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I just wanted to update everybody on how the box is doing! So far I’ve tried 6 teas and posted the tasting notes about them. I’ve been kind of slow because of my birthday weekend and because of work. I have a day off today, so I should try at least two more teas. Then I have off Friday, and that’s when I plan to have most of my tastings (since today I spent part of the day running errands). That, unfortunately, means that I won’t be able to send it Friday like I initially planned.

I will be definitely sending it Monday, though. I hope that’s okay! I’m going to put awesome teas in there, so that everyone’s waiting is rewarded :)))

You didn’t get it that long ago, did you? 6 days or so? I think you’re fine sending on Monday. Don’t sweat it. :)

Yeah, I got it Thursday, so I haven’t had it for a week yet. That’s okay then :)

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Okay! I am sending the box tomorrow on its way. So far I have tasted 19 teas and there’s tasting notes for all of them on my profile if anyone’s interested :) They are marked as TTB #.

Now let me report on the state of the box:

Butiki Teas Caramel Vanilla Assam, Flowery Pineapple Oolong, Oriental Beauty, Rose Violet Calendula Oolong
Capital Teas Summer Cherry Fig, Yoga
Della Terra Teas Coconut Trees & Vanilla Fields, Holiday Festival, Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Harney & Sons Tower of London
Justea Earl Grey
Kilimanjaro Tea English Breakfast
Maison Des Trois Thès Xihu Long Jing
New Mexico Tea Company Casablanca
Republic of Tea Açai Green
Shang Tea Bai Lin Kung Fu, Tangerine Blossom
Steven Smith Teamaker Lord Bergamot, Mao Feng Shui
Tazo Chai – 4 bags
Teavana Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai Maté Blend
Verdant Tea Zhu Rong Yunnan
Zen Tea Earl Grey Cream, Phoenix Pearl Tea
Den’s Tea Karigane Houjicha (2-3 cups)
Fortnum & Mason Elderflower Green (2-3 cups)
Golden Moon Teas Coconut Pouchong, Sugar Caramel Oolong, English Breakfast, and White Persian Melon (1-2 cups each)
Harrods Vanilla Excellence (2-3 cups)
Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice (1 sachet)
Temple of Heaven Special Gunpowder Green (2-3 cups)
The Tea Merchant Silk Dragon Oolong (2-3 cups)

WHAT I REMOVED (I wasn’t happy about removing, much like bluebelle wasn’t, but I had to make a little bit more room for what I wanted to put in there, so I took stuff that I didn’t think people might miss too much):

Golden Moon Tea – the remaining one serving of Irish breakfast (Yes, I guess I indulged myself a little bit here hides in shame)
Steven Smith Teamaker – Mao Feng Shui green 1 sachet
Kilimanjaro Tea – English Breakfast 1 bag
Tazo – Chai 1 bag

I also removed 1 serving of Harrods’ Vanilla Excellence and Shang Tea’s Kung Fu to have them later.

All the teas that I removed will be reviewed as a part of the Traveling Box as well.

52Teas Napalm Ferret green (4 cups)
Adagio Formosa Oolong #8 (4 cups)
American Tea Room Brioche black (3 cups)
Della Terra Teas White Chocolate white (4 cups)
Fusion Teas Islander Oolong (3-4 cups)
Golden Moon Tea Orchid Temple Oolong (1-2 cups)
Harney & Sons Queen Catherine (4 cups)
Harney & Sons Decaf Vanilla Comorro (1-2 cups)
Lupicia Sakurambo (2 bags – 2 cups)
Lupicia Grapefruit Green (3 bags – 3 cups)
RiverTea Superstar rooibos (3 cups)
RiverTea Granny’s Cake black (3 cups)
Single Origin Teas Grapefruit black (5 cups)
Teavana JavaVana Mate (4-5 cups)
Yezi Tea Jin Xuan Oolong (3 cups)
Yezi Tea Jin Pin black (3 cups)

I wanted to put much more in there but there’s absolutely no room! Several of the teas I had to wrap in aluminium foil because they are extremely fragrant.

I really loved the experience and I learned a lot from it, for instance, these things:
1) I absolutely love Chinese black teas
2) I am enjoying green teas more and more every day
3) I should be more dilligent with my tasting notes in general because it’s fun!
4) I need to prioritize my orders (Butiki! Verdant! ShangTea!)

I hope Jenn will love the package as much as I did. I still have a few teas to dry my tears with (=taste) after I part with the box (see: what I removed) ;)

Ahhh, I’m so excited! I already spy a bunch of teas on there that I’ve been meaning to try, plus a few that just sound plain delicious! Can’t wait for it to get here :)

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Pyroxy select said

Quick request – can Nicole maybe mark out the participants that have already had the box as it moves around? I don’t always have time to check into the thread, so being able to see how far along it is on the front page would be awesome…

Sure thing!

Pyroxy select said

You’re awesome! Thanks so much. :)

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The box has arrived! Super excited to start trying out these teas. I’ll take pics and post them later when I can figure out how.

Pictures of the tea spread out, plus Kat_Maria’s lovely card!

I’ve already tried two teas from the box that I love! So excited to try the rest :)

Ha, right, sorry about the Toy Story bags :D I was sure I had some clear ones but when it actually came to packing… there weren’t any!

Pyroxy select said

I’m so excited! :)

Are you kidding? The Toy Story bags were one of my favorite parts! Haha


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Excellent! Glad to see the box is moving and people are enjoying it. Looks like some great teas being added!

