OFFICIAL Stash Sales Thread

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M Mack said

Tea is all gone! take care everyone

Zach said

I’m interested in a few teas.

Grape Expectations 50g $2
Grilled Pineapple 50g $2
Sweet Almond green 40g $2
Kokomo green 48g $2
Citrus lavender Sage 50g (unopened) $3
Strawberry lemonade 50g (unopened) $3
Ginseng Oolong – 10g $1
Midsummer night’s dream 50g (unopened) $3

Peanut butter cup
Pina colada carrot cake
chocolate banana foster
creme brûlée
choconut oolong
randy candy
Chocolate covered banana
swamp water
T2 feeling good


M Mack said

PM me your zip/postal codes and I will get shipping estimates for you!

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malsa292 said

Hi there. I need to reduce my teas by about a half in the next few months as I will be traveling for about a year or so. Here is what I’ve got to go so far.

Va Luen Co Menghai Brink 2005
100g 100USD
Really nice brick comprised of Menghai region tea. I bought from Toby after trying it from one of his curated boxes. Great tea. This is a chunk taken of the larger brick.

This tea has quite a kick to it. Still a little green but settles down into something very nice after the first few steeps.
For more details have a look here
Four unopened cakes for sale 100USD each.

1990’s Duoteli 1st Grade Liu Bao
I have 3 unopened packs of 100g each. 45 USD Each
Very nice Liu Bao but I just never drink the stuff. Purchased from EoT
More details here:

Essence of Tea 3-leaf Liu Bao
I have 1kg for sale. 0.15USD/g or 140USD for the lot.
Same as above, very nice but never drunk by me. Surprising longevity for a relatively cheap tea.
More details here:

Xiaguan 2001 “King of Cake”
50g 60USD
Pretty much a perfect tea. Luckly I have the rest of the cake to enjoy.

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