OFFICIAL Stash Sales Thread

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All of these went out today, and I still have a few more ready to go!

Are they all identical? I was VERY pleased with mine. :)

I’m glad! I found one other 52teas flavor to put in them, but I could put together a sampler of other brands for you.

Great can u message me and we can " talk "?

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wheezybee said

Good morning! I think this got a little lost in the middle, so I’m reposting. All teas are either in original packaging or have been transferred to zip-lock mylar. Paypal only, five tea minimum, and I’ll ship anywhere as long as you’re willing to cover the cost.

Please let me know which teas you’re interested in, PM me, and I will let you know what the shipping will be. Thank you so much!

52Teas – Candy Corn – Sealed sample from 12 Teas of Christmas – 19.2g in package $2
52Teas – GenmaiCHAI – Sealed sample, 12 T of C – 15.8g in package $1.50
52Teas – S’Mores Genmaicha – Sealed sample, 12 T of C – 15.8g in package $1.50

Adagio – Birthday Black Tea – 27g in package $1
Adagio – Candy Cane – 25g in package $1
Adagio – Earl Grey Bravo – 34g in package $1
Adagio – Earl Grey Moonlight – 15g in package $1

DAVIDsTEA – Yellow Dragon – 31g in package $2

Della Terra Teas – Key Lime Pie – 22g in package $2
Della Terra Teas – Swiss Mountain – 10g in package $1

Harney & Sons – Black Currant Black – 2 sachets $0.50

Mariage Freres – Cannelle – 15g in package $2
Mariage Freres – Earl Grey Imperial – 35g in package $3

Teavana – Spiced Mandarin Oolong (in new, sealed package) 2oz $4

Teavivre – Bailin Gongfu Black Tea – 10g in package $1
Teavivre – Golden Monkey Black Tea – 13g in package $1
Teavivre – Organic Superfine Dragon Well Green Tea – 20g in package $3
Teavivre – Premium Grade Dragon Well Green Tea – 2 sealed samples $2
Teavivre – Premium Keemun Hao Ya Black Tea – 17g in package $0.50
Teavivre – Silver Needle White Tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen)- 2 sealed samples $2
Teavivre – Yun Nun Dian Hong Black Tea, Golden Tip – 23g in packages $2
Teavivre – Yun Nun Dian Hong Black Tea, Golden Tip – 2 sealed samples $2

Verdant – Tulsi Rooibos Herbal (blends subscription) – 30g in package 3
Verdant – Yabao Snickerdoodle (blends subscription) – 26g in package $3

Yellow flower cup and saucer: $1
Yellow teapot (display only – glaze cracks w/ hot water): $5
Royal Albert Bone China, January cup and saucer: $8
Japan blue and white cup and saucer: $5

Picture of package fronts:

Picture with see-through package backs:

Picture of teaware:

NOTE: When weights noted “in package” it means they were weighed in package.

Sara said

Hi there, are you still looking to sell any of these? I’m interested in 52Teas S’Mores Genmaicha, Adagio Birthday Black Tea, Della Terra Teas Key Lime Pie, Mariage Freres Cannelle, Mariage Freres Earl Grey Imperial, and Verdant Yabao Snickerdoodle. I can Paypal you and I’m located in the US.

yssah said

are these still available?

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Selling from my tea stash
I’m moving in a couple months, and have more tea than I’ll drink. There are some samples that need a new home. Most of my teas are an ounce or less. I’ll try to weigh and list them later. Can only ship within the US.

Chinese Tea Company- Ripe pu-erh, Dark Oolong, one herbal
David’s Teas- Seasonal, assorted black and rooibos blends
Della Terra- lots of flavoured black, oolong and rooibos blends
New Mexico Tea Company- Royal Bengal Tiger

Della Terra-

Fireside Spice (black)- 1 oz minus 1 tsp
Holiday Cheer (herbal/ spice)- 1 oz minus 1 tsp
Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie (black)- .35 oz
Chocolate Pumpkin Pie (black)- .35 oz

52 Teas- NOS4A2 1.75 oz- minus 1 tsp

New Mexico Tea Company- Royal Bengal Tiger- 1 oz minus 5 tsp

The Chinese Tea Shop-

Top Grade Wild Chrysanthemum Bud- .25 oz
Aged Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea 1990’s (Shou)- .50 oz minus 1 tsp
Premium Traditional Iron Buddha (20 years old, charcoal roasted)- .50 oz minus 1 tsp
Phoenix Oolong Gao Shan Mi Lan Xiang (High Mountain Honey Orchid Flavor)- .50 oz minus 1 tsp
1980’s Zhen Cang, Dry Date Flavor Big Leaf Loose Leaf Pu-erh Tea (Ripe/ Shou)- .50 oz minus 1 tsp

Pretty much anything rooibos or herbal I’d be interested in. Can you follow me for details?

