OFFICIAL Stash Sales Thread

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list to be added again when I have another chance to get to the post office…

Will be going to the PO this week

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malsa292 said

Hi there, I’ve got to cut down my tea stash even further.
What I’ve got to sell:

02 Xiaguan Grade A Tuocha’s 100g
Great tea, I’m only selling as I have alot of special production Xiaguan tuos. 30 USD each or 130 for a bag of 5. 15 total to sell.

Yiwu White label 07, Tinned (loose) $20 per 50g. 400g total to sell.
I bought two cakes from a friend who bought them from someone claiming it was Yiwu. I don’t know but it tastes in the right direction. I’ve just priced what I paid.

I’ve also got some tea which I’ve listed here before. I’ll repeat these here but I’ve reduced the prices.

Va Luen Co Menghai Brick 2005
100g 60 USD
Really nice brick comprised of Menghai region tea. I bought from Toby after trying it from one of his curated boxes. Great tea. This is a chunk taken of the larger brick.

1990’s Duoteli 1st Grade Liu Bao
I have 3 unopened packs of 100g each. 30 USD Each
Very nice Liu Bao but I just never drink the stuff. Purchased from EoT
More details here:

Essence of Tea 3-leaf Liu Bao
I have 1kg for sale. 0.11USD/g or 100USD for the lot.
Same as above, very nice but never drunk by me. Surprising longevity for a relatively cheap tea.
More details here:

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d11t said

Hi all, selling some semi-aged sheng as I don’t drink it often enough:
- 2004 Tejipin, Yangqing Hao (YQH), 425g, $275
- 2007 Lingya, YQH, 270g, $90
- 2011 Dingjia Laozhai, Chenyuan Hao (CYH), 320g, $80
- 2002 Yiwu “Ancient Spirit” via Yunnan Sourcing, 265g, $80

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Hey guys – I will be going to the post office next week sometime. US only please. Please keep in mind that my rule is you have to buy at least three items to make shipping worth while. I could really use the money right now. I’d appreciate the help! Most of these are very new teas and if I know it is older, I won’t sell it. I’m trying to mail these before the price of shipping goes up January 27th! Thanks

LUPICIA NEW Just bought in resealable pouches
Ratatam 16 grams $2.75
Neptune 25grams minus 1 teaspoon $3.25
Strawberry & Vanilla 16 grams $2.50
Earl Grey – entire 1.76 ounce package in resealable pouch minus 1 teaspoon $5.75 (or I can split it)

52TEAS NEW Just bought!
Eggnog Yunnan – bought a 50gram pouch and want to sell most of it (or all?), Let me know how much you want
Caramel Monkey Bread – bought a 50gram pouch, Let me know how much you want

BIRD AND BLEND NEW Just bought! In resealable pouches
Spiced Pumpkin Pie – 16 grams $3
Mermaid Mist – 16 grams $1.85
Eton Mess – 16 grams $2.65
Banana Bread Chai – 16 grams $2.50
Lazy Boy – 25 grams $3.75

HARNEY NEW just bought tins of these (4 oz) but I don’t need it all. Let me know how much you’d like 20grams? 40 grams?
Tippy Yunnan
Tower of London
Chocolate – original sample pouch 11 grams $1.50

I just bought 100 gram tins of each of these, and willing to sell some extra. Let me know how much you’d like, even if you’d just like a few teaspoons!
The Revolutionary
The Liberator
The Activist

SIMPSON & VAIL I just bought these. Selling some extra, I don’t need it all.
+St. Nick’s – have a lot, let me know how much you want
+China Black (Yunnan) in original 1 ounce resealable pouch with 1 1/2 teaspoons removed $1
+Apple Cinnamon French Toast 16 grams $1.75
+Baklava – Original pouch 54 grams (weight including pouch) $3
+Floral Nectar – 20 grams $2
+Salty Caramel Pumpkin 30 grams in resealable pouch $2.50

Organic Hong Songzhen (Pine Needle) Black – 2018 sealed sample $1
Organic Lapsang Souchong Smoky Black – 2018 sealed sample $.65
Black Tartary Buckwheat Whole Embryo 2017 harvest – I have a lot to share, so let me know how much you’d like. Will be sent in resealable pouch.

+Wild Arbor Feng Qing Black Pure Assamica – Spring 2014 in resealable pouch 25 grams for $2
+Yi Mei Ren Wu Liang Mountain Yunnan Black Tea – Spring 2016 25 grams in original pouch $3

Earl Grey Moonlight – have a lot, let me know how much you’d like
Almond Oolong – Have a lot, let me know how much you’d like

+ Celestial Seasonings – Country Peach Passion NEW just bought unopened box $1
+ Celestial Seasonings – True Blueberry NEW just bought unopened box $1
+ Tealyra – Assam Golden Lion First Flush - original pouch 100g with a few teaspoons missing (retail $10.50) $5 or I can split 50g for $2.50
+Fusion – Peach Apricot Green Honeybush original sample pouch – 1 serving missing $1.50
+Harney & Sons – Malachi Mccormick Original 8 ounce tin almost full $4.75 (retail $14)
+TeaGschwender Windy City blend – 40 grams in original pouch $2.50

Also, this will probably be the last additions to my sale list for a while, as I am going on a tea buying break to enjoy all the delicious teas I already have.

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