OFFICIAL Stash Sales Thread

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Anna said

I started my stash sale thread before this one launched (great idea, Dinosara!), but I figured I’d move it over here for the remainder of my teas to spam the forum less. All the general info can be found in the old thread ( and the teas that are still available are these:

Dammann Frères

Dune d’épices
Blood orange, French spice bread
50 g/1.8 oz.

Soleil Vert
Blood orange
50 g/1.8 oz.


With Open Eyes
1 oz/28 g

Tamarind Pop
1 oz/28 g

And Pandesme’s teas that she probably doesn’t want anymore, since she’s been away from Steepster for a few months now:

Dammann Frères

Grapefruit, floral notes
50 g/1.8 oz.

Mousson sur Hanoï
Lychee, other exotic fruits
50 g/1.8 oz.

Clair de Fruits
Strawberry, cherry, exotic fruits, floral notes
50 g/1.8 oz.


Pistachio Ice Cream
1 oz/28 g

Champagne & Rose Cream
½ oz/14 g

Caramel Vanilla Assam
1 oz/28 g

Three Friends (comes in a small tin)
1 oz/28 g

Deazinn said

Are the Dammann Frères still available? If so, I’ll take both!

Anna said

Hey, Deazinn – sorry, I didn’t realize I was unsubscribed from this thread. Yes, all the above teas are still available if anyone’s interested!

I updated the list with a few others, too, as it seems we have lost Pandesme who wanted to buy those. Hope she’s okay!

Mandy said

How much would it be for the Pistachio Ice Cream Three Friends (comes in a small tin) and Caramel Vanilla Assam, including shipping?

Anna said

I’ll PM you, Mandy.

Michelle said

did you already sell the ones mandy asked about? thanks! :)

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Fiddling said

I have quite a bit of tea that I’m looking to sell. All tea is less than a year old (a lot of it is less than 6 months old) and has been stored in airtight tins or zip pouches. Everything is in its original packaging except when stated otherwise.

Amounts and prices are all listed below. Weights are approximate and likely to be underestimated. I’m located in the US and am willing to ship anywhere as long as the buyer is willing to pay extra for shipping. Orders above $10 will get free shipping in the USA, otherwise add an extra $2 to ship. I accept PayPal.

52 Teas
Cuba Libre (Black) – 0.5 oz., $1 (in airtight zip pouch)
Lemon Cardamom Chun Mee (Green) – 2 oz. minus 3 tsp, $4 (willing to split up)

Happy Kombucha (Oolong) – 10g, $1.50
La La Lemon (Black) – 10g, $1
Organic Hot Lips (Green) – 20g, $2
Persian Apple (Green) – 3 oz., $6 (in airtight zip pouch, will split into smaller amounts)

Harney & Sons
(All H&S is kept in tins, but will ship in airtight zip pouches. Willing to split into smaller amounts.)
Citron Green – 2 oz., $3
Indian Spice (Black) – 4 oz., $5
Lemony Gunpowder (Green) – 1.5 oz., $2
Paris (Black) – 2 oz., $3

Miscellaneous Loose Tea
Earl Grey Creme (Black) – Teavana – just shy of 1.5 oz., $3 (in airtight zip pouch)
Shui Jin Gui Wuyi (Oolong) – Verdant Tea – 4 tsp, $2 (in airtight zip pouch)

Coconut Chai (Black) – Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, 10 bags (in tin), $2

Ali select said

I’m interested in:
Davids Coconut Grove (White) – 25g (sealed), $4
Davids Fantasy Island (Black) – 30g, $2.50 (in airtight zip pouch)
DT Classic Apple Pie (Black) – 2-3 tsp, $1
Harney Hot Cinnamon Spice (Black) – 1.5 oz., $2
Harney Wedding Tea (White) – Harney & Sons, 2 sachets (in tagalong tin), $1

I’ll go ahead and follow you :) Oh, and I’m in the US!

Interested In these – but maybe not the full amounts of the 2oz stuff. Following you.
Piña Colada Honeybush – 1 oz., $2
Jessie’s Tea (Rooibos) – 10g, $1
Apples & Mango (Rooibos) – 2-3tsp, $1
Apricot & Peach (Honeybush) – 2-3tsp, $1
Carrot Cake Rooibos – 2 oz. minus 2 tsp, $5
Classic Apple Pie (Black) – 2-3 tsp, $1
Lemon Pepper Rooibos – 2-3 tsp, $1
Upside Down Rooibos – 2 oz. minus 2 tsp, $5
Serenity (Rooibos) – 2-3 tsp, $1

Mango Lassi (Rooibos) – Butiki Teas – 5 tsp, $2

Fiddling said

Ali – Great! I went ahead and sent you a PM.

Fiddling said

rooibos1986 – I just sent you a PM. :)

I’m interested in:
Blueberry cream cheese Danish -$3
Caramel pumpkin cheesecake -$.50
Stone fruit white tea -$2
Fantasy island -$2.50
Carrot cake rooibos -$3.50
Upside down rooibos -$3.50
Ginseng berry -$1
Blueberry earl grey -$2
Lingonberry green -$1

I will follow you. Thanks.

Fiddling said

TraceyC – Check your inbox for a PM. :)

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*Sold**Verdant Tea, 1 oz, unopened:*
Qilan Wuyi Oolong
Quyi Mountain Big Red Robe
Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong Oolong

I also have 1/2 of January’s Steepster box I didn’t really care for that I’ll throw in.

If in the US, This whole lot is $25 shipping included (Priority Mail)

I am interested. I am following you. If you could do the same I can send you a PM. Thanks!


