please make sure you are following at least a couple people after you and before you on the mailing list so you can give your address, get the next address and in case the next person doesn’t respond. Also, ask for the next person’s address as soon as you get the teabox. Check to make sure the next person is ready to get the box shortly before you mail it out because something may have changed – maybe they moved or are out of town or indisposed. If you do not get a response from the person after you on the list within 3 days, move on to the next person, making sure to let me and the person you are skipping know they are being skipped. If you cannot send a PM to the person next on the list because they are not following you, let me know. I will be following everyone on the list and you must follow me after being added or I will remove you from the list and add someone else.

+Make sure each tea name and brand is labeled. It would also be a nice addition to list the recommended steep time and temp. If it is something that isn’t found on Steepster already, please include ingredients.

+If you put in strong smelling teas, please at least double bag them and even wrap in foil if possible to keep out any cross contamination of other teas.

+Please don’t put anything heavy in the box, not even tins. The goal is to share tea, not tins and tins will increase shipping cost!

+It’s also a nice idea to look at the shopping lists of the next couple of members after you on the list, to see if you have any teas they’d like to try!

+Make sure the box isn’t too beat up before you send it to the next person and replace with a new box if necessary. Please do NOT use a USPS priority box to replace the box since that forces the next person in line to use Priority mail as well and that may be cost prohibitive for them.

Woohoo! Have at it! :)

Here is our inaugural round of participants!

carol who

You now have to follow me and at least a couple of people before and after you. I will send out the box on Friday if I get everyone following me by then. If it doesn’t happen by then, I won’t be able to send out until next Wednesday as I will be out of town. I will post a response to this thread as soon as I send the box out as well as messaging bluebelle. If you are subscribed to this thread, you should get an email when it is updated. Thanks, everyone, let’s make this a good experience for all of us!

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carol who said

I haven’t done a TTB before but would be really excited to participate in this one. I live in Illinois. I think the card idea is great!

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I’m also new to TTBs but would love to try it out. They sound like a lot of fun and a good (inexpensive!) way to try new things.

I’m in Indiana.

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I would also be interested.

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Never done TTB, but have done a few swaps! I’m in Massachusetts.

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Sil select said

One suggestion, since this is a new group doing this. If you have strong smelling teas, put it in a bag and then wrap it in tinfoil. It seems to do a better job than plastic wrap :)

Also…totally jealous that I can’t participate! ;) but i’ll forgive you this time Nicole!

Nicole said

Excellent suggestion, Sil! Thanks!

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Pyroxy select said

I’d love to try a TTB – and woohoo for seeing another Hoosier in the thread! – and I definitely have some fun postcards to include. :)

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NayLynn said

I would love to be in your TTB, they seem like so much fun. I live in Texas

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I’m happy to see you starting a teabox, Nicole! :D

Nicole said

Thanks for setting up yours with good guidelines I could steal! :)

Welcome! :D But I’m a little worried you aren’t organizing your shipping list by who is closest to each other by the state they live in to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.

Nicole said

Hadn’t even thought about that. We can rearrange. I’m sure everyone would like to keep costs as low as possible! Thanks, TeaSipper!

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I would love to do this! I think, with my many recent orders, I have more than enough tea to share :)

I live in Pennsylvania.

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So excited, especially after I thought I’d missed all of the TTBs! I’d love to join yours! I live in Washington.

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