cookie said

Out of date colourful Yunnan?

Hi, does anyone know if tea goes out of date? i was bought some as a present in China in April 2010 so is it ok to still sell on Ebay?

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AnnaEA select said

Other then pu-erh, the flavor of loose tea tends to deteriorate with time. The more processed the tea leaf, the longer it will probably brew nicely – ie, a dark black tea will have a longer shelf life then a delicate white tea. But unless it’s gotten wet and moldy or somehow otherwise contaminated, tea doesn’t really go bad — it just stops tasting good.

That being said, I personally have no problem drinking drinking older teas. Some of the teas in my cabinet are years old, and still enjoyable to me. I’m careful about how I store them, so they hold well.

If you still find that the tea brews an enjoyable cup, by all means, sell it. Just be sure to describe how it’s been stored and its age, so that your potential buys can make an informed decision.

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Uniquity said

I would be willing to drink it, but not willing to buy it. If you do choose to sell it, be up front about the age and storage conditions. There may even be someone on Steepster interested in it if the price is right. :)

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