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Edited/ deleted

Adagio Breeze has reserved the Hattialli so I’ll post again when I have more things to sell/ when I’m closer to going to the post office. thanks!

gone for now

If you can’t find anyone in the US to take you up on this, I’m interested in the Hattialli + the two larger 52teas samples. (Or you could send them to my parents’ address, but I won’t be visiting them for another 3 months)

Adagio breeze – please follow me and I’ll send you a message!

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Tea for sale! – List down, more will be listed eventually!

I’m interested! I followed you. :)

Interested in Butterbeer & potato pancakes. Following you.

I would like to try some.
New Mexico Tea Co
Coconut Black 22g $1.5

Georgia Tea Co
Pumpkin Spice herbal 60g $3.50

Steep City Teas
Chocohoney berry black 24g $2

The Persimmon Tree
Coconut Chocolate Pu’er 66g $5

I’ll follow you and you can PM me, if these are still available. Thanks.

They are! following you back.

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KallieBoo! said
Message deleted by author.

That sounds like fun. Can we work around me not liking flowery tea? I’ll follow you and you can PM me :-)

KallieBoo! said

Of course!

Dr Jim said

I would be interested if you are willing to work around my allergies to flowers and rooibos/honeybush.

Cheri select said

Can I still get in on this one? Sounds like a great way to try some new things.

KallieBoo! said

Dr Jim- Yes! That’s fine. I’ll PM you.

Cheri- I’ll PM you too!

KallieBoo! said

I still have enough for a few more packages if anyone is interested!!

I’m interested. I looked through your cupboard and saw many things that appeal to me. I really dislike coconut and banana, but would love to try things like the 52teas Cotton Candy, and I love blacks and flavored teas.

Dr Jim said

My package arrived today and I’m really happy with it. Good variety; good quality; good deal!. Thanks KallieBoo!

KallieBoo! said

Thank you Dr Jim!!

Do you still have the French Toast tea left, and would you be willing to part with it? I am seriously looking for as much of that tea as I can. Thanks!

KallieBoo! said

I’m not willing to part with it. It’s one of my favorites! Sorry

KallieBoo! said

I still have enough for more boxes! I just want to clear some out so I can order some different teas. Let me know if you are interested!

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Did anyone else read this title and think it was about Stash brand tea?

yssah said

yes lol

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Message deleted by author.

I am interested in taking these off of your hands.
Culinary Teas
- Caramel Creme Brûlée 1oz minus 2 tsp $2

Della Terra Teas $4 for all

- Malt Shop about 2 cups worth
- Strawberry Sundae 2-3 cups worth
- Orange Brûlée 2-3 cups worth
- Cafe Vanilla 2 cups ( in a clear plastic Baggie)

- ice cream cake 2 cups (this is old but I’m including it just for fun in case someone would like to try it as a novelty) $1
- Three Wishes 25g minus 2 cups worth $1
- Kiwi’s Big Adventure approx 3 cups $1
- Buttercream 2-3 cups $1

I would also like to get these:
- Movie Night 2 cups worth
- Read My Lips 3-4 cups worth

and some of these:
- Chocolate Chili Chai (1/2 tin)
- Chocolate Orange (1/4 tin)
- Valentine’s Day blend (1/2 tin at least)

I will follow you and once you follow me, we can discuss final price.


Ok, followed you. Just pm me and let me know how much of the tin ones you were thinking and we will go from there! :)

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Taking the list down for now. Thank you everyone for your purchase! It REALLY helps me out!

Accidental strike out! Should be fine now.

Megan said

I’m interested in the following if still available:
Teavivre – Anxi Monkey King (Ma Liu Mie) Oolong – OP two unopened sample pouches – $2
Teavivre – Tie Guan Yin “Iron Goddess” Oolong OP unopened sample $1
Mahamosa – Lavender Earl Grey – OP 2-3 teaspoons $.75
Della Terra Teas – Cinnamon Roll – OP sample 1 tsp gone $1.50
52Teas–Bacon Maple (OP opened bestseller’s sample – 2-3 tsp) – $.60
52Teas –Butterbeer (OP opened bestseller’s sample – 2-3 tsp) $.60 – OP Earl Grey Lavender sample $.75
Dammann Freres – Paul et Virginie – a few teaspoons $1.50
Dammann Freres – Thes des Poetes – one teaspoon $.20

I’m interested in a few if they are still available.
Della Terra Spiced Caramel Apple
Della Terra salted Caramel & Chocolate
Harney Fruits D’Alsace
Zen tea Vanilla Black
D& Baulk lychee & bamboo
Adagio White -curiosity has me interested because the reviews are so terrible.

Megan – They are yours!

Suziqzer – All of those are still available. Please follow me and I’ll send you a message!

Got it.

Updated my for sale list!

I’ll take these:
Teavana – Zocolatte Spice Herbal – 2 ounces OP unopened $2.50
Steep City Teas – Bursting Lychee – a few teaspoons $1.60
Steep City Teas – Choco Honeyberry – a few teaspoons $1.60
Tealux – Fruit Medley herbal – OP couple teaspoons $.40 – OP Lapsang Souchong sample $.75 – OP Ginger Peach Decaf sample $.75
Fusion – Good Morning Mate – OP sample with 1 tsp gone – $1.75
Adagio – Green Rooibos – Quite a few tsps in sandwich bag – $1.25

Message me, thanks

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Message deleted by author.

I’ll take the whole lot :)

Pm me! :)

PS if you have an aversion to coconut then I’d avoid Alpine Punch ;)

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