OFFICIAL Stash Sales Thread

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malsa292 said

Hi there, I’ve got to cut down my tea stash even further.
What I’ve got to sell:

02 Xiaguan Grade A Tuocha’s 100g
Great tea, I’m only selling as I have alot of special production Xiaguan tuos. 30 USD each or 130 for a bag of 5. 15 total to sell.

Yiwu White label 07, Tinned (loose) $20 per 50g. 400g total to sell.
I bought two cakes from a friend who bought them from someone claiming it was Yiwu. I don’t know but it tastes in the right direction. I’ve just priced what I paid.

I’ve also got some tea which I’ve listed here before. I’ll repeat these here but I’ve reduced the prices.

Va Luen Co Menghai Brick 2005
100g 60 USD
Really nice brick comprised of Menghai region tea. I bought from Toby after trying it from one of his curated boxes. Great tea. This is a chunk taken of the larger brick.

1990’s Duoteli 1st Grade Liu Bao
I have 3 unopened packs of 100g each. 30 USD Each
Very nice Liu Bao but I just never drink the stuff. Purchased from EoT
More details here:

Essence of Tea 3-leaf Liu Bao
I have 1kg for sale. 0.11USD/g or 100USD for the lot.
Same as above, very nice but never drunk by me. Surprising longevity for a relatively cheap tea.
More details here:

Pat-teaJi said

Hi please follow me I have a question for you

d11t said

Hi all, selling some semi-aged sheng as I don’t drink it often enough:
- 2011 Dingjia Laozhai, Chenyuan Hao (CYH), 0.26/g, or 320g for $75
- 2002 Yiwu “Ancient Spirit” via Yunnan Sourcing, 0.29/g, or 265g for $70

d11t said

Removed sold teas and updated prices.

list will be reposted again when I can get to the PO

Also, this will probably be the last additions to my sale list for a while, as I am going on a tea buying break to enjoy all the delicious teas I already have.

Matu said

Hey folks – for Christmas this year, my grandmother got me one of those big glass teapots with a couple containers of flowering tea. I appreciate her thoughtfulness, but I am never going to use it, as that’s just not the kind of tea I generally drink. I’d like to pass it along to somebody who will use it – I’ll just ask that you pay for shipping.

I’ll take it if it’s still available. I love flowering teas and showcasing them.

Matu said

Sweet! If you follow me back, I’ll shoot you a message to arrange exchange of address and such.

Just followed you!

LuckyMe said

Trying to pare down my stash some and am offering a handful of teas that I no longer drink. Shipping is $5.

Teavivre Organic Tian Mu Yun Wu Green Tea, Spring 2018 (60g)
Yunomi Oguri Tea Farms: Makinohara Sencha Sakura (7-8g)
Taiwan Sourcing Alishan Transitional Organic GABA Green Tea (16g)
Verdant Shi Feng Dragonwell Black Tea, Spring 18 (14g)
Verdant Silver Buds Yabao (sealed 5g sample)
Verdant Laoshan Goji Leaf Tea, Spring 2018 (about 23g)
Yunnan Sourcing Yi Mei Ren Wu Liang Mountain, Spring 2016 (7-8g)

Hey folks! I need to de-stash some of my teas that I have too large of quantities to possibly sipdown by myself. These were mainly teas that were only available to me in 100g/4 oz. sizes which is just too large for me so I’m trying to get rid of half my stock, plus a few others I’m trying to half my stock of due to space constraints for my tea collection in my small apartment. The tea is free, but you will be responsible for the shipping charges (shipping will vary based on how much tea you request and I will try to go with the cheapest available option via USPS). Note I can only ship within the United States. Since it took me a long time to weigh and repackage this tea already, I am not willing to repackage any teas into other sizes/quantities than what is displayed; teas are only available in the size listed. This list is updated as requests are made, so if you see something, it is still available! The next date I can go to the post office is Monday, May 6.

If you would like additional details about the teas listed, such as company links, purchase dates, and ingredient lists, I recommend you check out the spreadsheet located here:

Black Tea

[Adagio Teas] Valentines [25g]
[Adagio Teas] White Rose [25g]
[Hobee’s] Cinnamon Orange Black [50g]

Green Tea

[Art of Tea] Green Pomegranate [20g]
[TeaSource] Yunnan Green Mao Feng [25g]
[Yunomi] Hojicha Dark Roast [50g]


[American Tea Room] Provence [50g]
[Tealyra] Chocolate Mint Rooibos [50g]

Mixed Leaf Blends

[American Tea Room] American Beauty [25g]
[August Uncommon Teas] Field in Innsbruck, A [50g]
[Thunder Mountain Teas] Phoenix Rising [25g]

Oolong Tea

[Rishi] Ruby Oolong Qingming Special [50g]

Pu-erh Tea

[Art of Tea] Immortal Nectar [50g]
[Strand Tea] Pu-erh Mocha [45g]

White Tea

[Steve Smith Teamaker] Yunnan Silver Needle [25g]
[Tealyra] Butterscotch Potion [25g]
[TeaSource] Ya Bao [25g]

Please feel free to send me a private message if interested! (Note that to use the PM system on Steepster, you need to be Following me; I always Follow back!)

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