Ost said

Curious about what you have from DTT

I think anyone who follows me can message me.

Hmm – if you can follow me? I could be wrong, but I believe both parties must follow one another before send message is an option.

Only one party needs to be following. Let me know if the message option doesn’t show up.

Well, if you can send the message then? I’m unable to send one to you. Thanks,

Following you I have questions about the pu-reh

Chinese Shop Pu-erh has been claimed.

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Dinosara said

new list below.

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Ost said
Message deleted by author.

I’m interested in acquiring these:

New Mexico Tea Company:
Black Jasmine Cream (1oz minus 1tsp) $2

Caramel Corn (50g, unopened package) 4$

Della Terra Teas:
Cotton Candy (2oz minus 2tsp) $3
Lavender & Lemon (1oz unopened bag) $1
Honey & Spice (1oz, unopened bag) $1

Cococaramel Sea Salt (However much you want…I have too much of this tea 0_0 We can discuss prices if you’re interested)

Art of Tea:
Golden Monkey (not sure but in small tin) $1

I’m following you if you’d like to discuss. :)

Can’t resist!
Harney & Sons:
Yellow Fairy (1.5oz minus like 5tsp) $2

Dragon Tea House:
Taiwan Alishan Oolong (50g minus 1tsp) $2
Premium Lao Cang Mini Tuo Cha Puer Tea Assortment (8 pieces) $1 Are these raw or ripe?

Happy Banana (50g minus 1tsp) $1

Butiki Teas:
Pistachio Ice Cream (1oz minus 1tsp) $2 Do you remember when you bought this?

Simpson & Vail:
Scottish Blend Black Tea (1oz minus 1tsp) $1
Red Velvet Cupcake (2oz minus 1tsp) $3 I wouldn’t mind buying half of this one.

Art of Tea:
Golden Monkey (not sure but in small tin) $1

tealux – black dragon pearls $2
zen- white peony $1

Interested in pu-reh cakes if still available.

Ost said

hippiechick42, sorry that’s taken. I’ll update the list soon to say what’s available and what’s not. If you’re interested in anything else, hit me up (:

I should pay better attention, I did not notice that teasipper asked for it, not trying to jump in front of anyone. Sorry.

I am following you, could u msg me to discuss Cococaramel sea salt, if u have any left?

Ost said

No worries! You’re cool! (: Oh yeah sure. Didn’t see the second thing you said. I’ll shoot you a message!

I’m interested in a few…

Simpson & Vail:
Red Velvet Cupcake (1oz) $1.50
Candy Cane Organic (2oz minus 1tsp) $3

Caramel Corn (25g, opened package) 3$

Blueberry Bliss/Pineapple Kona Pop (1oz, unopened bag) $1

and… Maybe…
German Chocolate Cake (2 oz, minus 4tsp) $3
Can you tell me more about this one? Can’t find it online or in tasting notes here.

… Following you :)

Ost said

Oh okay.
Well I got The Divinitea from a swap with someone on Reddit. Apparently it’s a small tea shop in NY. That was their most popular tea. The name kinda lies to you though because it is actually more of a creamy coconut flavor. It’s a good tea. But too much coconut at one time makes me sick. xD
I’ll message you about the others though.

Ost said

Updated 8/18

I want a few:
Vanilla Berry Truffle
Blueberry Bliss/pineapple Kona pop
Grape Wulong
Blueberry Cheesecake
Mint Chocolate Chip
Cinnamon Rooibos Chai

Please PM me.

Ost said

Fantastic! Will have a Pm for ya soon (:

Do you still have some of these available? I see quite a few I might be interested in! And I’m in California, too.

Ost said

Oh hey! All the ones listed are still available. I’ll follow you and you can let me know what you’re interested in! (:

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Deleted since everything has been claimed. Thanks all!

I’m interested! Going to follow you to PM :)

Interested in these, or these that EvaGrimm didn’t want (one of each flavor):
Orange Creamsicle
Pumpkin Pie Crepe with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce
Key Lime Cheesecake
Strawberry Zabaglione
Lime Jello
Pink Lemonade
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish
Neapolitan Ice Cream
Cotton Candy

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