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M Mack said
Message deleted by author.
SheaShay said

I’m interested in quite a few of these, but I won’t be able to purchase until the weekend. I’ll check back later in the week to see if they’re still available.

I haven’t bought tea in ages and can’t resist. Please follow me so I can send you a message. Thanks

I’m interested in these, but happy to split the 100 grams to 50 grams with Roswell, if M Mack wants to do that (and you have good packaging to put the tea in):
Tropicalia 100g
Spiced fig 100g
Watermelon mint 50g
Guava cadabra 50g
Mango tumeric 50g
Peanut butter cup 50g
Mango fruit punch 50g
Gingerbread 50g
Marcuja Mango 50g

Hey M Mack – following you now, do you mind following me back so I can send you a PM? I’m interested in any of the following if they haven’t been claimed yet:

Mango Turmeric
Peanut Butter Cup
Spiced Fig

SheaShay said

Hey Mack, if it’s not too much to ask, will you update your list as you sell stuff off so I can see what’s left?

Tamarindel said

Hey M Mack, would love to get these from you if they’re still available:
Goji pop 100g
Just peachy 50g
Pink Flamingo 100g
Midsummer night’s dream 50g

Following you now

removed for now, won’t have chance to get to the PO for a while.

updated the list.

Last chance for a while! I will have a chance to get to the PO tomorrow.

Tamarindel said

I am doing a little cupboard cleaning before I get swamped with the holidays. This is what I’m looking to clear out:

(I do not have a scale sensitive enough to measure tea, so I am going by what’s written on the pouches or my best guess here. Where I’m guessing I put a question mark.)

1 oz(?) Lord of the Lakes from Whispering Pines
15 g Chai Houjicha from 52Teas
1 Japanese Sencha sachet from Harney & Sons
1 Decaffeinated Ceylon teabag from Harney & Sons

Tropical Green sample from Harney and Sons. There are probably only about 2 servings left in this.
.5 oz(?) 2010 Bai Sha Xi “Tian Jian” from Yunnan Sourcing
1 oz (minus the teaspoon I took out to try) 2005 Changtai Yun Pu Zhi Dian / Top of the Clouds from Crimson Lotus
Rummy Pu from Liquid Proust. This is a sample pouch. Not sure what the sample pouch weight was originally, but I took out 1 teaspoon to try.
15 g minus 1 teaspoon Beau’s Hoppy Birthday Brew from 52Teas
15 g minus 1 teaspoon Pineapple Bacon Rooibos from 52Teas
15 g minus 1 Something Different from 52Teas

Because I live quite a distance from the post office, I would like to send this all out in one package. I am asking $8 via paypal for the lot, and this includes shipping. US addresses only please. If you would like these teas, please comment below and then follow me so I can DM you for address, etc.

Me please

Tamarindel said

Thanks, Aaron! Messaging you now :)

Cwyn said

Too much tea, more coming in and I am making myself sell a few cakes I don’t think I will open or drink. Some I have several of and its ridiculous to keep so many.

2011 Gold Dayi, hard to find. 357g SOLD

2002 White Whale bricks, selling 2. 200g total $40. $8 shipping

Photos here

Message me on Steepster or contact form on

M Mack said
Message deleted by author.

Interested in these:
David’s Tea
Coconut Cream Pie (Unopened 57grams) $3
Shooting star (white) 48g $2

Peanut Butter Cup 30g $2
Mango lassi 48g $2
Hot tropic 38g $2
Spiced pumpkin 45g
Le digestif 28g $2

Orange Blossom 40g $2
Oh Canada 40g $2

A partridge in a Pear tea 11g $1
Something Different 34g $2
Cherry almond gunpowder 40g $2

Black tea
Gramma spice cake 12g $1
Blackberry rose 15g (unopened) $2
Picante black Raspberry 12g $1

Arby said

Here are the ones I’m interested in. Mostly they are ones tea-sipper wants (haven’t looked through them all to check) but let me know which ones end up being available.

Strawberry lemonade 50g (unopened) $3
Grilled Pineapple 50g $2
Hot tropic 50g (unopened) $3
Just peachy 50g (unopened) $3
Spiced pumpkin 45g
April Siesta 15g (unopened) $2
Chocolate Covered Banana 8g $1
Currant Affair 50g (unopened) $3
Oh Canada 40g $2
Neapolitan 5g $1
Pinita Colada Carrot Cake 7g $1
Orange Raspberry 8g $1
Ginger cola 15g (unopened) $2
Gramma spice cake 12g $1
Blackberry rose 15g (unopened) $2
Picante black Raspberry 12g $1
Golden whiskey sour 14g $1

SheaShay said

Ok, the ones I’m interested in…

Grilled Pineapple 50g $2
Mango Tumeric 40g $2
Mango lassi 48g $2
‎mango fruit punch 27g $2
‎watermelon mint 30g $2
‎pink passion fruit 38g,$2 
Sweet apple cider 46g $2
Honeybush Lemon ginger 50g (unopened)
Creme Brulee 42g $2
A partridge in a Pear tea 11g $1
Orange Raspberry 8g $1
Blackberry rose 15g (unopened) $2
Picante black Raspberry 12g $1
Golden whiskey sour 14g $1
Citrus lavender Sage 50g (unopened) $3
Strawberry lemonade 50g (unopened) $3
Apple Lemon pomegranate 50g x2 (unopened) $3

Ashley said
Message deleted by author.
Ashley said

Decreased price

Sil select said

assuming you meant shipping in the US. Can you let me know what you were thinking if you had to ship to canada? (or if you’d even be willing?)

AJRimmer said

I’m interested in this tea! I’m in the US.

