New Tea Store

Hey all,
My cousins are starting a little web store to sell some teas. They are all sourced from tea farms owned by their family in India and are very good quality teas. The chai is a custom blend of the best quality spices and teas.

If you want to check out some of their teas you can go to

Right now they need to get some capital to get their business up and running so anything you order would be a big help.


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I’m totally going to order some now, I’m actually pretty excited to try some small-company blends!

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me too, since i seem to be on a roll…
that earl gray creme sounds delish, also trying out the masala chai. i usually don’t like chai, there’s something in standard versions that disagrees with me, but since in theory i should love the stuff, i’m giving this one a try.
best to your family and their business!

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Get them to give us some Steepster/family friend of friends discounts! ;)

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ok, YUM i now officially love EGC. the packaging is adorable as well! i added a tasting note and a photo, and a few more teas. i will definitely be back for more from them!!

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