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Alrightey, the box is finally on its way! I had to use a new box, which was slightly bigger than the old one (only one I had) because of some issues at the post office. It used to be my box for swapping teas, so it says “SWAP BOX” on the side, but ignore that, haha.

Here is what I took out:
-Queen Catherine, 2 tsp
-JavaVana Mate, 1 tsp
-Orchid Temple Oolong, 2 tsp (finished)
-White Chocolate White, 1 tsp
-White Persian Melon, 1 tsp (finished)
-Jin Xuan Oolong, 1 tsp
-Rose Violet Calendula Oolong, 2 tsp (finished)
-Silk Dragon, 1.5 tsp
-Islander Oolong, 2 tsp
-Jin Pin, 1 tsp
-Xihu Long Jing, 2 tsp
-English Breakfast (Golden Moon), 2 tsp (finished)
-Caramel Vanilla Assam, finished
-Sakurambo, 1 sachet
-Oriental Beauty, 2 tsp
-Decaf Vanilla Comoro, finished

And here is what I added:
-Autumn Bancha by Takeo Family, Yunomi
-Downton Abbey English Rose Tea, Republic of Tea
-Almond Oolong, Adagio
-Caramel, Adagio
-Peach, Adagio
-Valentines, Adagio
-Grapefruit Oolong, Adagio
-White Blueberry, Adagio
-Mom’s Apple Pie, DAVIDsTEA
-Pistachio Cream, DAVIDsTEA
-Golden Yunnan, In Pursuit of Tea
-Wuyishan Black, Steepster
-Singbulli Oolong, Single Origin Teas
-Yunnan Aged Gudian Pu-erh, Yezi Tea

Sorry I was a bit lazy about listing amounts for the ones I put in, but they range from a single serving to an ounce.

There are some good looking teas in this box! :)

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carol who said

What I like about your list is that there are so many teas I would never buy on my own that I can try out this way. I may have some new favorites!

I found out a lot about what I like and what direction my tea adventure is most likely to take thanks to this box :)

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Pyroxy select said

EDIT: False alarm. No TTB yet…just a swap box that my jet-lagged brain thought was awesome enough to be our TTB. I’ll update when it does show up.

EDIT DEUX: The TTB did actually arrive today! No false alarms this time – I messaged Jennkay to make sure. :) It’s packed ridiculously full…I need to find somewhere in the house to lay it out and figure out where to start, but I’ll definitely dig into it tonight.

I’ll also tag all of my tasting notes with Tea & Cards TTB in case anyone else wants to follow along.

LOL… hey, at least it was tea! :)

Yay! And yeah, it took me forever just arranging and re-arranging to get stuff to fit, haha.

Pyroxy select said

I’ll probably wind up re-packaging a bunch of stuff to make it fit – I have a batch of small bags I can use. :)

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Pyroxy select said

I’m really bad at remembering things at the end, so I’ll keep a running log of what was used up/taken out/added in here.

Taken Out
Pistachio Cream (2tsp) kept
Valentine’s [Adiago] (1tsp)
Brioche Black (1tsp)
Grapefruit Green (1bag)
Blueberry White (2tsp) kept
Granny’s Cake (1tsp)
Peach (1tsp)
Superstar Rooibos (1tsp)
Casablanca Black/Green (1tsp) finished
Pineapple Upside Down Cake (1tsp)
Holiday Festival (1tsp)
JavaVana Mate (1tsp) kept
Tangerine Blossom (2tsp)
Earl Grey Cream (1tsp) kept
Kathryne Kenyan Earl Grey (1tsp)
Tower of London (1tsp)
Caramel [Adiago] (1tsp)
Sugar Caramel Oolong (1tsp)
Yoga Tea (1tsp)
Napalm Ferret (1tsp)
Coconut Pouchong (1tsp)
Queen Catherine (1tsp)
White Chocolate (1tsp)
Almond Oolong (1tsp)
Phoenix Pearl (2tsp)

Added In
ranges from 1oz to a few tsp
Licorice Spice [Walnut St Tea Co]
Blue Eyes [Walnut St Tea Co]
Strawberry Misaki [Teavana]
Black Dragon Pearls [Tazo]
Vanilla Velvet [Teajo Teas]
Caramel Cream Rooibos [Culinary Teas]
Apples & Molasses [Della Terra]
Classic Chai [Teajo Teas]
Zingiber Ginger Coconut [Teavana]
Eggnog Matcha [Red Leaf Teas]
Cookies & Cream Matcha [Red Leaf Teas]
Fennel Spice [Della Terra]
White Chocolate Peppermint [Teavana]
Berry Matcha [Red Leaf Teas]
SororiTea’s Tri Pi Chai [Uniq Teas]
Oolong Chardonnay [Vintage TeaWorks]
Dreamsicle Puerh [52 Teas]
Tiramisu Oolong [52 Teas]
Raspberry Cream [52 Teas]
Rumchata Honeybush [52 Teas]

Okay, it’s in the mail and on its way. :D
Shipping was only 6.50 for Priority 2-Day, which was nice.

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carol who said

I’m so excited!!!! There are so many teas I want to try. I’ve never had matcha before and i see a couple on the list. Goody!

Please note that who you are sending to box to has been swapped, carol who! TeaTiff was very conscientious and let me know that she will likely be on vacation by the time you send the box on to her so you will be sending to NayLynn instead. :)

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