I will be going to the post office next week so time to post the teas for sale again! US only please. Please keep in mind that my rule is you have to buy at least three items to make shipping worth while. I could really use the money right now. I’d appreciate the help! Most of these are very new teas and if I know it is older, I won’t sell it. Thanks

Wild Arbor Feng Qing Black Pure Assamica – Spring 2014 in resealable pouch 25 grams for $2 or 50 grams for $3.75
Snow Chrysanthemum Buds Flower Tea from the Kunlun Mountains 30 grams in resealable pouch $4

Maple Splash 25 grams in resealable pouch $2.50
+Tealyra – Assam Golden Lion First Flush — original pouch 100g with a few teaspoons missing (retail $10.50) $7 or I can split 50g for $3.50

+Beatrix Potter Herbal – 22g in original sample pouch from literary sampler $1.50
+Edgar Allan Poe – 23g in original sample pouch from literary sampler $1.50
+Strawberry Guava White – 22 grams in resealable pouch $2
+Guava Green – 25 grams in resealable pouch $2.50
I also bought tins of these from Simpson and Vail, so I’m willing to sell some of the four ounces. I don’t need so much! I love the tins though. Tell me how much you’d like and they will be put in resealable pouches.
Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Caramel Walnut Shortbread Rooibos

+ Caramel Popcorn Movie Night 20 grams in resealable pouch $2
+Pumpkin – have a lot, let me know how much

TEAVIVRE Just bought the top four of these. I have a lot to share, so let me know how much you’d like. Will be sent in nice resealable pouch.
Rose Dian Hong Black 2017 harvest
Golden Monkey Black 2017 harvest
Black Tartary Buckwheat Whole Embryo 2017 harvest

Frank’s 52Teas These are older half ounce packages unopened – $.65 each!
PGB 3 available
Brownie Batter Honeybush
Picnic in the Park

+Organic Cream of Earl Grey Rainbow tin just bought with 1 serving removed from 2.8 ounces $5.75
+Mango Turmeric – original pouch around 35grams $2
+Maracuja Mango – 20 grams in resealable pouch $1.25

+Bluebird – Hot Cross Bun – unopened 14 gram original pouch $1.60
+Liquid Proust – Earl Pink 20g in resealable pouch $2
+Fusion – Peach Apricot Green Honeybush original sample pouch – 1 serving missing $1.50
+Harney & Sons – Malachi Mccormick Original 8 ounce tin almost full $5 (retail $14)
+TeaGschwender Windy City blend – original pouch three teaspoons missing in 100 grams $7.50 (retail $13.49) (or I can split in half for $3.50)
+Dammann Freres – Popcorn 23 grams in resealable pouch $1.25
+ESP Emporium – Date/Fig/Sesame Black – let me know how much you’d like
+JusTea – Mount Kenya black let me know how much you’d like
+JusTea – African Chai – let me know how much you’d like
+Verdant – Nurture #4 $1.50
+Bird pick tea & herb – Precious A-LiShan Special Grade Oolong – OP sample with few tsps. – $1.25
+Tea From Taiwan- Du Yu Ling (about 3 tsps.) (Retail $4 a sample) $1
+Yogi – Relaxed Mind new box of 15 teabags $1
+Celestial Seasonings – Country Peach Passion unopened box $1
+Celestial Seasonings – Cinnamon Apple Spice unopened box $1

updated! I probably won’t be adding any other teas for a while and will have a chance to get to the post office probably on Thursday.

Hi, I’m interested in:
Bluebird Red Velvet
Treacle Sponge
Rose Dian Hong Black (a few cups worth or smallest amount you’d like to send)
Golden Monkey Black 2017 (a few cups worth or smallest amount you’d like to send)

if this is worth shipping costs then let me know how much please, I’m located up in Washington

Fergy said

ill take your tealyra and yunnan oolongs please :)

Fergy – please ‘follow’ me so I can send you a message! Also, did you mean all of the Tealyra items or just the Tealyra oolong? Thanks

Fergy said

just the oolongs please and thank you :)

No one else? There are a bunch of fresh Bluebird teas to sample! I will be going to the post office on Thursday…

I’ll take your Bluebird teas tea-sipper, as long as none of them have banana in them or are smokey (I’m at work and can’t research ingredients at the moment). I’m also interested in the Maple TeaLyra and the Green Mandarin Orange Ripened Pu-erh.

My Bluebird order hasn’t arrived yet and I only ordered 50g, but when it comes I should be able to get you at least another sampler of Candied Yams. _

Thank you guys for ordering! I really appreciate it. (And Mastress Alita in advance for the Candied Yams but I hope you try it first before sending me any… you might really like it!) Updated the list!

Conrad Kay said

Firstly, how much do you want for the teavivre teas?
I will be able to order these teas in a week or so:
50g Wild Arbor Feng Qing Black Pure Assamica.
all Frank’s 52Teas.
All tealyra teas(50g for the Assam Golden Lion First Flush)
And I might want the golden monkey tea depending on cost.

Zach said

what is still available?

I would like to sell these two Crimson Lotus Teas: Storm Breaker 325g, Black Gold 260g for $130 total, free shipping US only. That’s approx 50% off.

Cakes are broken down.

I am decreasing the price to $100.

Pics of the tea:


Black Gold:

I am lowering the price to $60.

nishnek said

Have you sold this yet?

This is sold now.

LuckyMe said

Selling the teas and teaware below. Shipping is $4 anywhere within the US.

- Brand New Teaware House Caramel Cream Teacup – $4
- Unused Bitterleaf Gourd Strainer – $1.50


Zach said

$8 for all the teas shipped?

LuckyMe said

It’s a deal. PM me to discuss shipping.

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