OFFICIAL Stash Sales Thread

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M Mack said

Tea is all gone! take care everyone

Zach said

I’m interested in a few teas.

Grape Expectations 50g $2
Grilled Pineapple 50g $2
Sweet Almond green 40g $2
Kokomo green 48g $2
Citrus lavender Sage 50g (unopened) $3
Strawberry lemonade 50g (unopened) $3
Ginseng Oolong – 10g $1
Midsummer night’s dream 50g (unopened) $3

Peanut butter cup
Pina colada carrot cake
chocolate banana foster
creme brûlée
choconut oolong
randy candy
Chocolate covered banana
swamp water
T2 feeling good


M Mack said

PM me your zip/postal codes and I will get shipping estimates for you!

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malsa292 said

Hi there. I need to reduce my teas by about a half in the next few months as I will be traveling for about a year or so. Here is what I’ve got to go so far.

Va Luen Co Menghai Brink 2005
100g 100USD
Really nice brick comprised of Menghai region tea. I bought from Toby after trying it from one of his curated boxes. Great tea. This is a chunk taken of the larger brick.

This tea has quite a kick to it. Still a little green but settles down into something very nice after the first few steeps.
For more details have a look here
Four unopened cakes for sale 100USD each.

1990’s Duoteli 1st Grade Liu Bao
I have 3 unopened packs of 100g each. 45 USD Each
Very nice Liu Bao but I just never drink the stuff. Purchased from EoT
More details here:

Essence of Tea 3-leaf Liu Bao
I have 1kg for sale. 0.15USD/g or 140USD for the lot.
Same as above, very nice but never drunk by me. Surprising longevity for a relatively cheap tea.
More details here:

Xiaguan 2001 “King of Cake”
50g 60USD
Pretty much a perfect tea. Luckly I have the rest of the cake to enjoy.

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I’m trying to make room in my pumidor for the 2018 Harvests, and I’m wanting to part with a couple of teas..

• We Go High by White2Tea – 90g – $50.00

•TKG by Crimson Lotus Tea – 115g – $30.00

• 2015 Yunnan Sourcing “Mu Shu Cha” Ancient Arbor Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake – 320g – $90.00

I will only ship within the US. I only ask for $5.00 for shipping, and if international, I’m going to need you to cover the shipping cost.

malsa292 said

Hi there. If still available could I pick up the first two


I followed you, so follow me back so we can exchange info.

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LuckyMe said

Selling a few teas and teawares listed below. Shipping is $4 within the US.

- 60g Spring 2017 Teavivre Organic Tian Mu Yun Wu Green Tea – $2
- 7g (Unopened Sample) Spring 2018 Teavivre Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea – $1
- 48g Trader Joe’s Earl Grey De La Creme Black Tea – $2

- Brand New Teaware House Caramel Cream Teacup – $3
- Unused Bitterleaf Gourd Strainer – $1

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Going to the post office. Sale list gone for now.

I’m interested in:
Dammann Freres – Popcorn 23 grams in resealable pouch $1.25
Maple Splash 25 grams in resealable pouch $2.50
Edgar Allan Poe – 23g in original sample pouch from literary sampler $1.50
Frank’s 52Teas: 1 PGB, Brownie Batter Honeybush
Angry Tea Room – Caramel Popcorn Movie Night 20 grams in resealable pouch $2

Just added: Yunnan Sourcing – Yi Mei Ren Wu Liang Mountain Yunnan Black Tea * Spring 2016 25 grams in original pouch $3

I’m not sure if EveInOrbit is still interested in those teas, so those might still be available.

AJRimmer said

I’m interested in:
Maple splash
All the Simpson & Vail flavors except Beatrix Potter
One of each 52Teas
Maracuja mango
Oh Canada
Hot cross bun
Caramel popcorn
Earl pink
Relaxed mind


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obritten said

Hey guys! I’ve been collecting and storing quality puerhs for awhile now and am hoping to unload some of my teas. I also have way more yixings than I currently need. There are too many nice pots that are unfortunately sitting untouched. The puerhs I’m selling are, at this point,

1) 2002 Ancient Spirit Yiwu from Yunnan Sourcing
-Full cake
-Now sold out at YS!
-Selling price: *SOLD
2) 2013 Yunnan Sourcing Guafengzhai Ancient Arbor
-Sampled once or twice, ~240g
-Price: $120 USD (price at YS is $175)
3) 2014 Yunnan Sourcing Autumn Bingdao
-tried once, 395g
-Selling for: *
4) 2011 Jin Dayi from Menghai Tea Factory
-Full cake, unopened
-Purchased a couple years ago from trusted source
-Very famous production from MTF, very hard to find now and priced for more than $200-300 USD
-Selling price: ****SOLD!
5) 1998 CNNP Zhencang Hongyin (red mark)
-Sampled once, ~385g (lost some weight from age)
-Purchased from TeaClassico awhile back, positively reviewed by Hobbes at half-dipper
-Selling for: $180 (purchased for $275)
6) 2015 Spring Man Zhuan Ancient Arbor from Yunnan Sourcing
-missing 10g, total weight: ~239g
-Price: $90 (selling for $148 on YS)

The Yixings I’m selling are:

1) 130ml Hei Jin Gang Xi shi from YS
-used only once or twice with raw puerh
-great quality pot with good pour and clay
-selling for: $30 USD

2) Early 80s Factory 1 Shui Ping
-Green sticker period
-made of excellent nian gau tu clay (Special type of hongni)
-Selling for: $150

I will be adding more teas and pots when I can. I will also try to add pictures.


obritten said

Price drops!

1) Ancient Spirit ***SOLD!

2) $95 for 2013 YS GFZ

3) 2014 Autumn Bingdao from YS ***SOLD!

4)Jin Dayi ***SOLD!

5) 1998 CNNP Hongyin now $120

6) 2015 YS Spring Manzhuan Ancient Arbor-now $85

7)I’ll take $140 for the 1980s Factory 1 Hongni


nishnek said

I’d be interested in the #3 YS bingdao. Added you, PM me so we can work out the shipping/payment details?

brutusK said

I’m curious about the 130mL xi shi shape pot you have, good price for a solid tuition pot (my first, at least). Follow me back and we can discuss more (plus I’ll need your address for the sheng TTB!)

Matu said

I’ll take the Ancient Spirit at $90 if it’s still available – I’m following you, so go ahead an PM me to work out details. Thanks :)

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